Poland Honeymoon Packages

Poland Honeymoon Packages

Duration Price
Germany Poland Tour Package15 days & 14 nights
INR 1,40,000
Germany Austria Poland Tour Package14 days & 13 nights
INR 2,75,000

Poland honeymoon packages come with a customizable travel itinerary covering all enchanting and enthralling attractions in and around Poland promising the most exquisite honeymoon tour for you and your loved ones. All through your stay, the agents of Thrillophilia will take care of everything while you can just spend beautiful moments with your loved ones.

With Thrillophilia’s best recommendations and best reviewed hotels, easy flight booking, guided tours, hassle free journey and personalized activity planner, you can have the most splendid vacation with your significant other.

You will be provided with a tour guide who will take you to all the important places of tourist interest and give you loads of information about the history and heritage. You will also get a chance to explore places on your own and indulge in some fun-filled and exhilarating activities with your honeymoon package from Thrillophilia.

If you are someone who wishes to travel with a complete peace of mind, then you should always choose Thrillophilia, as all the packages are curated to suit all types of travellers and has got something or other all types of couples as well. Taking the Poland packages, you can fall in Love with Krakow, explore the depths of the Wieliczka Salt Mines, pay your respect at Auschwitz, and many more.

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Poland Honeymoon FAQs

What are the famous romantic places to visit in Poland?

1. Warsaw - Start your exotic Poland honeymoon package by visiting all enthralling attractions in the capital city of Warsaw. Take your significant other on a romantic evening stroll on the royal way. The royal way with its tall vibrant buildings, a myriad of historically pivotal locations, opulent restaurants, high end boutiques for shopping and a cool climate is a top-notch attraction to start your vacation.

This is a hustling pedestrian avenue, and connects three important monuments which are the polish castle, Krasinski gardens and presidential palace. Visit these exquisite castles with your loved ones, and have an entertaining time admiring the royal artefacts on display.

2. Rzeszow - Next on your Poland honeymoon packages head onto Rzeszow and become a spendthrift by shopping for Europe’s trendiest attires and antiques at the market square. This vibrant and hustling market square also features beautiful restaurants to relish on European delicacies. Admire the Lubomirski Castle, with its royal artefacts and relics on displays, lavish interior and a verdant garden.

The regional museum of this city is worth exploring, which is a 17th century complex featuring Polish art, remnants of the past and souvenirs from the war Poland has been through. End your day, while admiring the gorgeous evening sun while sipping on relaxing coffees at local cafes and restaurants.

3. Wroclaw - Continue your trip to Poland with honeymoon packages by spending a day in this beautiful city. Present on the western stretch of Poland, this exquisite city perched on the banks of River Oder is the oldest city of this country. With a myriad of old town squares, archaic buildings, museums and market squares, this beautiful city will take you back in time.

Start by paying a visit to the scenic Raclawice, which is a glorious painting representing the victory of the Polish army against the Russian troops. Amongst other things to explore in this romantic town is the enthralling old town hall. This archaic attraction is adorned with gothic and renaissance style art and architecture, with an ancestral clock hanging in the middle of the complex.

4. Bialowieza forest - Poland is the perfect blend of hustling towns and scenic and tranquil forests, and one such panoramic escapade is the Bialowieza forest, which is the last remaining forest ecosystems of the entire European primeval forest entity. Tourists can camp or hike in this great canyon of lush and verdant canopies which houses over 800 bisons, spruce and oak trees, valuable medicinal plants and conifers.

This large biodiversity, has been under constant threat of extinction from human influence, however has survived the ruthless actions for decades now. Discover the best of natural landscapes and endangered wildlife in your Poland honeymoon packages at this amazing Bialowieza forest.

5. Lublin - Lublin is one of the largest cities in Poland with exquisite sights of interest to discover. Discover the best of Polish lifestyle in Poland honeymoon packages and explore the ancient past of this European fantasy land. Lublin is also a hustling educational district and houses the best schools and universities of Poland.

