25 Things to Do in Vienna 2021: Upto 40% Off
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Vienna Things to Do

Visit Museum of Fine Arts, See Wiener Riesenrad, Walk the Ringstrasse, Visit Hofburg Palace, Visit Palmenhaus, Take a visit to Sigmund Freud Museum, Explore Jewish Museum and many more.

This is an endless number of amazing things to do in Vienna on your trip to the beautiful and culturally rich country of Austria. This capital city offers you some of the richest historical archives and destinations to be explored and admired. Visitors can also explore the amazing museums of Vienna that will take them back in time and surely amaze them with their royal interiors. Apart from exploring the country’s history, the city also offers a plethora of amazing activities like river diving, rafting, kayaking, and much more, that you can indulge in on your visit.

Some of the best activities in Vienna that one cannot miss out on include taking a ride on its popular Giant Ferris wheel, admiring the views of the entire city; admiring the astonishing artwork “The Kiss” at the Belvedere; and spending some peaceful time by the Danube River and at the Royal Gardens. The visitors can also watch a ballet performance at the iconic Vienna Opera House and take a Waltz lesson to add on a twist to their trip. Also, do not forget to take a wine tasting tour of one of the best vineyards in the city and try on the rich collection of chocolates that they have there!

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Vienna Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Vienna

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People Also Ask About Vienna Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Vienna?

    1. Explore the famous Museum of Fine Arts: Visiting this one-of-a-kind museum in the whole world is one of the must things to do in Vienna on your visit. This exclusive museum houses highly exclusive artworks from 7 different millennia, ranging from the Ancient Egypt Civilization to the 18th Century.

    One of the best collections of the museum is from the Ancient Roman and Greek cultures. The building of this amazing museum is also one of the best architectural wonders of the world and is highly picturesque. If you are an art lover, this place would definitely be no less than a paradise on earth for you!

    Location: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien, Austria

    2. See Wiener Riesenrad: This humongous Ferris Wheel of Vienna is surely one of the most important symbols and attractions of this beautiful city. Taking a ride on this giant wheel is one of the best activities in Vienna to indulge in. The wheel was built in 1897 and has been one of the most crucial elements of the city’s skyline ever since.

    The wheel is almost 61 metres high and if you wish to capture some of the best views of the city, it is a must for you to take a ride on it. Try to get on the wheel during the early morning or evening.

    Location: Riesenradplatz 1, 1020 Wien, Austria

    3. Walk the Ringstrasse: Also known as Vienna’s Ring Road, this 5.3 kilometres stretch of road is one of the most important landmarks of Vienna. Some of its most iconic buildings, including the Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Vienna State Opera House are situated along this stretch itself.

    Taking a stroll along this beautiful road will surely provide you with a glimpse of the entire Vienna city, and in fact the whole of Austria within a short while! This walk is also a must for all the architecture lovers out there!

    Location: Krems an der Donau

    4. Visit Hofburg Palace: One of the central attractions of Vienna is the Hofburg Palace from as back as 1279. If you wish to experience the History of Vienna and Austria, visiting this palace is one of the best things to do in Vienna.

    This amazing structure is the official workplace of the President of Austria but it’s still open for the visitors to admire Hofburg’s rich decorative interiors and explore Vienna’s ancient history. The historic silver collection of the Sisi Museum is the major attraction of this palace.

    Location: 1010 Vienna, Austria

    5. Visit Palmenhaus: This attraction was formerly a greenhouse built for the royal family of Austria. Currently, the place has been transformed into a café, bar, as well as a lounge for the tourists to sit by rich flora and spend some memorable time. The intricately decorated high ceiling of Palmenhaus, with amazing views of the Royal Gardens, is one of the best activities in Vienna to spend some leisurely time and bask in some sunlight.

    You can also enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner at Palmenhaus, however; it is highly recommended to make your reservations well in advance for a flawless experience.

    Location: Burggarten 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

    6. Take a visit to Sigmund Freud Museum: Home to one of the most renowned neurologists that ever exited, Sigmund Freud stayed and practised at this place for almost 47 years, till he had to flee from the Nazi Army in 1938. This home of his was later converted into a museum in 1971.

