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If you are travelling to Sri Lanka to spend your vacations, there could be no better way than to start the trip than with Kandy sightseeing. Kandy, a small town in Sri Lanka, has a lot to offer when it comes to tourists spots. From ancient ruins and rock fortresses to the caves and temples, from forest reserves to national parks, and from mountains to the lake, Kandy is a place rich with natural and artificial heritages. Whether you are a nature lover or a sucker of urban lifestyle, Kandy is the right place for you.

For Kandy sightseeing, you can choose different flexible packages. Different packages are designed to meet different needs of people. Generally, these are designed with exclusive features (such as activities) included in it. You can opt for a scenic aeroplane tour in the mountainous town of Kandy, or you can opt for a trekking package that offers you with activities like rock climbing, plain excursions, etc.

The costs of different packages are listed below:

Aeroplane tour- Rs 8506 per adult

Highland tour- Rs 5444 per adult

12 hours day tour- Rs 4423 per adult

Trekking to knuckles mountain ranges- Rs 12242 per head

Highland tour to Kandy- Rs 7485

To make your sightseeing tour in Kandy fun and exciting, you can purchase the packages that offer adventurous activities. Most of these packages include trekking and rock climbing as two of the main activities. Other common facilities included in the packages include luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, breakfasts, snacks, etc. You can also enjoy camping in the mountains, or in the reserved forests. Tourist guides are available for instructing you, whereas there would be trained instructors on your trekking trip during your Sri Lanka tour. The sightseeing packages offer trips to some of the famous places in Kandy such as Sigiriya (ancient ruins of forts), Dambulla Cave, the Temple of the Tooth, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kandy Lake, museums in Kandy, etc. With so many sights to see and so many activities to take part in, the Kandy tour in Sri Lanka will definitely thrill you.

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