When in Lublin, pay a visit to the extravagant Lublin castle featuring the royal lifestyle inside its walls. The renaissance style interiors depict the ruthless history of Poland's inhabitants in the past. Next on, visit the chapel of holy trinity and the saddening majdanek state museum with displays of the remnants of Jewish people who lost their lives in holocaust.

6. Klodzko - Also commonly known as “Little Prague '', Klodzko is one of the finest cities in Poland, for people who want to admire the extravagant renaissance and gothic art and architecture. Start with a visit to the sinister Klodzko fortress which is in half ruins and discover the scenic past of what was once Poland’s most grandiose royal structure.

The zdrojowy park, which becomes a panoramic white stretch during winters is another exemplary location to visit. Take your significant other for a trip to the antiquated St. John ’s Bridge which is a duplicate of the Charles Bridge in Prague, and enjoy the age-old ambiance of this attraction.

7. Tatra Mountains - Book for a luxuriant home stay in your Poland honeymoon packages, with enthralling balcony views encapsulating the scenic Tatra Mountains. These snow-capped Carpathian Mountains cover the lands of Slovenia and Poland. From distinctive Julian Alps to conifers and polar animals, Tatra mountains are a beautiful escapade into the wildlife.

Tourists can indulge in daunting winter sports here like skiing, snowboarding and enjoy the amiable scenery on cable cars. End your day whilst sipping on exotic wines and have fun bonfires with music, warmth and light.

8. Torun City - Nothing can beat the whimsical ambiance of this exquisite city full of vibrant buildings, age old monuments, coffee shops, narrow cobblestone streets and renaissance style architecture. Torun city, located in the heart of Poland perched on the banks of Vistula River has an enthralling historical vibe.

Stroll through the old town halls and market square and mingle amongst the Poland lifestyle. Shop at high end boutiques, dine on European cuisines at luxuriant restaurants and click pictures to last a lifetime. The major highlight of this city is Szeroka Street which has gothic artefacts and architecture everywhere.

9. Malbork - Malbork which is situated on the Northern stretches of Poland has an amiable history adorning the archaic castles, cobbled streets and bridges of this attraction. Take your loved one on a guided tour of the resplendent Malbork castle, which is the only brick monument of Poland and discover the cultural importance of this Castle in Poland’s history dating back to the 13th century. After this, stroll through the neo gothic styled streets and learn about the local lives and lifestyle of the people of Poland in Poland honeymoon packages.

10. Gdansk - The last stoppage in your Poland honeymoon packages is this beautiful city of Gdansk which is an enthralling coastal town perched on the scenic Baltic Sea. This city played a very important political role during both the world wars.

Take a romantic evening stroll through the Dlugi targ which is a cobbled pathway, at the end of which lies the golden gate. The enchanting town hall houses a myriad of coffee shops, exquisite restaurants and high end boutiques to keep you engaged for an eternity.

What are the romantic things to do in Poland on your honeymoon?

1. Relax on the Sand dunes of Slowinski with your beloved partner - There is no better honeymoon activity in Poland honeymoon tour packages than taking your significant other for thrilling and daunting adventure sports in the sand dunes of Slowinki. Slowinski, located near the coast of the Baltic Sea, is an extravagant national park featuring shape shifting sand dunes.

This park remains open year long and shares a border with the salt water Lake Lebsko. Tourists can spot distinct flora and fauna like sand snakes, vascular plants etc. Being Poland’s only sand dune national park, this enthralling location attracts a huge crowd annually. Enjoy a splendid sunset at dusk with your loved ones and take home memories.

2. Explore the forest of Bialowieza hand in hand with significant others - These groups of forests are the only remnants of the European primeval forest system. This endangered ecosystem is a beautiful verdant and lush stretch of thick canopy which renders a peaceful escape into the depths of nature.

