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Tirupati Packages

Duration Price
Tirupati Package from Coimbatore by Train3 days & 2 nights
INR 10,500
Tirupati 4 Days Package from Chennai4 days & 3 nights
INR 13,500
Tirupati Kalahasti Package from Bangalore1 day & 1 night
INR 9,800
Tirupati Package from Hyderabad 20223 days & 1 night
INR 10,200
Delhi to Tirupati Package by Air3 days & 2 nights
INR 10,100
Pune to Tirupati Balaji Tour Package by Flight3 days & 2 nights
INR 9,800

Tirupati Packages

Tirupati tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Tirupati holiday packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Tirupati vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Tirupati is probably one of the most prominent pilgrimage temple towns in India that receives countless devotees here on a daily basis. And for you to witness the sheer maddening crowds, Thrillophilia has come up with Tirupati Packages, available from all major cities in the country, so that you can go on a salvation journey to find inner peace and devotion.

The Tirupati tour packages are long-term vacations in which you not only get to see the splendid Tirupati temple in all its glory, but also many other equally important places of worship all across the region, making it the ultimate spiritual sojourn.

Moreover, these Tirupati tours are ideally designed for all budgets and types of holidaymakers. Therefore, you can give this trip to your parents, couples can enjoy this too and seek blessings from the almighty, and the younger lot too can get to explore South India at its finest.

What makes the Tirupati trip packages from Thrillophilia such a preferred way of holidaying is the array of facilities on offer like accommodations and traveling within Tirupati while following the best safety practices, to ensure a stress-free holiday for you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, our tailored packages are also easy on your pocket as we offer some of the best deals and discounts, all year long. Not to forget, you can even customize your holiday packages to Tirupati and add or replace any of the items as per your convenience and we will curate just the tour for you to give you the happiest memories for a lifetime.
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Tirupati Tour faqs

What are the best places to visit on a Tirupati tour?

1. Kapila Teertham: The lord shiva devotees can make merry because your Tirupati Packages are bound to include a trip to the Kapila Theertham where you can have a bath under the glistening waters of the waterfall and participate in the Abhishek pujan.

Location: Srinivasa Nagar, NGO Colony, Tirupati Andhra Pradesh- 517507.

2. Swami Pushkarini Lake: Known for its popular legend of Lord Vishnu and Garuda bringing the magnificent lake from Vaikuntha to earth, the Swami Pushkarini Lake is a beautiful addition to the Tirupati tour Packages.

Location: Pushkarini At,Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh-517504.

3. Divyanamam Park: On your Tirupati tour Packages, you are likely to enjoy a visit to the well-maintained park of Divyaramam that is home to gazillion migratory birds and promises a blissful evening with them.

Location: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517507TTD.

4. Deer Park: The Tirupati Packages are incomplete without a mention of and visit to the Deer Park in Tirupati where you can spend relaxing moments with family, feeding the incredible animals.

Location: Nerabailu Village, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

5. Akasaganga Teertham: Away from the city’s craziness if you want to spend some private and peaceful hours then head to the Aakasha Ganga waterfall that is included in the Tirupati Packages.

Location: Akashganga Dam, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh- 517504.

6. Rock Garden (Silathoranam): To spend precious time amidst nature and to witness the incredible formation of nature parks, you cannot miss Rock Garden (Silathoranam) on your Tirupati tour Packages.

Location: Chittoor Road Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh- 518002.

7. Tirumala Temple: The Tirupati Packages are incomplete without a visit to the Tirumala Temple that is the most revered site and venerated place of Hindu pilgrimage because of its legend of granting wishes of followers.

Location: S. Mada St.Tirumala Tirupati Andhra Pradesh 517504.

What are the best things to do on the Tirupati tour?

1. Go handicraft and decorative item shopping at Tirumala Tirupati market: The Tirupati trip packages are inclusive of shopping and what better than the Tirumala Tirupati market to fill your bags with travel accessories, authentic souvenirs, handicraft and decorative items.

