Lakshadweep Tourism, India: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023

Lakshadweep, which means ‘one hundred thousand islands’, is one of the greatest nature’s gift to us. The enchanting and unspoilt beaches will simply blow your mind. It is the perfect escape from your hectic schedules and cacophony of the over-crowded cities.

The smallest union territory of India, Lakshadweep consists of a number of islands. A few, around 10, of them are inhabited by humans and the others are used for coconut plantations, tourism, fish hatcheries and many other activities.

Lakshadweep is full of adventure. You can either go for the adventurous water sports or sit on the beach and soak up the natural beauty. Scuba diving is the main attraction in this archipelago. Special diving institute has been set up there which will assist you to have a great scuba diving experience.

Government of India is constantly working of the development of tourism industry in Lakshadweep. To visit Lakshadweep, you need to ask for a special permission from the government. There are a number of hotels and resorts there for your comfortable stay and all of them are constructed under the supervision of the Indian Government. Some suggestions for you are Bangaram Island Resort, Agatti Island Beach Resort, Kadmat Island Resort, etc.  

The local cuisine in Lakshadweep is divine. You must try the sumptuous delicacies in the restaurant Café de Saina, and other local cafes. The sea food is mouth-watering. Nightlife in the archipelago might disappoint you a little as drinking is prohibited there and you will not find any nightclub or pub. But you can do a lot of other activities to have a happening nightlife there like organise a beach barbeque party with the other tourists of the hotel or see the glow worms on the beach which are amazing. You can enjoy the place without alcohols.
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People Also Ask About Lakshadweep

  1. Travel advice:

    • To visit Lakshadweep islands you need to seek permission from the Indian government. If the process seems too hectic to you, let the hotel authorities arrange it for you. Just book a room in advance.

    • If you are a foreigner, you need to book your accommodation first before applying to the Indian Government for permission. This is mandatory.

    • The only way to go to Lakshadweep is from Kochi, Kerala. You can either take a flight or choose the waterway.

    • Foreigners are not permitted in a few islands there. Find out which are they before planning your tour, if you are a foreigner.

    • Drinking in Lakshadweep is strictly prohibited except in Bangaram Island. Do not carry drinks there from outside.

    • The tribal people there are shy. Do not make fun of or disrespect them.

    • Before doing the water sports, make sure to now the rules and regulations well.

    • If you choose waterways for travelling to the islands, make sure to carry the required medications for sea sickness. Also, you will not get proper pharmacies there. It’s always safe to carry your daily medicines with you.

    • Don’t even try swimming if you cannot do it properly.

    • You will meet a lot of new people there, most of whom are tourists. Avoid the over-friendly ones.

    • There are not many modes of transportation in the islands. Either walk or hire a bicycle to explore the places.

  2. Drinking laws

    Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in Lakshadweep. You will not find any bar or pub there. Liquor consumption is permitted in Bangaram Island only.

  3. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Kavaratti Island

    The island with white sand beaches is such a beautiful place to visit. It is the most developed island among all and hence, is the capital island. You can go for swimming in the clear turquoise water and also try out some really exciting water sports like kayaking, yachting, etc. You can dive and see the marine ecosystem down there and play with beautifully coloured fishes. In case you don’t want to get wet or don’t know to swim, glass bottomed boats are there for your rescue. The capital island has a number of beautifully constructed mosques. The best one among them is Ujra mosque. You will see beautifully decorated ceilings there. Unfortunately, foreign tourists are not allowed in this island.

    Kadmat Island

    This island is perfects for scuba diving and a lot of water sports. The island has lagoons on both the sides which make it much attractive for the tourists, as this is the only island with lagoons on both the sides. The one in the east is narrow and the one in the west is shallow.  You will love how the coconut and palm trees there have bend down to provide you shade. A diving institute is set up there to provide you guidelines by the well trained instructors. Foreign tourists are permitted to visit this island.

    Bangaram Island

    This island is not inhabited by the tribes of Lakshadweep keeping it untouched and unspoilt. It makes a perfect honeymoon destination with picturesque views wherever you look. This island is also a diver’s paradise. The diving institute, which is the first diving institute in the archipelago, will train you so that you can enjoy the bewitching sights of the world under Indian Ocean. The coral reefs are a treat to watch. You will also encounters a lot of colourful fishes and harmless sharks. Foreigners are allowed in this island.

    Kalpeni Island

    In this island, you will find locals to have a chat about the entire location and their lifestyle. The lagoon in this island is the largest among all and is perfect for thrilling water sports like kayaking and canoeing. The huts made near the beach by the islanders for tourist accommodation will provide you with sail boats, kayaks, and other requirements for water sports. You can visit the small islets there named Cheriyam, Pitti and Tilakkam which offers great scenic views. The islands are truly a treat for your eyes. Sadly, no foreigners are allowed to visit this island.

    Agatti Island

    The best thing about this island is that you can see how the colourful fishes are prepared for keeping them in the aquariums at our home far in the city. These fish hatcheries should be one among your ‘to-do’ list. Apart from this, you can see the beautiful lagoons there. The islets of Parali-I and Parali-II are very close to the Agatti Island. You can spend as much time as you want and enjoy the bewitching beauty of the place. A really interesting thing about this island is that you will see glowing worms in the beach at night. They are a special worm that glows at night due to the chemical present on their skin. Foreign tourists are allowed in this island.

    Minicoy Island

    Cheer up ladies, you are in the ‘Women’s Island”! The southern- most, crescent –shaped island in the archipelago, Minicoy Island is called Women’s Island as the women of this island are given much importance. They hold a prime position in their society. Talking about the things to see there, you must visit the lighthouse built by the British. This is a 300 ft. high lighthouse, well maintained for the tourists. Foreigners are not allowed in this island.

