Meghamalai Overview
Meghamalai, locally known as the ‘High Wavy Mountains’, is a picturesque mountain range and amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Madurai. Nestled amidst lush and fragrant tea, cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom plantations and dotted with green meadows, waterfalls, and wildflower patches, this is the perfect place to escape into the remarkable raw beauty of nature.

Meghamalai has beautiful and rugged nature trails that take one deep into the forests at the local wildlife sanctuary that house hundreds of species of exotic birds like spotted doves, blue robins, and the Great Indian hornbill. Some parts of the forests also provide habitat to leopards, Indian gaurs, elephants, and tigers.  Don’t miss to see the beautiful Suruli and Meghamalai waterfalls and visit dams like Manalar, Thekkady, Vanniar, etc. that are stunningly lush enclaves of nature. There are ancient temples like the hilltop Murugan and Mangala Devi Temples that are not only visited by thousands to pray but are also great viewpoints for people to soak in panoramic views of the place. 
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