Hue City Sightseeing Tours

The ancient capital of Vietnam was the seat of their last monarch and is known as Hue which is a perfect destination to take a sightseeing tour in Hue City. The river that flows through the city is one of the cleanest and is an amazing sight to behold, fondly known as the Perfume River. Visit the ancient Pagoda (Buddhist temple) that dwells on the bank of river Perfume and you will realize that the best decision you made in your Vietnam Travel diaries was to visit Hue. Hue is shrouded with historical stories and events in the past and is located towards the Center of Vietnam. During the rule of the Ming Dynasty, it was the center of the country and also the capital. DMZ, the line that divided North and South Vietnam during the war is not far away from Hue and is covered in various sightseeing expeditions. Take a bus ride from Phong Nha to Hue and soak in the aura of the place and the surroundings.

Tour through the Thuan An beach during the magical hours of sunset and click as many pictures as you want to add in your Vietnam Diaries, creating lasting memories during your Vietnam packages. It feels unfortunate to know that despite having numerous historical places in Hue, you get to visit only a few because most of them are under restoration, succumbing from the results of the war. The most important out of these is the Imperial City and the tombs of former emperors. Take a sightseeing tour in Hue City and reach the tombs as they are a little far away from the city. If you are visiting Vietnam and are running short on time then visit Hue because it is not a city that you should skip, it should mark special attention in the Vietnam Diaries of your Instagram pictures and as the best place in Vietnam to go for a sightseeing tour.

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