Things to Do in Hobart

What to Do in Hobart?

Checkout some famous things to do in Hobart including Explore MONA the Museum of Old and New Art, Stroll Around Salamanca Markets, Have Fun at Farm Gate Markets, Spent Your time at Cascades Female Factory and many more.

With a lot of interesting things to do in Hobart, visitors with diverse tastes and preferences will never fall short in activities. If you are a history lover then explore the places like Port Arthur Historic Site and the Cascades female factory. These places highlight the dark past of how convicts were forcefully separated from their families and lodged in these places. The city also offers amazing art galleries for the art lovers like the Hobart Museum and Art Gallery. It showcases artifacts about the aborigines that lived on the island, along with artifacts related to whale hunting and seafaring.

Visitors can spend some time exploring the markets like the Salamanca markets and the Farmgate Markets not only for shopping but you can also to grab a bite there. Even if you are looking for places that showcase the natural and the most beautiful landscapes of Australia, Hobart has got you covered. You can explore the places like Mount Wellington are filled with activities worth trying out to give a fresh burst of adrenaline like rock climbing and mountain biking.
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Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market is a popular outdoor market held every Saturday featuring stalls selling a variety of products, including local produce, handmade crafts, and souvenirs. The market has a lively atmosphere, with street performers and food stalls offering a range of cuisines. It is located in the historic Salamanca Place and is a popular tourist attraction in Hobart.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

This Royal Botanical Gardens features a variety of native and exotic plant species, covering 14 hectares and including formal gardens, a rainforest walk, and a Japanese garden. Not only does the garden offer a peaceful and relaxing escape from the city, it also hosts a range of events and activities throughout the year.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Museum of Old and New Art

MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art) is one of the top Hobart attractions, known for its unique and immersive exhibitions featuring a diverse range of art. Located on the waterfront in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, MONA is a privately funded museum that has gained a reputation as a leading institution for ancient artefacts to contemporary works.

Farm Gate Market

Held every Sunday, Farm Gate Market is a popular outdoor market located in Hobart, Tasmania. The market features a variety of stalls selling locally grown and produced food, including fresh produce, meats, cheeses, breads, and more. It is a great place to sample and purchase the best of Tasmania's food and drink. 

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site is one of the significant historical Hobart attractions in Tasmania. It was originally established as a female convict factory, where female convicts were assigned work and accommodation. The site includes several historic buildings, including the factory, chapel, and hospital, as well as gardens and other features. 

Salamanca Arts Centre

The Salamanca Arts Centre is a multi-arts venue featuring a range of galleries, studios, and performance spaces that are home to a variety of arts organisations and artists. The centre hosts exhibitions, performances, workshops, and other cultural events, and it is a key hub for the arts community in Hobart.

St Davids Cathedral

St. David's Cathedral is a historic Anglican church located in Hobart and is also the seat of the Bishop of Tasmania and the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania. The cathedral is known for its Gothic Revival style architecture and is a popular tourist attraction in Hobart.

Cascade Brewery Bar

Set in a picturesque location in the foothills of Mount Wellington, Cascade Brewery is the oldest operating brewery and bar in Australia. The place offers tours of its facilities, as well as a bar and restaurant where you can sample a variety of beers and local cuisine and have fun with friends.

Tasman Bridge

The Tasman Bridge is a major transportation link in Hobart, Tasmania which spans the Derwent River and connects the city's eastern and western shores. The bridge is an iconic landmark and a key route for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, with a dedicated pedestrian walkway and cycle path.

Battery Point

Battery Point is a historic suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, located just a short distance from the city centre offering insight of history, architecture, and urban culture. It is known for its charming Victorian-era houses and narrow, winding streets, as well as its vibrant community and lively atmosphere. 

Street Eats Franko

Street Eats @ Franko is a food and drink night market held from December to April in Hobart that is located at Franklin Square. It brings together some of the best food trucks and street food vendors in the city, offering a diverse range of cuisines and flavours for you to enjoy. 

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a conservation and rehabilitation centre located in Hobart where you can learn about animals, conservation efforts, and instructions that are followed here. The sanctuary is dedicated to the protection and care of Australia's unique wildlife, and works to raise awareness about the importance of preserving these species.

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is a mountain and popular tourist destination that offers panoramic views of the city, the Derwent River, and the surrounding countryside. The summit can be reached by road or by a challenging hike up one of the mountain's many trails. At the top, you can enjoy a picnic, take in the views, and explore the various lookout points.

Maritime Museum of Tasmania

The Maritime Museum of Tasmania, located in the historic Customs House building is home to a range of exhibits and is one of the best places to visit in Hobart. It houses a collection of artefacts, photographs, and documents that document the state's maritime heritage, including its shipbuilding, seafaring, and naval history. 

Art Mob Aboriginal fine Art

Art Mob is a gallery in Hobart, that specialises in showcasing Aboriginal fine art. The gallery features works by Indigenous artists from across Australia, including paintings, sculptures, and other visual art forms. Art Mob is dedicated to promoting the work of Indigenous artists and to increasing awareness of Indigenous art and culture.

