Camping in Antarctica

Unload yourself on the adventurous land of Antarctica, where you can spend a night exploring the immaculate beauty of its pristine landscape. Witness the unique elements of the South pole, right from its blue skies to its vast reach of snowy plains. Camping in Antarctica brings you a once in a lifetime experience of sleeping on the ice, which is something that you will hardly hear another soul brag about. If you have the spirit of adventure in you to survive amidst this natural treasure, then you will find yourself enjoying this humbling experience more than you can imagine.

Unlike what you may imagine, Camps in Antarctica such as the Whichaway Camp and Gould Bay Camp offer many amenities and make sure that you are not cold. As long as you are in good health, this is an adventure activity that you can enjoy with stunning views of the environs. You will typically start your camping expedition after a meal on a cruise ship which will take you to the land.

Between the months of November to March, you will get to see 24 hours of sunlight in Antarctica, so your night time experience will vary depending on your time of visit. Union Glacier tented camp can only be reached by a plane that lands on an ice runway. So pack your bags and start this mystical journey with Thrillophilia and get a chance to experience the beautiful charm of this cold land.

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Antarctica Camping FAQs

Which are the best camps in Antarctica?

1. Whichaway Camp: The Whichway camp in Antarctica is a regal experience that draws inspiration from the style of the Victorian explorers. It is designed to offer comfort, luxury and an intimate experience of Camps in Antarctica. The camp is located under an ice cliff around the frozen lake and offers up to 6 pods for resting. Each of these pods has a separate washing area. Each day at the camp, you can choose the activities which you would like to perform with your group or the region of the continent which you would like to explore. The camp is also open for children, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

2. Gould Bay Camp: Among the most popular Camps in Antarctica is the Gould Bay Camp which is situated in the Weddell Sea region. The interesting element of this camp is the fact that it rests on frozen sea ice and its location makes it one of the most remote camping locations in the world. You will get a chance to rest in mountain tents here along with the host of amenities which are provided for your comfort. Take the chance to spend time exploring, photographing and watching the area and the brigade of penguins that frequently visit the camps.

Price: $48,950 for 9 days

3. Union Glacier Tented Camp: The Union Glacier tented camp is yet another unique Camps in Antarctica serving as a private camping region. The camp remains operational between November to January and during this time, it plays host to a number of campers who can avail the benefit of guided tours, private expeditions, and get to see the expansive stretch of the camping region. This camp is only accessible to the guests by air, on a plane that lands on a beautiful blue ice runway. For a very far off distance, there is no other camp in sight from here.

Price: $25,950 for 6 days

4. King George Ice Camp: The best time to visit the King George Ice Camp is between the months of October to March. You can reach King George island from Southern Chile and take refuge in its temporary ice camps. The private and group accommodations offer some basic comfort along with meals and transport facilities. While you are here, you can enjoy the experience of viewing the unique wildlife of this region, snowshoeing, zodiac crushing and more.

How much does it cost to stay in Antarctica?

Camping in Antarctica may start at $10,000 for one person. This includes the cost of taking a voyage to Antarctica, which may cost a bare minimum of $5,000, even if you consider it the most economic option. Once you reach there, costs escalate depending on how long you plan to stay in Antarctica. Depending on the package which you choose, you may have to incur costs for some services which are not included therein.

What are the amenities we will get in Camps in Antarctica?

Some of the amenities which you will be provided while Camping in Antarctica are as follows:

- Heated tents
- Padded sleeping mats
- Pillows
- sleeping bags
- Heated dining tent
- Satellite phone communication
- Prepaid phone cards, and more

What are the things to keep in mind for camping in Antarctica?

- You will need to bring extra layers of thermal wear options, which will keep you warm during your stay here.
- You need to be in good health to undertake this camping trip because even though radio contact with other camps outside Antarctica may be frequent, it will take time to get help.
- As such, there is no risk of wild animals while Camping in Antarctica but the activity usually takes place only if the weather conditions are right.
- Always carry all the necessary pieces of equipment and medicines with you for emergencies.
- Follow the rules regarding disposing waste and consumption of food to avoid penalties.

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