  4. What you will like here?

    Water sports
    • Scuba diving

    The most tourist-attracting activity in Lakshadweep is scuba diving. Well trained instructors are there to help you out in this thrilling underwater activity. Almost all the islands facilitate diving classes for you. The coral reefs and the magnificent fishes are worth seeing down there.

    • Snorkelling

    Snorkelling is another exciting thing to do to see the world under water. The colourful fishes, the turtles, and a lot of other peculiar creatures, all will be swimming next to you. Doesn’t that sound a great fun?

    • Kayaking

    Kayaking on the turquoise water of Lakshadweep is a must do. The kayaks will be provided to you by the hotel staffs or the water sport institutes.

    • Canoeing

    You will love canoeing on the waters of the Minicoy Island as the water is very clear there. Few fishes may follow your canoe which is really funny. Don’t worry about drowning as the water is shallow.

    • Yachting

    Yachts are special boats made for recreational purposes. You will get to hire them on the beaches.

    • Wind surfing

    This is an exciting water sport which needs a lot of practice. You might fall in the water every time you try to balance, though it is a great fun. Kite surfing in Kadamat Island is a must do.

    Natural beauty

    The natural beauty of the archipelago is breath-taking. Clear blue sky with turquoise water and white sandy beaches, you will simply fall in love with the alluring sights of the islands. The palm trees create a natural canopy as you lie on the beach to soak up sunlight.


    The locals of Lakshadweep are simple tribal people with fishing as their prime occupation. They are shy and down to earth which makes it easy for the tourists to enjoy their holidays freely. The tourism industry also serves as one of their prime sources of income, which has built a tourist culture among the natives. They are mainly Muslims, which indicates you will get great delicacies in the archipelago.

    Speaking about the natives, there is an interesting fact about them that is worth mentioning. After marriage, the men take the surnames of their wives and shift to the bride’s home for staying. This way, the women of Lakshadweep enjoy a good position in the society.

    You will love seeing the tribal dance of Lakshadweep. Each island has its unique dance form. Ulakkamuttuj, Attom, Kolkakli, Parichakali, etc. are some famous tribal dance forms.

    Local cuisine

    The local cuisine is mouth- watering with a touch of Kerala flavours. For the non-vegetarians, Lakshadweep is nothing less than the paradise. Abundance of sea-foods like octopuses, squids, a variety of sea fishes and a lot more options make Lakshadweep a foodie’s place. For the vegetarians, you must try the coconut dishes, bondas and appams.

    Doing photography

    Lakshadweep, being rich in natural beauty, is a photographer’s dream come true. The blue lagoons are really picturesque. You might be tired clicking pictures but you won’t run out of locations. Underwater photography while scuba diving is truly tempting for the professional photographers.

    Government’s initiative
    Indian government is constantly working to improve Lakshadweep’s tourism and you will clearly see that. New water sports, like parasailing, are introduced and new diving training institutes are opened.
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Places To Visit In Lakshadweep
Girindra Sethi Lakshadweep Package From Bangalore
Tour was well coordinated without any hiccups...neither vehicle availability or guidance. Everything arranged was top notch from pickup to food provided
Gajbaahu Kakkar Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kolkata
Lots of fun we had on this tour, especially in boat-ride, parasailing & snorkeling...The place has a beautiful ocean, beaches, and lush greenery...The sightseeing tour was impressive...Our guide was always there to help us and explained things in detail...Worth-it tour
Divakar Bhattacharya Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kolkata
Really we had the best experience with Thrillophilia and Lakshadweep... (1) Thrillophilia organized the tour with perfection from the itinerary, all inclusions, time duration, and at the affordable price with hassle-free booking... (2) Lakshadweep is a paradise... The island tour was amazing with the various activities we had... Most importantly the stay and foods we had were extremely good. KUDOS
Durgeshwari Ganaka Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kerala
An unforgettable experience in this Paradise! Everything went smoothly right from the beginning to the end...Overall the itinerary was SUPERB...
Gautami Guha Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kerala
Highly Recommend Thrillophilia to all my family & friends, This Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kerala was simply amazing... The place has nice views of the island, ocean, beaches, and greenery surrounding, We had great sightseeing and indulged in various water-based-activities...The hotel they booked for us was a good hotel at this place... The entire trip was hassle-free and very memorable.
Shridevi Dhawan Lakshadweep Package From Delhi
I had a sheer fun vacation of five days planned by Thrillophilia and I almost did all the activities, & loved snorkeling the most. I believe if you go Lakshadweep and return without doing any sea activity then you are just wasting your vacation. It is such a great place for scuba diving, snorkeling or other sports. I enjoyed a lot!
Gotum Dutta Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kolkata
Me and my friends are ardent travellers and Lakshadweep was really an unplanned trip.We had really enjoyed the time we spent there with this package. We are very thankful to the guide who took us everywhere and it is a worth visiting location.
Ghanaanand Bandopadhyay Lakshadweep Package From Kochi
Booking tour packages from Thrilophilia we landed up in this dreamy destination to double up our love. And to our surprise, everything went on smoothly as we had thought. We would thank each one of the team members for making our days blissful.
Everything about the tour was great and one thing, in particular, was that the privacy was in place which we loved. The view from the beach where we stayed was breathtaking and one which we will not forget for a long time.
Devagya Jain Lakshadweep Tour Package From Kerala
The trip was very cost-effective and covered almost everything. We would surely recommend thrillophilia to our friends.

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