Saint Marys Catholic Cathedral

Saint Mary's Catholic Cathedral is a prominent religious building which is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart. The cathedral is known for its Gothic Revival architecture that used to serve as the principal church for Catholics in the region.

Army Museum of Tasmania

This museum is dedicated to the history and heritage of the Australian Army in Tasmania and the surrounding region. The museum features exhibits on the military history of Tasmania, including displays of military equipment, uniforms, and other artefacts. It is a popular attraction for visitors who want to learn more about the role of the Australian Army in Tasmania.

Sullivans Cove Hobart

Sullivans Cove is a historic waterfront area located in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania which is known for its picturesque views where one can enjoy numerous recreational activities. This popular tourist destination features a mix of old and modern buildings, including warehouses, offices, and restaurants.

Constitution Dock

Constitution Dock is a popular waterfront area which has become a hub for recreational boating activities and is known for its picturesque views of the harbour. The dock is located in the heart of Hobart and is home to a number of restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

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Hobart Things To Do FAQs

Which are the best things to do in Hobart?

1. Explore MONA the Museum of Old and New Art:
  • The Museum of Old and New Art, shortly known as MONA, is a private collection of artworks and is also the brainchild of David Walsh- a professional art collector.
  • Founded in 2001, the museum houses more than 2000 artworks and offers interpretive explanations that are worth trying out.
  • Although Visitors can drive to the museum, one of the most interesting ways to reach this place would be through a high speed ferry from the city's waterfront.
  • The museum regularly hosts their annual summer festival. Visitors from all over the globe fly to this museum to indulge in activities related to art, wine, music, and film.
Location: 655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011, Australia
Timings: Friday to Monday 10 AM to 5 Pm

Stroll Around Salamanca Markets:

  • With over 300 shops worth exploring, the Salamanca Market in Hobart is an outdoor market that is a haven for those who are shopping lovers and are wondering what to do in Hobart.
  • Vendors in this market sell products like artisan products, clothing, ready to eat dishes and even fresh farm produce from local farmers.
  • Sometimes, the market comes alive with live music performances that Visitors are definitely worth checking out.
  • Whether you want to shop, are wondering what to do in Hobart or simply want to immerse yourself in the vibes of the city, it is recommended to arrive well in advance to beat the crowds.
Location: Salamanca Pl, Hobart TAS 7001, Australia
Timings: Saturday 8:30 AM to 3 PM

Have Fun at Farm Gate Markets:
  • Every Sunday, the farmer's market in Hobart comes alive and attracts hundreds of shoppers to the heart of the city with food as the highlight.
  • This market is frequented by farmers who come directly to the marketplace and sell their produce.
  • Visitors can buy farm produce like Tasmanian apples, black Perigord truffles, and winter greens.
  • The market sells a lot of food items like burritos, cheeses, croissants, and donuts too.
  • Visitors wondering what to do in Hobart can visit this place and can also check out the live music being played.
  • This market is known to function regardless of the weather or climate, so in case you are interested in activities to do in Hobart, this is definitely worth checking out.
Location: 104 Bathurst St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
Timings: Sunday 8:30 AM to 1 PM

Indulge in the beauty of Mount Wellington:
  • Mount Wellington is 1271 meters tall and is located within the premises of the Wellington Park.
  • From beautiful waterfalls and adrenaline boosting activities like rock climbing and mountain biking, this is a must visit for all adventure junkies.
  • The mountain comes with view points in the form of wooden boardwalks visitors can check out to admire the views.
  • Visitors opting to try out activities to do in Hobart can drive to reach the peak of the hill in a matter of just 30 minutes.
  • The foothills of the mountain also has Australia's oldest brewery which is worth checking out in case Visitors want to stop by for a drink.

Spent Your time at Cascades Female Factory:
  • The Cascade Female Factory is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. This is a factory that showcases how convicted women and girls were forcefully brought to this place and displaced from their families.
  • This factory site now hosts different types of tours and they last up to 45 minutes.
  • Experiences in the Female Factory include exhibitions, history tours, theatrical performances and special events.
  • The factory also has an interactive center and facilities that offer refreshments to its visitors.
Location: 16 Degraves St, South Hobart TAS 7004, Australia
Timings: Sunday 9 AM to 4:30 PM

. Explore Hobart Museum & Art Gallery:
  • Hobart Museum and Art Gallery, alternatively known as the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is one of the most sought after attractions in Hobart by families.
  • It is an apt place to learn a lot about the aboriginal and convict heritage, along with history related to seafaring and whale hunting.
  • Many exhibits in this museum are child-friendly for children spread across all ages and the gallery in this museum comes with different forms of Tasmania art right from colonial times till this date.
  • Visitors visiting this museum can also discover interesting facts about the Tasmanian Tiger- an extinct animal native to the island.
Location: 16 Degraves St, South Hobart TAS 7004, Australia
Timings: Sunday 9 AM to 4:30 PM

