Trekking in Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills Trekking FAQs

Which are the most adventurous places to go for trekking near Nandi Hills?

1. Horagina Betta - A lovely trek near Nandi Hills is Horagina Betta. This moderately difficult trek is 7 km long and is lesser known than its famous counterpart. The trek to Horagina Betta leads you to a small hillock near Nandi Hills. The view from this hillock is as mesmerising as is form Nandi hilltop.

2. Skandagiri Hills - If you love night treks then Skandagiri Hills should be on your list. Nothing compares to the sunset or sunrise that you get to witness once you reach its summit. This is one of the best options for trekking near Nandi Hills. You can set up a bonfire or a camp here at night and enjoy the breathtaking sunrise from your tent under the skies.

3. Channagiri - Another lovely place for trekking near Nandi Hills, Channagiri is marked by beautiful greenery and arid vegetation. This trek is comparatively difficult to others but the view it offers is totally worth it. This trek will take you about 2 hours when you begin right at the bottom of the peak and make your way all the way up.

What is Nandi Hills famous for?

This place is famous for its beautiful mountains, waterfalls and scenic beauty, but there are also some attractions in Nandi Hills that you must not miss. While you can take various trekking tours in Nandi Hills, as discussed above, it is most famous for Tipu’s drop point, which is the viewpoint after reaching the top.

You should also visit Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Summer Residence of Tipu Sultan, Sri Bhoga Narasimha Temple, Muddenahalli, and Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple. Tipu Sultan Fort has some stone carvings and wall paintings that will take you back to that era.

What is the best time to visit Nandi Hills?

Every season is great to visit Nandi Hills since the weather is pleasant throughout the year. Though afternoons can get a little uncomfortable, mornings and evenings are perfect.

Nandi Hills in Summer - The temperature between March to May hovers around 23 to 40 Degree Celsius. Plan your trip early in the morning or late evening to avoid the sweltering sun. Since the skies are going to be clear, your view will be unobstructed and breathtaking.

Nandi Hills in Monsoons - During June to August, Nandi Hills receive moderate rainfall and you can expect a sudden shower at any time. The temperature is pleasant but the terrain becomes a little slippery. Your photography plans might also suffer due to the rains. Carry umbrellas, raincoats and a sweatshirt to save yourself from the breeze.

Nandi Hills in Winters - This is the ideal time to visit Nandi Hills. The temperature ranges between 10 to 32 Degree Celsius and the beauty of this place is just surreal at this time. Best time to camp here with a picnic and some friends and family. Do not forget to pack your woollens since it is going to be quite chilly.

How can I reach there?

The best and ideal way to reach Nandi Hills is by your own car or bike. But if you do not have that option, you can board a bus from Majestic Bus Station. There are frequent buses in the morning that take you to Nandi Hills.

Alternatively, you can also hail a taxi and make your trip to this place. But, a road trip in your own vehicle will give you the chance to stop by at local eateries and tea shops on your way. The nearest airport to Nandi Hills in Kempegowda International Airport. You can also take trains to Bangalore and then continue your journey to Nandi Hills.

What things should I carry for trekking in Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills trekking is a relatively simple trek and you need to carry the basics with you. Make sure you do not wear clothes that are too heavy or anything that constricts movement. Wear breathable clothes and preferably materials that dry up easily since Nandi Hills sometimes experiences sudden showers.

During the winter months though, you will need a thermal inner, a waterproof jacket and umbrellas just to be safe. Do not forget to wear sturdy shoes so that your feet are ready to trek up on all terrains. You can also carry water with you, although water is available once you reach. You can also carry quick first-aid with you in case there are emergencies.

Is Nandi Hills worth visiting?

While the opinion is divided, if you love watching the sunrise and sunset from the hills, then Nandi Hills is definitely worth a visit. Not only that, you get to visit Tipu Sultan’s Fort and the old temples too. And if you are interested in adventure then there’s Nandi Hills trekking opportunities as well.

The journey through twining roads and lush greenery will soothe your senses. If you are a working professional in Bangalore and tired of mundane activities, then Nandi Hills is your quick escape for the weekend. Be it any time of the year, if you want to go for a short trip with friends and family around Bangalore and cannot choose, then head to Nandi Hills. The mesmerising views and the quiet temples will make you realise why it was all worth it.

Can we do trekking during nighttime?

Night treks are not available for Nandi Hills trekking since it opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. The management is very strict with the timings of opening and closing the gates due to safety reasons. But, there are other night treks around Nandi Hills like Skandagiri night trek that are famous for their night treks only. Try one of these if you are interested in camping and gazing at the sunrise in the morning.

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