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Poland Museums

Visiting Poland museum is a great way to learn about the country's history and culture. There are about 130 registered museums in Poland which you can explore with your friends and family. One can mark their visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum that shows the condition of the freedom fighters of Warsaw who passed away fighting for their Independence. The Polin Museum is another popular museum dedicated to the jews of Poland and displays the struggle they faced during the Holocaust. If you are into aircrafts, you should plan a visit to the Polish Aviation Museum which displays the history and importance of airline machinery and how it helped the Polish during WWII.

The Emigration Museum displays the allocation of the Poles from the country to other places. One of the prominent museums in Poland is the Wroc?aw National Museum which is divided into four sections depending on various periods and has contemporary art collections in Poland. Some other museums that you should not miss in Poland are - Krakow's Museum of Contemporary Art, the WWII Museum, the Warsaw National Museum and the Wroclaw National Museum.
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Poland Museums FAQs

Which are the best museums in Poland?

1. Warsaw Uprising Museum: The Warsaw Uprising Museum is one of the best Poland museums that is also of immense historical importance. This gallery was built and dedicated in the memory of the Warsaw residents who lost their lives fighting for the country's Independence. Here guests can witness various remnants of the Warsaw Uprising including 800 exhibits, 1500 photographs and numerous voice recordings.
Location: Grzybowska 79, 00-844 Warszawa, Poland

Timing: remains open from 9 am to 6 pm(Wednesday - Friday) and from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and sundays.
Prices: start from 25 PLN per person.

2. Polin Museum: Located at the site of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Polin Museum was built in the loving memory of the first Polish jews who settled in Poland. It is one of the finest Poland museums and is divided into 8 sections where you can see the objects, paintings, reconstructions and video presentations to understand the first Jewish arrival in Poland. Make sure you check out on the Holocaust section as it vividly describes the horror of the Holocaust as faced by the Polish.

Location: Mordechaja Anielewicza 6, 00-157 Warszawa, Poland
Timing: It remains open from 10 am to 6 pm on sundays, mondays, wednesdays, thursdays and from 10 am to 3 pm on fridays.
Price: start from 30 PLN per person.

3. Polish Aviation Museum: The Polish Aviation Museum is one of the most visited Poland museums that displays the huge array of aviation machinery of Krakow. It is home to more than 200 aircrafts including sailplanes and plane engines. This museum was set up after the existing Kraków-Rakowice-Czy?yny Airport in its place was shut down in 1963. It was also awarded as the eight best aviation museum in the world by CNN.

Location: al. Jana Paw?a II 39, 31-864 Kraków, Poland
Timing: remains open from 9 am to 5 pm(Tuesday - Sunday).
Price: starts from 25 PLN per person.

4. Krakow's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK): The Krakow's Museum of Contemporary Art is not only one of the best museums in Poland but also a magnificent art gallery. This museum was designed by Claudio Nardi and exhibits various artworks by famous artists including Robert Ku?mirowski, Tomasz Bajer, Maria Stangret and Edward Dwurnik. Spread over an area of 10,000 square metres ,this museum is divided into two floors. The first floor displays the permanent collection whereas the second floor houses the temporary shows and exhibitions.

Location: Lipowa 4, 30-702 Kraków, Poland
Timing: open from 11 am to 7 pm everyday, except saturdays and mondays.
Prices: 7 PLN to 30 PLN

5. WWII Museum - The WWII museum is one of the most iconic Poland museums that truly depicts the horror of the second World War in addition to showcasing the Polish heroic resistance in 1939. The entire landscape of the museum covers about 2.5 acres of land whereas the museum takes up 26,000 square metres. The building construction symbolises present, past and future and hosts a collection of items that are really well maintained.

Location: plac W?adys?awa Bartoszewskiego 1, 80-862 Gda?sk, Poland
Timing: remains open from 10 am to 6 pm everyday, except mondays.
Prices: 25 PLN to 60 PLN

6. Emigration Museum: The Emigration Museum is one of the best museums in Poland that lies in the city of Gdynia and displays the departure of innumerable Polish citizens to other countries since the last 200 years. The museum is also home to 10,000 exhibits including uncountable letters, diaries, photos, documents and is divided into three sections like - Gdynia and the Maritime Station, Departure and trip and Life in emigration.

Location: Polska 1, 81-339 Gdynia, Poland
Timings: remains open from 10 am to 6 pm (Tuesday - Sunday).
Prices: 15 PLN per person for entry.

7. Wroclaw National Museum: Listed among the best museums in Poland, the Wroclaw National Museum is a great place to visit. This magnificent museum hosts one of the largest contemporary art collections in Poland and is divided into four sections depending on various periods. The different segments which you may see here are - Silesian Art of the 12th to 16th century, Silesian Art of the 16th to 19th century, Polish Art of the 17th to 19th century and European Art of the 15th–20th Century.

Location: Pl. Powsta?ców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wroc?aw, Poland
Timing: remains open from 10 am to 4 pm (Tuesday - Monday). T
Prices: starts from 20 PLN per person.

8. The National Museum in Warsaw: The National Museum in Warsaw is one of the largest Poland museums that consists of a terrific selection of Polish and foreign artworks, including a few pieces from Hitler’s collection. The museum is also home to Europe’s largest Nubian Christian Art collection, a coin collection, an exhibit of applied arts and the largest Chinese art collection is Poland. If you want to have a look at art and artefacts from antiquity all the way up to the modern day, plan your visit to this museum.

Location: al. Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warszawa, Poland
Timings: remains open from 10 am to 6 pm everyday, except mondays.
Prices: start from 20 PLN per person.

How many museums are there in Poland?

There are 130 registered museums in Poland that display the rich heritage and glorious past of the country. Some of the museums that are worth visiting are Polin Museum, Polish Aviation Museum, Krakow's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK), WWII Museum, Emigration Museum and Wroc?aw National Museum.

Which is the best museum to visit in Poland?

The Polin Museum is one of the most iconic museums in Poland. This is the only athenaeum in the world that was built in remembrance of the Polish jews. It hosts some of the most exclusive articles from the ear like photographs, postcards, historical documents and gramophone records.

What is the best time to visit Poland?

The best time to visit Poland is between the months of March to May. During this time, the climate remains favourable and temperate, allowing visitors to stroll around and explore the country comfortably.

How to reach Poland?

By Train: Guests can arrive in Poland from Belarus. The distance between Belarus and Poland is approximately 9.5 hours. You can take a bus from the Minsk Central Bus Station and get off at Warszawa Centralna to reach Warsaw in Poland.

By Bus: Visitors also have the option of taking a train from Belarus to Poland. You must take a train from Belarus Pas at night and travel for around 2.5 hours to reach Grodno. After reaching Grodno, take another train to Warszawa Centralna to reach Poland.

By Air: Guests can arrive in Poland from prominent cities and counties nearby including but not limited to Germany. The country has 12 international airports, among which the main international hub is Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW).

What is special about the Warsaw Uprising Museum?

One of the most important museums in Poland is the Warsaw Uprising Museum. This museum depicts the growth of Warsaw through various different artefacts like photographs, audio-visual aid and written accounts.

How long should one spend in the Polin Museum?

A tour of the entire Polin museum, one of the popular museums in Poland may take up to 3 - 4 hours. This time is required to witness all the exhibits and rooms of the museum in order to learn about the story and the past of the Polish jews.

Is Admission to the Emigration Museum free?

No, the admission to the Emigration Museum is not free for visitors, except on Wednesdays. The ticket prices of this museum are 15 PLN per person and 40 PLN per family. The Emigration Museum remains open from 10 am to 6 pm (Tuesday - Sunday).

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