Best Rock Climbing Tours

There are many people who like to achieve new heights every day. However, these heights usually differ from person to person. The adventure lot often refers to it for carrying out some unique activities. Rock climbing is one of them.

Rock climbing is a sport which involves climbing of rocks. This sport is usually thought of being an outdoor sport; however, with changing times and modern inventions, this can be pursued even indoors. Although indoor and outdoor climbing differs in terms of adventure involved, the benefits derived from both are more or less same.

Some of the benefits one can draw from rock climbing include strength building, increased endurance, body flexibility, and mental peace. Consistent climbers also gain self-confidence through this activity.

One of the benefits of pursuing indoor rock climbing is that it can be carried on for whole year without getting affected by weather or any other situation.

India offers number of destinations for enjoying rock climbing. One can book rock climbing tours as per his budget and convenience. Listed below are some of the hot spots for rock climbing in India:

Great Himalayan National Park – If one wants to have an exciting experience of rock climbing, then Great Himalayan National Park is a place to be. The pristine mountains and serene landscape makes it an amazing destination where one can enjoy many other activities like trekking, fishing, bird watching and nature walking too.

Munnar – Munnar in Kerala is an exotic destination of India which experiences many tourists every year. One can indulge here in many activities like rock climbing, trekking, tree climbing etc.


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