Honeymooners can camp at night and enjoy exquisite wildlife in these beautiful forests. The forest is home to more than 800 bison and valuable medicinal plants. Apart from this, Bialowieza also features other biosphere reserves, nature and forest museums and Orthodox Church worth exploring.

3. Spend a day in Torun City exploring the city and love through antiquity - This beautiful city which is situated in north-western Poland is also a renowned world heritage site under UNESCO. This panoramic city attracts a huge crowd every year. The entire city is adorned with renaissance and gothic architecture, narrow cobbled pathways, bridges, cathedrals and more.

The Old town hall of Torun city is a top notch location to spend a whimsical evening with your loved ones. It features spectacular medieval style architecture and monuments. Next on, tourists can discover more of the old town square and learn about the gothic lifestyle in their Poland honeymoon tour packages.

4. Explore Lublin and indulge in a romantic date - Lublin is the 9th largest Polish city has a myriad of attractions depicting the ruthless history and the merciless fate of Jews who lost their lives in holocaust. In Lublin, the state museum is a must visit which features displays of the remnants of Jewish people.

Moving on, in your Poland honeymoon tour packages you can also stroll through the Lublin Open air museum which has displays of essential culture and customs of Poland. Lublin’s scenic old town square which features high end boutiques and opulent and cosy restaurants is a top notch location to end your day in.

5. Live Gingerbread museum and be part of the fun filled baking activity - Relish on sumptuous gingerbread and enjoy authentic Polish European cuisine by paying a visit to the gingerbread museum. Located at a walk able distance from the enthralling Nicholas Copernicus monument, this gingerbread museum was established in the year 2006. The museum displays how sumptuous gingerbread was baked in the 20th century in a medieval style.

Tourists can themselves try their hands on baking in the moulds and enjoy a fun cooking lesson. Discover the wooden baking domes and decoration workshops which makes this museum a super hit. Apart from this tourists can also interact with gingerbread chefs and learn some other authentic European cuisines.

6. Explore Krakow and go back in the timeline with your partner- This is one of the oldest cities in Poland and is a recognised UNESCO world heritage site. This enthralling city played a pivotal role during World War 1 and 2. The entire city is adorned with spectacular medieval styled architecture as well as neo gothic engineering which will impress any art and history geek.

When in Krakow, take your significant other for a hiking expedition to the amusing Lasek Wolski forest. This forest ecosystem is spread over an area of 420 hectares and features lush and thick canopies. The forest ecosystem is also a popular hiking and cycling spot attracting a lot of thrill seekers annually. Moving on, there are a myriad of beautiful and well maintained urban gardens in Krakow, the most famous being the Planty park, which is worth spending a peaceful evening in.

Tourists can also explore the beautiful museum of the 18th century, like the National art collection of warvell with displays of royal jewels, weapons and armour dating back to the 15th century. Tourists can also visit the 20th century concentration camps, salt mines and learn about the intriguing history of Poland.

7. Head out on a hiking tour with your partner on Tatra Mountains - Poland’s most exquisite stretch of mountains, Tatra Mountains is a scenic stretch of snow-capped Carpathian Mountains covering the areas of Slovenia and Poland. Here, tourists can hike onto humongous peaks or indulge in a variety of other daunting activities. Lying on the eastern stretch of Poland, these mountains have thick canopies of deciduous trees, spruce and fir trees and rare wildflowers.

Tourists can also enjoy an enthralling view of these mountains from a bird's eye view on a cable car ride through Zakopane to Wierch. The beautiful village of Zakopane is a resting zone and features wooden furnished restaurants and homestays with dramatic views of the scenery.

8. Spend some time in Ojcow - The scenic ojcow national park is Poland’s smallest national park spread over an area of 21 kilometres. Ojcow features a wide range of exotic flora and fauna, wildflowers, medicinal plants, unusual rock formations and panoramic stretches of valley which makes it a top-notch location for a daunting hiking expedition.

