Romania Honeymoon Packages

Romania Honeymoon Packages For Couples 

Taking Romania honeymoon packages from Thrillophilia, you will cover the capital of Bucharest and visit its medieval styled cathedrals, revolution square, parliamentary palace and more. Surrounded by divine Carpathian Mountains, Romania’s highest peaks offer thrilling hiking and camping renditions on hills, the black sea beaches offer ethereal sites for sun basking and more. In order to give you a once in a lifetime experience, Thrillophilia gives you a chance to customise your tour packages as per your liking.

You can choose to head out on special romantic tours as well as spend time shopping at various shopping marketplaces. Thrillophilia curated some of the best Romania honeymoon destinations to make your first nuptial trip memorable all through your life. You will be offered stays at luxury accommodations for an unforgettable experience. Whatever be it, in your Romania Honeymoon Tour Packages from Thrillophilia, you will witness Romania’s glorious beauty, exquisite castles with intriguing history, gothic and mural arts and architecture and medieval styled villages which have something in store for all travel enthusiasts.

Taking inspiration from the picturesque Bran castle, Bram stoker’s Dracula novel attracts a lot of fan fiction lovers to admire this gothic styled fortress with its art galleries and cathedrals and a very well maintained garden. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore this panoramic European destination with your significant other and take home a myriad of memories.

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Romania Honeymoon FAQs

Which are the most romantic places to visit in Romania?

1. Sibiu Old Centre - Located in Transylvania, The old centre of Sibiu is a very historically important place in shaping Romania's past. Earlier a residential area of Saxon settlers, this town has a very romantic and whimsical vibe to it. From high end shopping centres to opulent restaurants and lodgings, Sibiu’s laid ambiance will definitely intrigue you a lot.

Visit the amusing outdoor museum of astra traditional folk civilisation and rowboats in the lake under the summer heat. Discover the essence of ancient Romania at the very popular Grand Square, and admire the 13th century housing and architecture. Climb all the 141 stairs of council tower and applaud the ethereal view of this chill town of Romania which is the first stoppage in your Romania honeymoon packages.

Sibiu, Romania

2. Brukenthal Palace
- Commonly known as the only architectural Baroque marvel standing erect in the middle of Sibiu, Romania, this 18th century palace is a heavenly sight to render with your loved ones. Now converted into a guest house offering luxuriant lodgings, the palace has lavish and royal interiors, an unparalleled garden, fine restaurants etc.

The museum boasts of a collection of royal antiques and souvenirs displayed in its art galleries and libraries. Arrange for an exquisite dining course in a whimsical candlelit setting and admire the tranquillity of this age old palace with your significant other. 

Sibiu, Romania
Timings: 10 am till 8pm.

3. Brasov
- Next on your Romania honeymoon packages, take an evening stroll on the cobblestone streets of Brasov and admire this 15th century Transylvania town with a fascinating history, an ethereal basilica church, renaissance and gothic art and architecture and opulent ambiance. Brasov has more to offer than you think. Surrounded by the glorious Carpathian Mountains and situated on the foothills of Tampa hill, Brasov is the perfect mixture of modernization and natural settings.

The sights of interest in Brasov are the historical centre, ethereal black church, rope street museum and more. A few of the most terrific things to do in your Romania honeymoon packages, are a cable car ride to the Tampa hill, a guided tour of the council square, strolling through the cobbled and narrow street between settlements and dining on Romania’s authentic cuisines.

Transylvania region of Romania

4. Dracula Church
- The first thing that strikes your head when you think of Romania is the blood curling Dracula Castle located in the state of Transylvania and an hour drive from the city of Brasov. This amazing place was believed to be the residence of Vlad, the son of Dragon.

Attracting a lot of fanfiction lovers, this palace was built in the 13th century and has around 1400 stairs, a myriad of rooms and towers and a very mystical setting. Discover this legendary attraction on your own and learn about the spine chilling paranormal experiences related to this castle. Dracula castle has an opening time of 9am till evening 4pm. 

