Ariyaman Beach Overview

Ariyaman Beach is a shallow beach located 21 km away from Rameswaram, it is best known for its calm and blue waters which makes it an ideal location for day trips with family and friends and is sought to be one of the most visited places in Rameshwaram for a relaxing time.

The natural beauty of the beach eliminates all negative thoughts and allows one to unwind and  enjoy the vast water body which is surrounded with lush palm trees. As the beach is slightly isolated it has become a top spot for tourists to chill without the hustling crowds,  picnics are the top activity for families and friends in a clean and beautiful environment of Ariyaman Beach.

The beach also has fun activities such as water sports including boating, paragliding etc giving visitors an engaging way to spend their time. An observation tower is also situated here overlooking a mesmerizing view of the endless sea and the encompassing areas.

Madurai-Rameswaram Rd, Satta King Valasai, Tamil Nadu.

Timing: 24/7.

Best time to visit: Whenever you want.

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