Goripalayam Dargah Overview
This ancient dargah, one of the most intriguing places to visit in Madurai, dates back to the 13th-century and is dedicated to two famous saints Khwaja Alauddin Badusha and Khwaja Shamsuddin Badusha who came from Oman to spread the knowledge of Islam. The dargah, the largest in Madurai, houses the shrines of both these saints that are visited by people from all over Tamil Nadu to seek blessings and peace.

There is an interesting inscription here that details how the dargah came into being during the ancient Pandiyan regime when Madurai was mostly under Islamic rule and influence. The dargah, in shades of pristine white, is easy to spot amidst the surrounding winding alleys due to its tall minarets and its huge dome. It has a beautiful Islamic-Dravidian architecture that includes ornate arches, stone pillars, and cool marble floors. It even houses a shelter where people of all faiths stay for days and months to seek divine blessings amidst the serene ambience of Quran recitals and the holy azaan.

Timings: Every day from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.
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