Take a day trip to the Port Arthur historic site:
  • Built between the 18th and 19th century, the Port Arthur Historic Site was once a convict settlement.
  • It was originally built as a storage hub for grains and timber, but it was later converted into a prison.
  • The site offers guided tours both during the day and night. However, the one at night is intriguing as it involves learning about the dark secrets of this place.
  • Site entry tickets are valid for 2 days and it includes a harbour cruise and a self guided audio experience.
  • The place also has a restaurant in case Visitors are hungry and caters to different types of requirements from non veg to veg and even vegan.
Location: Historic Site, Visitor Centre, Port Arthur TAS 7182, Australia
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Take a cruise on the River Derwent:
  • A cruise is a must try for Visitors interested in trying out activities to do in Hobart by exploring the city from a different perspective.
  • Cruises usually sail from one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and pass through waterfront attractions like the Tasman Bridge, Montagu Bay, and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.
  • Cruise options start from one-hour duration and are so diverse in Hobart that many of them come with options like having a full fledged meal, like lunch or dinner on board.
  • With different options to choose from in terms of budget and route, visitors must book in advance and can opt for either a private charter or an open charter.
Timings: 10 AM onwards

Watch the sunrise from the waterfront:
  • The waterfront in Hobart is centered on Victoria Dock and Constitution Dock and is built from land reclaimed from the sea and is one of the best places to explore while in Hobart.
  • This place takes pride in being one of the most happening places in the city of Hobart and is frequented by both locals and Visitors.
  • Visitors visiting this place can try out the fish and chips made from freshly caught fish from the restaurants located alongside the docks.
  • During the months of November, the place comes alive thanks to the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.
Location: Dunn Pl, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

10. Take a Wildlife Experience Bonorong Wildlife Park:
  • The sanctuary takes pride in nursing a lot of abandoned and injured wild animals. It is managed by a dedicated team that has committed itself to protect the environment.
  • Visitors can get up close and personal with animals through activities like buying plant-based savories and feeding kangaroos by feeding them.
  • The park requires a ticketed entry so it is advisable to plan and get your tickets booked well in advance to check out this wildlife sanctuary.
  • Apart from regular tours, visitors can also visit this wildlife park at night for night tours.
Location: 593 Briggs Rd, Brighton TAS 7030, Australia
Timings: Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM

What are the best things to do in Hobart for couples?

1. Stroll around Salamanca Market- From clothing to freshly cultivated farm produce, the Salamanca market is a shopping haven and comes with live music that is worth checking out. It is also one of the largest outdoor markets in Australia that comes alive every Saturday and attracts a lot of Visitors.
2. Visit Farm Gate Markets- Frequented by locals, the market has food as the highlight and different types of food items ranging from freshly cultivated vegetables to cooked food items are worth checking out.
3. Admire Mount Wellington- Mount Wellington is more than 1200 meters tall and offers stunning views from the top when visited using a car. Some may find the climb to be slightly tiring, but in the end, it is worth it.
4. Explore Museum of Old and New Art- Shortly known as MONA, this is a private museum known for housing more than 2000 exhibits by a prominent art collector named David Walsh.

What are the best things to do in Hobart with family?

1. Visit Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery- This museum is child-friendly and houses different types of exhibits for visitors, especially kids to learn about the history of the island.
2. Check out Bonorong Wildlife Park- Dedicated to preserving wildlife and managed by a team of experts and volunteers, this wildlife park also has activities to do in Hobart in the form of educational guided tours.
3. Explore Port Arthur Historic Site- Visitors with children looking for activities to do in Hobart can learn about the hidden stories of convict settlements in Port Arthur through a self guided audio experience.
4. Admire views of Mount Wellington- Located in the premises of the Wellington Park Reserve, Mount Wellington is more than 1200 meters tall and offers stunning views of the city.

Why is Hobart so famous?

Hobart is one of the oldest capitals in Australia after Sydney. Visitors with different tastes and preferences will definitely have something worth checking out while planning a list of things to do in Hobart. From art galleries to markets that sell fresh produce and historical sites to amazing places to eat, the number of things to do in Hobart is diverse, making it a popular tourist destination.

What is the best time to visit Hobart?

December to January is the best time to visit and try out the things to do in Hobart. It is the summer holiday period on the island and is also the time the city comes alive due to a lot of events like New year and the Taste Festival, leaving Visitors with a lot of things to do in Hobart. Moreover, the temperatures hover between 11 degrees C and 21 degrees C, making it apt for visiting and indulging in a variety of things to do in Hobart.

How to reach Hobart?

By air: Hobart's international airport is well connected by flights from a lot of major airports, including the ones in Australia like Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

By boat: Hobart is connected to Melbourne by ferry, and the average travel time can go up to 10 hours. Visitors looking for things to do in Hobart can travel by ferry, can transport their car and explore the island too. This comes in handy in case Visitors want to cut down on expenses involved in air travel but also want to explore the things to do in Hobart.

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