Shada Archaeological Palace Overview

Built in the 1820s, Shada Archaeological Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Abha, in addition to being the erstwhile residence of the region’s royalty and other administrative officials. The palace has also served as the residence for one of the governors of Saudi and has now been turned into a museum. Here, you can find a wide array of ancient furniture, antiques, local handicrafts, antique coins, manuscripts, and a lot more.

Amongst the top places to visit in Abha, the Shada Archaeological Palace is also one of the best historical places in all of Saudi. Built-in early 1820, this palace served as the main ruling palace of Abha, in addition to being the official residence of the then Saudi governor, and other royals. As of now, the palace has been converted into a museum, where you can get a chance to catch glimpses of how life used to be a long time ago.

It is in Shada Archaeological Museum where you can find a huge collection of traditional furniture, utensils, and antiquities, along with interesting local handicrafts, household tools, and items, manuscripts, coins as well as photographs that depict the life in Abha. The palace also has high-walled roofs, mud-walled towers, and other intricacies, which will help you learn more about the city of Abha.


• Learn about the region’s rich history by exploring the geometrically patterned walls, high-walled roofs and stunning staircase within the palace.
• Catch sights of ancient photographs, manuscripts and old coins displayed within the galleries of the Shada Archaeological Palace.
• Learn how life used to be in the early days by exploring the galleries displaying local handicrafts, household tools and other antiquities.
• Don’t forget to climb up to the roof of the palace to see the high walls which were used to give privacy to women in the early time.

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