Kakkathuruthu Overview

A small magnificent island popularly known as the island of crows, it is a prime attraction for bird watchers. The beauty of the island enhanced by coconut trees and paddy fields is breathtaking and doesn’t miss a chance of enticing travelers, be it nature or food lovers. Speaking of food, the place serves a variety of food ranging from Kerala cuisine to seafood such as karimeen, crabs, and shrimp.

Furthermore, tourists enjoy the view of the setting sun and watching the sky hues, shifting its color from pale blue to crystal clear blue. The sole place in Kerala listed in Nat Geo's magazine for relishing the time of dusk.

Things to do
- Broom making, Boating, Chinese net, Bird watching, Toddy tapping, Shinkari melam, Catnet fishing, Clam meat processing.

- 10 km from Kollam

- No entry fee.

- open 24 hours

Best time to visit
- Anytime of the year.

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