Adam's Bridge Overview

For centuries mankind has had no strong proof of the fantastic stories that take place in our Indian Mythology, but there's one such extraordinary place in India that may be a significant proof of the genuine Gods and impeccable view and that is Adams’s Bridge in Rameshwaram.

One of the most fond tourist places is found within the Palk Strait off the Southeastern edge of India, The bridge is a narrow pathway that stretches wide, crossing the large water body. It is an unique place to visit in Rameshwaram as it offers to see one of the world's oldest structures and the many fascinating stories that come with it.

This pathway is underwater and has been commonly known as the “Ram Setu”  or “Adams bridge “ AKA the bridge Ram made to Sri Lanka.

 Between Pamban Island and MannarIsland, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu.

Timing: 12:00 AM -11:59 PM(Monday to Sunday).

Best time to visit: Throughout the day.

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