2. Witness the natural wonder Talakona Waterfall: Your Tirupati trip packages are incomplete without a visit to the mystifying Talakona waterfall where you can catch the sight of the white sparkling water cascading downwards.

3. Admire Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple’s architecture: If you are an art and architecture enthusiast then during your Tirupati tours you cannot miss marveling at the incredible architecture of Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple besides trying their heavenly prasadam in the form of a scrumptious laddu.

- VIP darshan: INR 100/person
- Special entrance: INR 20/person.

4. Explore history at Chandragiri Fort and Palace: On your Tirupati tours, go visit the illustrious Vijayanagara Empire’s ancient capital Chandragiri, alongside its bewildering palaces and imposing fort that take you back in time.

Price: INR 100/person.

5. Take holy dips at Papavinasam Theertham: Take holy dips in the pure ambrosial and beatific place of Papavinasam Theertham known to wash away your sins besides having a calming effect on your soul and mind.

6. Pay your homage to Balaji in Tirumala Temple: Explore the rich heritage and great history of Tirumala Temple that is also called the Venkateswara temple. If you are a devotee then you cannot miss paying homage to Lord Balaji.

- Free Darshan available
- Special entry: INR 300/person.

Which are the best places to stay in Tirupati?

1. Pai Viceroy: If you are looking for an ideal combo of convenience, value and comforts like soundproof rooms and comfortable beds then book your stay at the Pai Viceroy that also offers a romantic setting.

Location: Tirumala Bypass Road near Kapilam circle, Tirupati 517501 India.
Price: Starting from INR 2,243.

2. Ramee Guestline: Overlooking the picturesque hills of Tirumala, the three-star property of Ramee Guestline is the finest hotel that offers you quality services and facilities like kids club, conference and fitness centers.

Location: 14 - 37 Karakambadi Road Akkarampalli Post, Tirupati 517507 India.
Price: Starting from INR 2,409.

3. Ramcharan Residency: A stay at the Ramcharan Residency is enjoyable and relaxing owing to its stellar amenities that include spacious family rooms with mountain views and are replete with amenities like air purifier and bidet.

Location: House No. 6-9--1258 MIG: 14/A Alipiri Road APHB Colony, Divyanamam Park, Tirupati 517501 India.
Price: Starting from INR 2,168.

4. Bliss Hotel: Located on the foothills of the world renowned Tirumala Shrine the three-star luxury Bliss hotel is known for its well-appointed suites, concierge, conference, and world-class techno-gym facilities.

Location: 45 Renigunta Road, Tirupati 517501 India.
Price: Starting from INR 4029.

What are the famous waterfalls in and near Tirupati?

1. Talakona: The stunning and one of the tallest waterfalls with a height of 270 feet is known for its deep flowing water that has healing properties.

2. Nagalapuram: You must visit the serene Nagalapuram waterfalls for its tranquility, sounds of the gushing water, plunge pools, and gorges formed by the falls’ water.

3. Akasaganga Teertham: The Akasaganga Teertham has a sacred significance because the water from the falls is believed to cleanse all evils, sins and bring about good luck. You will find water running in the falls throughout the year.

4. Chakra Teertham: Devotees visit the Chakra Teertham falls to clean their sins from past karmas. This sacred waterfall is so sacred that people consider it divine to take dips here which are equal to touching Lord Vishnu’s feet.

5. Kailasakona: The site of the scenic waterfalls of Kailasakona, is the marriage spot of Goddess Padmavati and Lord Venkateshwara. Water from this fall is known to have healing properties because it is rich in rare minerals.

Which are the best beaches near Tirupati?

1. Breezy: For a peaceful evening with your loved one, this refreshing beach is one of the perfect hotspots and perfect getaways for those seeking rejuvenation.

2. Mypadu: Mypadu beach is known for its golden-brown sand, and pristine seawater. It is less crowded and hence is one of the perfect havens for couples to enjoy captivating views and mesmerizing scenery.

