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Gyantse Damar Festival, Gyantse

  • In the event that you need to go to Tibet around June, Gyantse Damar Festival is an absolute necessity for you to encounter. This celebration is held in the fourth month of Tibetan date-book( or June in sun oriented calender) and it can be gotten to easily as it covers the hot Tibet travel course. Damar celebration in Gyantse is more mainstream for nonnatives to comprehend it well. This celebration is set up in 1408 and the agriculturists and herders from each parts of Tibet accumulate in Gyantse for steed dashing, bows and arrows rivalries, horsemanship show took after by few days'entertainment or picnicking.

    : Lhasa

    Best time to visit
    : Any time in the year

    : • Fast running horse competation • A well decorated horse. • Many horsemen with Typical local Ethnic dress up. • Hundreds of bussinessmen diplaying the local products. • Showing different skill during Archery competition. • Hundreds of Tibetan spectators with typical ethnic dress up.

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