Lepakshi Overview
The village of Lepakshi is situated in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. The name of the place is derived from an episode of the epic called “Ramayana”. It is believed that Jatayu landed in this place after his wings were severed by the demonic Ravana. However, Lepakshi is known for more than just its interesting urban legends. It is the site for many famous shrines dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Veerabhadra.

These ancient shrines were built by the Vijayanagara Kings during 1336- 1646. The mural paintings and the Kannada inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Kings are of immense historical and archaeological value, which makes the village of Lepakshi an attractive tourist destination. Several stone monuments and structures in Lepakshi such as the Lepakshi Temple, the Nandi Bull and its surroundings paintings are also worth a visit when you are in the vicinity of this village. 

Best time to visit: 
The best time to explore Lepakshi is during the wintertime. However, there is no drastic rise or drop in temperature throughout the year, which means you can visit whenever it is convenient for you.

Summer: The Lepakshi region experiences summertime between March and June.  The temperature during these months generally ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the weather remains very hot and humid throughout these months. Sightseeing and long treks can be slightly exhausting because of the intense sun, during this time.

Monsoon:  Lepakshi experiences monsoon between July and August. This region receives moderate to heavy rainfall during this season. The annual rainfall recorded in Lepakshi is 526 m on average. Nature in Lepakshi is at its best during the monsoon season when the rain makes the trees look greener and the waterfalls and lakes look brighter. However, it is also sometimes prone to flooding and heavy rainfall, which can hamper your plans.

Winter: Winters are the most pleasant season in Lepakshi. The weather is always cool with a warm, pleasant sun present in the sky, making this season the best time to visit Lepakshi. Winter in Lepakshi arrives in October and stays till February, and the temperature ranges from 18 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius during these months. This is the most ideal time for touring and exploring the area.
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