Boating in Cochin

The best boating tours in Cochin provides you the unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Kerala backwaters, flora and fauna, village life through shikara boat and country boat with traditional vegetarian Kerala lunch. Besides, there is also an alternative for non-stop boat cruises during the time of dusk in the Cochin harbor area with a spectacular view of Marine Drive, Chinese fishing nets and numerous islands. Along with that, the travellers get a chance to explore paddy fields, crab farms, and prawns farms. The enchanting boating journey will definitely leave you dumbstruck by its inner beauty and elegance. If you are nurturing your idea to spend the vacation in the lap of greenery then step into a country boat in Cochin and you will get all the pleasures through the quaint and narrow canals. The thick frondescence and the tranquil ambience is the ideal way to let yourself lose in the arms of nature. There is a never a day when you will set out boating and not learn something new. Boating is all-consuming of your attention.


Boats are not as life threatening as automobiles seem to be. You are aware of each minute, the calmness of the deep, the underwater world and what lies within. The more daring your trip or the more you venture into a new place or try out a new seamanship technique, the more you get away from terrestrial worries. Boating is exercise. It is not aerobic unless you are in a canoe race, or paddling a kayak into a stiff headwind, or cranking winches on a racing yacht. Every muscle in your body works in a boat. Even when you are just sitting at anchor, your body is working as the boat rocks and rolls. You are getting lots of fresh air and Vitamin D and don’t forget the sunscreen. Whenever or wherever you take to the water in your boat, from a dinghy to a yacht, you are joining the ranks of marine adventurers of all time. There is always an adventure that awaits in the best boating tours in Cochin.

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