5. Cantacuzino Castle
- Romania houses a plethora of castles and fortresses which you will cover in Romania honeymoon packages, and one such amazing acropolis is located in Buzeni which dates back to the 20th century. The lavish fortress houses four quadrilateral bodies covering an area of 1200 sq. metres. The insides of the castle are extremely whimsical and give a very romantic atmosphere.

The mural paintings, roman mosaic architecture at the first level, oak doors adorned with intricate architectural marvels, marble staircases and antiques and souvenirs on display will definitely intrigue any art lover. Get teleported to an ethereal time with such fascinating settings and click pictures to last a lifetime.

Strada Zamorei 1, Buteni 105500, Romania

6. Oradea
- Situated on the North-western stretch of Romania, Oradea has an exemplary ambiance and is known to be one of the most magical locations to revive an ethereal time with your loved ones. Oradea is perched at an elevation of 142 metres, and houses a myriad of intriguing sights of interest. In your Romania honeymoon packages, visit the ever ethereal nymphaea aquapark with its splendid and festive lightings and, go shopping at the exquisite balc eagle square housing high end boutiques,.

Admire the ancient settings inside the Rhodes fortress and spend some time amidst the verdant wilderness of Oradea zoo. The major highlight of this destination it's therapeutically healing thermal waters which are a cosy relief against the chilling climate.

7. The Tunnel of Love
- Take some time off from your frenzy travel itinerary of Romania honeymoon packages, to stroll in the extremely popular tunnel of love situated in Banat. An age-old abandoned railway track line, this beautiful piece of attraction renders some of the most magical locations for photography. A walk on this amazing railway line surrounded by vibrant flowers and verdant canopy under the clear blue sky can be an amazing escape for love birds.

8. Viscri
- Romania’s best kept secret, the old village of Viscri hidden in Brasov is an amazing escapade for people looking for some time in privacy and tranquillity. An attraction which gave food and shelter to the Saxon settlers, this village has a very harmonious and soothing atmosphere, vibrant houses, big hearted residents and a plethora of cheap restaurants to dine on fascinating Romanian cuisine.

Viscri’s ancient white church of the 12th century, which makes its way into the UNESCO heritage sites, offers splendid views for photography and more. An evening stroll through the cobbled streets of Viscri in ethereal lighting and cold weather can definitely revive your sprint and rejuvenate your soul.

9. Bucharest
- Making its way to the list of ethereal places to visit in Romania, the capital Bucharest with its splendid attractions, unparalleled ambiance and exquisite settings is top-notch escapade. The first stoppage in Bucharest is the humongous parliamentary building with over 3000 rooms and impressive hallways which makes it way as the world's second largest administrative building.

Next on Romania honeymoon packages, Bucharest's national art museum constructed in the 17th century renders medieval and renaissance art and architecture for art and history enthusiasts to relish upon. Bucharest has plenty of such amazing destinations to keep you entertained for a while.

10. Monasteries
- Apart from the cathedral and fortress, Romania’s well maintained monasteries which is a holy ground for saints and priests have a very religious and peaceful ambiance to relish upon. Admire the extravagant interiors and exteriors of these monasteries and understand the intriguing history dating back to the 15th century.

What are the best romantic things to do in Romania ?

1. Admire Nature at Danube Delta - If you want to admire nature at its best, then a visit to a flourishing and verdant Danube Delta is a must. It is the second largest river in Romania and covers an area of 4178 square kilometres. A breeding ground for a myriad of aviary creatures, the Danube Delta attracts a lot of tourists every year.

It is also Europe’s largest wetland and flows up to Germany, some parts of Ukraine and Romania. This unique wetland has the perfect climate and natural conditions giving life to lakes, ponds, amphibians, fishes, rare species of birds and more. Pack your camera and have an entertaining time clicking pictures of the extravagant wildlife whilst enjoying your Romania Honeymoon Tour Packages.

2. Visit Dracula’s Castle
- For gothic admirers and fanfiction lovers, Romania's emasculate Dracula castle will never disappoint you. An inspiration for Bran Stoker’s dreary novels, this dracula castle commonly known as the bran castle is a very crowded tourist attraction that you’ll see in your Romania Honeymoon Tour Packages.