    If you wish to know about the life and working of this legend, this place is a must-visit for you. Moreover, now the inner parts of the house have also been opened for visitors, including the space on the first floor, from where Freud started his practice for the first time.

    Location: Berggasse 19, 1090 Wien, Austria

    7. Explore Jewish Museum: If you are confused about what to do in Vienna, you must simply head off to this place. This museum has been designed to portray the religion, traditions, history as well as lives of Austrian Jews. The museum also allows visitors to have a peek into the living conditions of the Jews in the past.

    The museum has various physical as well as digital exhibits that will take you on the journey of Austrian Jewish History. You will not only get a chance to know about the brutal history of this ancient religion but also get closer to the culture and tradition of Austria.

    Location: Dorotheergasse 11, 1010 Wien, Austria

    8. Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ at the Upper Belvedere Palace: One of the best things to do in Vienna for art lovers is to visit the Upper Belvedere and admire the astonishing artwork of Gustav Klimt. “The Kiss” is the most popular painting in the whole collection of Austrian artists. This iconic painting dates back to 1907-8 when the artist developed a brand-new technique of painting by combining oil/bronze paint with gold leaf.

    The painting is one of the most unique symbols of love on our planet and attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis to admire its unmatched beauty.

    Location: Prinz Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Vienna

    9. Take a Weingut Cobenzl tasting tour: One of the best activities in Vienna for wine lovers is to take an exclusive tasting tour of Weingut Cobenzl. It houses one of the best collections of Austrian wines and organizes guided tasting tours for visitors from around the world.

    You will also get to spend some time in the lovely vineyards of this winery and learn the art of wine tasting as well as winemaking. Moreover, Weingut Cobenzl also allows visitors to capture some of the best views of the city of Vienna.

    Location: Am Cobenzl 96 | A-1190 Vienna

    10. Explore Naschmarkt: One of the must things to do in Vienna for each and every visitor is to explore the biggest food market in the city. This market has been functional for over 100 years now and has open dining areas with food stalls all around.

    If you wish to get the experience of bargaining at the local Vienna flea market, you can also plan a visit to this place over the weekend. Try out delicious street food items of Austria at this market and soak in the real culture of the country at this historic market.

  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Vienna?

    1. River Snorkelling & Scuba Diving: One of the must-do activities in Vienna is to take a dive in the Danube river and admire its rich collection of flora and fauna. Vienna is one of the few places across the world where you can enjoy diving deep into a river or snorkel your way below the surface of its crystal-clear river.

    2. Kayaking: If you are visiting Vienna during the cooler months, trying out this adventure activity to soak in the warm sun and kayak in solace over the cold waters of the Danube river will surely send down a shiver of adrenaline down your spine.

    3. River Rafting: One of the most exciting and adventurous things to do in Vienna for the strong-hearted is to head down your way on a tube in the harsh waters of Danube with strangers from all around the world.

    4. Hiking: If you love mountains, hiking the Gutenstein Alps is probably one of the best activities in Vienna for you to indulge in. Hiking all the way to the summit and back would need at least 7-8 hours of rigorous hiking along the forest trails of Vienna. If you do not want to wander alone, you can also join a locally guided hiking tour.

  3. What are the best things to do in Vienna at night?

    1. Try out Waltz: You must have enjoyed watching the waltz in old movies. However, you might be astonished to know that the tradition of Waltz is still alive in Vienna. Most of the teenagers in Austria still learn to do the waltz on the classic cha-cha cha tunes.

    There are various venues in Vienna where you can also get a chance to dance one of the traditional Waltz tunes on a ball night.

    2. Enjoy a horse-drawn ride: One of the most romantic things to do in Vienna is to take a ride on the traditional horse-pulled carriages of Vienna on a starry night, with the major attractions of the city, all lit up with glorious lights.

    3. Get a view from the top of the Giant Ferris Wheel: If you want to capture the glittering views of the beautiful city of Vienna at night, you must take a ride on the Riesenrad, the Giant Ferris Wheel during the dark hours.

