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1 Best Homestays in Mudumalai

Mudumalai is a small town in Tamilnadu which is quite an offbeat location yet you can find some really authentic homestays in Mudumalai. The town may seem to be coming right out of the stories of R. K. Narayan. It is situated on the north-western face of the Nilgiris and is around 150 KM from Coimbatore. The Mudumalai Tiger reserve is situated 90 KM from Mysore and 240 KM from Bangalore. The Mudumalai National park is a major tourist attraction in the region which is a safe haven for many endangered species like Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, and Gaur etc. According to some stats, the park claims to have the highest population of Bengal Tigers in the country which is around 50 in number. It is a very interesting place for adventure enthusiasts who are seasoned trekkers and hikers, wildlife photographers, bird watchers and nature lovers. There is a number of Mudumalai homestays which are set up near and around river Moya and Moyar waterfalls. Some of these homestays are situated by the bank of the trickling serpentine river and they conduct many adventure activities as well.


There are homestays where you can feed, bath and interact with Elephants, it is worth an experience. There are other homestays which are nestled amid the wilderness of the forest where you might spot Indian bison, wild boar, deer, peacocks, langurs, Malabar giant squirrels, jackals, and wild elephants etc. The landscapes of Mudumalai look like classical paintings and the untouched stretches of forests smell organic and fresh while your stay. Mudumalai homestays mostly have the gabled rooftop with verandas and pillars depicting the authenticity of the culture. The best part about staying in homestays are the closeness to the culture and the tradition of the place. The food is another perk that you get while staying in the homestays in Mudumalai. If you wish to stay in some creatively built huts of Bamboo shoots, there are quite a number of them by the river Kabini and Moyar, the two main water streams of Mudumalai.


Some of these homestays offer a wide variety of activities like dirt biking, tree house, horse riding, swimming pool, etc. You can even venture out on a jungle safari to witness black panther, Bengal tiger, golden jackal, elephants, bear, bonnet macaque, bison, striped hyena, leopard cat, and can commonly see peacocks, deer, mongoose, and birds lika e cuckoo, long-billed vulture, and White-rumped vulture etc. If your homestay have any refractive telescope then do not miss watching the stars. Go on an Elephant safari in Thepakadi for INR 100 per person or pick some lodges in Masinagudi which is around 7 KM from the core reserve. The main attractions which are shown to the tourists on a safari are Ombetta Lake, Circular road, Masaagudi road and watchtower etc. If you are traveling solo, you can take the van safari which will cost you just around INR 45 and you will go for a 30 minute long safari with 24 other people. If Safari is the utmost priority in your stays at Mudumalai then go during the months between February to June, this is the time when animals are see near the water systems and they come out of their holes and swamps.


Mudumalai is the core area of the Park but the homestays in Mudumalai are the ones located in the surrounding region of Karugadi, Masinagudi, Thepakadi and the western ends of Mudumalai. As Mudumalai is the core area, the entry is prohibited even for the government vehicles as well as the private ones. The rich biodiversity is a treat to the eyes, the unhindered region is home to some endemic wildlife and is a great escape into the wild.

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Traveller Tales from Mudumalai


Swami Patil

07 March 2017

Be there at least once, this is the advice I have to give to all my friends. Bellikal is so beautiful and you will feel like you are staying in the middle of a jungle. It is so quiet and peaceful and w...


Vishnu Ahuja

07 March 2017

I understood the importance of taking leaves and being at such a peaceful place after I chose to stay at this homestay with my family. The rooms are so cozy, lit by kerosene lamps in the evening, only ...


Adhrit Kaul

07 March 2017

Everything we got here is still in my heart. The genuine smiles on the faces of the people I met remains so live still. The location has plenty in its hand to make us so happy and peaceful. From food t...


Vaijayanti Sethi

07 March 2017

I am so glad that I have gone to such a pristine location with a lot of fresh air around. Such beauties should be preserved for our next generations.