Located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Brasov, the castle has an opening time from 9am till 4pm. Admire the scenic location surrounding this castle and take a stroll relishing in the intricate interiors, gothic style settings, renaissance and Mozart art and architecture, and splendid gardens. This castle is believed to be a site of panoramical activities, so if you have a brave heart, try spending a night in the fortress’s perimeter.

3. Explore Black Church
- If history intrigues you, a visit to the 600 age old church is a must. Situated in Brasov, the balc church is an extremely famous monument of Transylvania. Earlier a religious site for offering prayer to Saint Mary, black church went through a series of reformations under the Saxon settlers and became an evangelical parish in 1542.

Inside the church, tourists can find the world's biggest mechanical organ, collection of oriental carpets, murals of the Virgin Mary, renaissance architecture and more. Admire the majestic structure of Honterus standing in the middle of black church which is about 100 years old.

4. Admire the Scenic Peles Castle
- The fascinating Peles castle is a neo-renaissance gothic monument surrounded by the scenic Carpathian Mountains and verdant and lush forests which attracts a lot of tourists annually. Situated in Transylvania, this medieval fortress was the first ever castle to have electricity. With a touch of modernisation, the peles castle houses a council room, music room, an amphitheatre, mural paintings and ancient decor, marble staircases and wooden rooms.

The scenic displays inside the museum date back to 14h central European civilization. Peles castle also houses ethereal Veins fortner and luxuriant seating areas which makes it a must visit in Romania Honeymoon Tour Packages. The opening times are from 9am till 9pm.

5. Go Hiking on the Carpathian Mountains
- The scenic and tremendous Carpathian mountains are stretched across 1500 kilometres and cover regions of Czesh Republic and other European countries, however the majority of it adorns the country of Romania. These mountains have a very outstanding geology and are home to rare species of bears, wolves, foxes and birds.

A popular attraction for hiking and mountain climbing, this range of mountains attracts plenty of adventure seekers every year. The exquisite landscape is where you can spot wild Everest and pelicans, take pictures with unique rock formations and go rock climbing up to the highest peaks.

6. Click Pictures at Transylvanian Alps
- Priced at an elevation of 4000 meters and located on the Southern stretch of Carpathian Mountains, these Alps are a perfect blend of vibrant flowers and snow white stretches. Experience ethereal wilderness in your Romania Honeymoon Tour Packages, at the Alps by taking a stroll amidst vibrant flora.

These Alps are a popular hiking expedition two. The largest peak Moldovan has an elevation of 2400 meters and offers picturesque views from the top. Bathe at the chilling and yearlong frozen lake of Balea which is Romania’s only glacial lake at about a height of 2000 metres above the sea level.

7. Explore the Capital
- Bucharest has more to offer than just political and historical monuments. Explore the best kept secrets and lesser known places and sites of Bucharest. Dine on authentic Romanian cuisine at Bucharest’s street vendors and local restaurants. The palace of parliament is a popular sight of interest housing 3000 rooms, revolution square with its royal palace, national art museum.

 The Romanian athenaeum, arc of triumph built in honour of WW2 are some of the most popular places to visit in Bucharest. Bucharest lies in the Southern region of Romania and has an average temperature of 15 degree Celsius. When in Romania, exploring Bucharest should definitely make its way in your travel itinerary of Romania Honeymoon Tour Packages.

8. Visit Sibiu
- Sibiu is an age-old town which is located in the city of Transylvania and is extremely popular amongst the locals for its gothic tale about hiding Vampires. The beautiful town has a laid back ambiance and houses some of the beautiful cathedrals full of neo renaissance interiors, medieval studded walls, churches and towers and more.

In Sibiu you can find a very homely and quiet atmosphere in contrast to Romania's usual hustle and bustle. Sibiu houses the ethereal Brunkethal palace with 141 marble staircase, libraries, 14th century art gallery and more. 