    4. Take a Walk along the Danube River: The best time to explore the city of Vienna is during the night when all its riversides and beautiful architectural building are lit up amazingly. Take a stroll along the banks of the Danube River and you would definitely have a lovely time.

  4. What are the best things to do in Vienna for couples?

    1. Go Boating: One of the most romantic and peaceful activities in Vienna for couples is to take a secluded boat ride over the beautiful Danube River. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to admire a flock of beautiful sea birds strolling around the banks of the river.

    2. Take a Waltz Lesson together: Yes, you heard it right. What can be more special and learning to move your feet like a professional Waltz dances with your beloved in the very heart of Vienna? Tanzschule Elmayer in the city specially organizes 50-minute sessions for couples all-round the year.

    3. Indulge in a Chocolate Spa Treatment: If you are a chocolate lover and also love taking rejuvenating spa treatments, Vienna is surely going to surprise you. One of the best things to do in Vienna for couples is to indulge in a chocolate spa that includes a chocolate wrap, chocolate body mask, and much more!

    4. Catch a ballet show at the Vienna Opera House: The Vienna Opera House has been in function even since the 1860s and nothing else shouts out romance more than watching a moving ballet at this iconic location.

  5. Which are some famous attractions for sightseeing in Vienna?

    1. Hofburg Palace: Taking a detailed tour of the Hofburg Complex is one of the most important things to do in Vienna on our visit. Some of the major buildings that you must visit in the complex are Silberkammer, Imperial Treasury and the Sisi Museum.

    2. Belvedere: Belvedere is the official former residence of the Prince Eugene of Savoy. Exploring the Upper Belvedere, Lower Belvedere, and the Belvedere 21 is one of the best activities in Vienna for all the history and art lovers out there.

    3. Prater: Home to Madame Tussauds as well as the Giant Ferris Wheel of Vienna, Prater is the most amazing park of Vienna as well as the biggest entertainment hub which is loved by the locals as well as the tourists from around the world alike.

    4. Donauturm Observation Tower: If you wish to capture the most amazing views of Vienna city from the tops of an Observatory, visiting this sky-high building is a must for you.

  6. How to reach Vienna?

    By Air: The Vienna International Airport is well connected by all the major international airports of the world and has frequent flights.

    By Train: Vienna is also well connected by inter-country trains which run through a number of major destinations in Europe.

  7. What is the best time to visit Vienna?

    The best time to visit Vienna is from April to May during the spring season while the temperatures are mild and the tourist crowd is also decent. You can also plan a visit during the months of September to October if you like a lesser tourist crowd and a milt season.

    The summers from June to August are jam-packed with tourists and usually the most expensive months as well.

  8. Is Vienna safe?

    Yes, Vienna is one of the safest cities across the globe for tourists. One can even freely roam around on the streets of Vienna late at night without any kind of safety concerns.

  9. What is Vienna known for?

    Vienna is particularly known for its amalgamation of rich historical background and modern as well as ancient architectural wonders. Vienna is also popular for its wine as well as its natural beauty. Also, if you are an art lover, you would surely not ask what to do in Vienna.

  10. What to buy in Vienna?

    Some of the most unique things that you can buy on your visit to Vienna are:

    - Porcelain
    - Chocolate
    - Swarovski Crystal
    - Artworks
    - Wine
    - Austrian Dirndl Dress

  11. Is it safe to visit Vienna?

    Yes, it is entirely safe to visit and explore Vienna. Moreover, the local, as well as tourist crimes in Vienna, are almost next to negligible and one can easily explore even the darkest streets of this beautiful city alone without any worries.

  12. How to reach Vienna from India?

    The easiest and best way to reach Vienna from India is by air. The only airline that operates a direct flight from India to Vienna is Air India which operates from New Delhi. However, there are various other airlines that offer connecting flights from various international airports of India to Vienna.

  13. How many days do you need in Vienna?

    At least two full days are recommended to be spent in Vienna to explore its major attractions. However, if you wish for a laid-back and easy-going trip, reserve at least 3 days to explore the beautiful city of Vienna itself.

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