3. Elliot’s: Elliot’s beach is Chennai’s cleanest beach that is worth visiting because of the plenty of water activities it has to offer and fine views of the sea.

4. Promenade: The popular beachfront of Promenade stretches across 1.2 kilometers and is an ideal place to make the most of seafood, sun and sand.

5. Thiruvanmiyur: Thiruvanmiyur Beach is the suitable den for nature lovers and couples that prefer to watch the most remarkable sunsets and sunrises as the sky gets painted in hues of orange, red and yellow.

What to do at night in Tirupati?

1. Enjoy sound and light show at Chandragiri: Witness the Chandragiri Fort come to life with the beguiling light and sound program that is one of the stunning sights to behold.

2. Offer prayers to goddess Mahalakshmi at Sripuram: Since the temple of Sripuram is open till 9PM at night, you can offer your evening prayers to the goddess of Mahalakshmi.

3. Shop for fancy and traditional bangles at New Balaji Bangles: If you are fond of bangles and would not mind adding a dozen of colorful glass, plain, and decorative bangles to your stash then you must visit New Balaji that stays open till 9:30 PM.

4. Buy dresses made of pure cotton for your man at Ramraj cotton: After darshan during the day if you wish to buy some cotton dresses for your man then come to Ramraj Cotton that stays open till 9 PM.

5. Participate in the evening aarti at the illuminated ISKON temple: Spend serene evenings doing aartis and enjoy the views of the illuminated ISKON temple.

Which are some famous temples to visit in Tirupati with family?

1. Govindaraja: Govindaraja Temple deserves a visit with your family because here you can seek Lord Govindraja’s blessings and chant hymns in a chorus.

2. Kapila Teertham: This ancient temple cradled at Tirumala range’s foothills is the most visited by families during the auspicious Shivratri to sing hymns together, witness the glowing diyas and decorations of scented flowers.

3. Kodandarama: To make your kids learn about the life of the gods and goddesses through inscriptions on walls, you must bring them to the Kodandarama temple. You can also pay a family visit during Brahmotsav when idols are decorated and aartis are performed.

4. ISKON: You and your family cannot miss visiting the ISKON temple because it has its very own guest house for the pilgrims besides hearing the chants of Hare Krishna and Hare Rama is a surreal feeling.

5. Padmavathi: Taking a bath in the divine waters of Padma Sarovaram present inside the Padmavathi Temple is a surreal feeling. While on your way to the Venkateshwara temple you must make it here to pay your homage to goddess Parvati.

6. Venkateswara: Offer prayers to Lord Balaji (Venkateshwara) at the Venkateshwara temple by chanting prayers and singing hymns with your family. All of you can also devour the delicious Prasad in the form of blessings.

Is Tirupati safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to travel to Tirupati as it has been rated as India’s second safest city on the basis of three parameters namely, better enforcement, low rate of crimes, and best surveillance. You can however always travel during summers as there would be less visitors, and therefore lesser crowds.

What to buy in Tirupati?

Tirupati is a shopper’s paradise and you can spend your bucks buying Etikoppaka toys, Kalamkari paintings, Thanjavur paintings, colorful bangles, religious deities made of copper, and brass besides silver jewelry and various other paraphernalia.

What is the best time to visit Tirupati?

The best time to visit Tirupati is during the months September to February. That is because the climate at this time comprises intermittent showers and is quite balmy. You must avoid the sweltering heat and humidity of summers at all costs.

How many days are enough for Tirupati?

Three days are enough for a planned visit to Tirupati as you will not only be able to complete your special darshan to lord Balaji but also go sightseeing to the beautiful places of natural and historical significance nearby.

Is Tirupati worth visiting?

Yes, Tirupati is totally worth visiting because it is not only Andhra Pradesh’s spiritual capital but this city lying on the foothills of Seshachalam hills houses magnificent rivers, pristine beaches, valleys, rolling hills, and holy temples.

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