9. Climb Red Ravine
- Located in Sebes, centre of Romania, the red ravine is a popular geological centre featuring reddish brown rock formations, unusual patterns, scant verdant wilderness and overall a very picturesque setting. Climb these pyramid structures before sunset and admire the picturesque sunset on the top of the hills adorning the natural reserve with more vibrant hues and colours. This red ravine is also close to rimetea village, Trascau Mountains, old town of Sibiu and more.

10. Relish on Romania's Cuisines
- Fancy tasteful European cuisines? Get ready to dine on Romania’s authentic dishes like sarmale and mice at the best and most opulent restaurants. Apart from this Romania stands as the 5th largest producer of wines due to its unparalleled geological condition. Relish on scrumptious wines of Romania at exquisite vineyards and take home some for your loved ones at amazing prices.

Which are the best outdoor activities in Romania?

1. Bird Watching at Danube Delta - An average of 10 days is required to explore the country of Romania. Starting with capital Bucharest and towns like Sibiu with their plethora of cafes, cathedrals, churches, palaces and forts, every tourist needs a week in hand to explore the best of Romania.

2. Hiking at Carpathian Mountains
- These 1500 kilometre long stretches of black rugged mountains are a very scenic sport for a thrilling hiking expedition. These rocky peaks render a very tranquil and peaceful environment for wildlife watching, camping and stargazing activities.

3. Basking at the beach
- The balc sea of Romania offers some of the best beaches for a relaxing time basking under the glazing and bright sun of Romania.

What is the best time to visit Romania for a honeymoon?

Summers are the best time to visit Romania for a honeymoon. With an average annual temperature of 11 degree Celsius, summers are apparently the most perfect time to explore the myriad of sightseeing attractions in this European destination. During summers, the temperature is around 24 degrees. It is advised to carry woollen wear as some parts of Romania get extremely chilly even during summers.

What is Romania famous for?

Romania is a heartthrob and is extremely famous for featuring age-old medieval towns, churches and cathedrals, and a very intriguing history. Take time out to explore the dreamy and fairy-like castles and admire the renaissance art and architecture.

How to reach Romania?

There is no direct flight to Romania from India. Tourists can opt for connecting flights from Dubai to reach Romania. There is no viable sea or road transport to Romania yet.

How many days are enough for a honeymoon in Romania?

An average of 10 days is required to explore the country of Romania in the Romania Tour Package for Couples. Starting with capital Bucharest and towns like Sibiu with their plethora of cafes, cathedrals, churches, palaces and forts, every tourist needs a week in hand to explore the best of Romania. For honeymoon couples the travel itinerary can be customised to accommodate more romantic honeymoon destinations as well.

What are the essential things to pack for a honeymoon In Romania?

1. A toiletry bag to keep all the necessities such as body cleanser, shampoo and toothbrush required by you and your partner
2. Pack some light as well as warm clothing such as a jacket or cardigan to cover yourself in layers as the weather changes
3. A portable umbrella and raincoat for the occasion Romanian rains
4. Important documents such as both of your passports and other travel documents
5. Make sure to carry a universal power adapter for all your Romania travel destination to charge your electronic devices without any hassle

Which is the most beautiful city in Romania?

Sibiu is one of the most beautiful Romanian cities that welcomes travellers and couples. Included in your Romania Honeymoon Packages, Sibiu feels like a small town in the layout of a big city. You can expect a rich cultural heritage, storied houses and numerous cobblestoned streets dotted with charming restaurants around this beautiful old town.

Popular not only for its stunning Christmas Market but also for its charming year-round city centre, Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities. Here you can see the Bridge of Lies, well-known houses with roof windows that resemble eyes, Cetatii Street, also referred to as Sibiu's most beautiful street, and much more.

Is Romania a good destination for a honeymoon?

Yes, Romania makes for a wonderful destination for a honeymoon trip, offering a mix of romantic destinations, outdoor adventures and beautiful landscapes. From the charming capital city of Bucharest to the splendid castles in the countryside of Transylvania, your Romania honeymoon packages include a wonderful balance of relaxation, outdoors, culture and history for the perfect romantic getaway.

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