Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary Overview
One of the most preferred places to visit in Andhra Pradesh among the eco-tourists, Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary features diverse flora, fauna, and spellbinding views of sea intertwining with the river. The wildlife abode houses around 35 species of mangrove plants, as well as, 120 species of exotic birds.

If you get lucky, you might also spot the endangered long-billed and white-backed vulture. Moreover, it has gained utmost popularity for its saltwater crocodiles and salt-tolerant flora species including Rhizophora and Avincinia.

Sprawled over an area of 235 square kilometres, Coringa welcomes you with its unspoiled habitat which is marked by lush green forest lands and wooden bridges from where you can admire the birds-eye view of the surrounding region.

Highlight of the place: 
Saltwater crocodiles, White-backed vultures, Mangrove trees, Wooden walkways.

Location: Coringa, East Godavari District, Kakinada.
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