Not only this, the beautiful national park also has a neo gothic style architecture castle located in its heart. The castle is known as Trail of the Eagles’ Nest, and is about 700 years old. Discover the insides of this renaissance piece of art adorned with lavish interior and wooden furnishings.

9. Discover Gdansk and capture brilliant views of nature - Gdansk, is a beautiful port city perched on the banks of Baltic Sea worth exploring in your Poland honeymoon tour packages. The city’s intriguing history dates back to 17th scenery and will intrigue any travel and history geek. Discover the best of Polish lifestyle by visiting the old town square and shopping at high end markets.

Apart from this, tourists can also find vibrant buildings, churches and cathedral surrounding the royal way which stretches up to 500 meters. Enjoy the entire view of Poland from the main town hall and click pictures to last a lifetime.

What is the best time to visit Poland for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Poland is during the summers. With a myriad of attractions, archaic streets, castles and cafes, Poland is a top-notch honeymoon destination which can be best enjoyed in summers. During winters, the climate is generally harsh and Poland also receives frequent rain showers which is not an ideal time for vacation.

How many days are enough for a Poland honeymoon tour?

At least 10 days are enough for a Poland honeymoon tour. Poland has plenty of beautiful attractions like Lublin, forest ecosystems, Warsaw and more which all require at least a day to explore all of it.

What is the cost of a tourist visa in Poland?

The Schengen Visa (Type 'C') and Schengen Visa (Type 'D') consular costs are INR 4,900. Over the previous six months, your bank statement must show a minimum amount of €3000. If you do not have this amount in your bank account, you can present a statement from a family member or guardian, along with a letter confirming that they are funding your journey and stay.

Do Indian passports need a visa for Poland?

Yes, an Indian passport requires a visa for Poland. To apply, go to, fill out the application form online, print it out, and sign it. You must make an appointment with either the embassy/consulate or the service provider.

How much does it cost to tour Poland for a couple?

With an activity planner covering all enthralling attractions, spacious and lavish lodgings, comfortable transports and flight bookings, a trip to Poland should cost around $1884 per person.

Is Poland worth visiting for a honeymoon?

Yes, Poland is a top-notch location for a honeymoon. With pleasant scenery, a perfect blend of modernisation and lush wildlife, Poland’s amiable climate makes it a beautiful European country for a relaxing vacation.

What are the best ways to commute in and around Poland?

Poland has a very efficient rail system with hassle free and comfortable rail journeys to all of Poland’s cities and towns. The best way to travel in and around Poland is by railways. Tourists can also opt for roadways to visit other enthralling locations of Poland.

Which are the best romantic places to stay in Poland?

1. Hotel Pugetow - For honeymooners, there is not a place better than this enthralling hotel located in the heart of Poland and offering a scenic glimpse of the entire town from the balcony. This is a historic property with lavish and spacious lodgings, enthralling interiors and in close vicinity to all tourist attractions.

2. Hotel Benefis - With enchanting room views, and in vicinity to town hall and restaurants, room services, lavish interior and sanitised properties, honeymooners can have a splendid vacation tucked away in the arms of a very hospitable Polish ambiance. Enjoy room services and have an entertaining escape from the frenzy itinerary.

3. Hotel Srodka - Located in the city’s heart and amidst the bustling crowd, this chic accommodation is reasonably priced for providing lavish lodgings, relaxing room views and great hospitality. During the evening, explore the nearby cathedrals and basilicas and add stars to your honeymoon escapade.

Which are the best places to enjoy shopping in Poland?

1. Annopol Factory - Located in Warsaw, this extravagant shopping complex sells a variety of products like antiques, souvenirs, trendy fashion wears and more. The mall is a tourist spot and also has a fun game zone to keep the kids entertained. With a variety of dining options, tourists can have a fun time shopping here.

2. Massolit Books and Cafe - Made for bibliophiles, this extravagant book cafe located in the Old town of Poland attracts a lot of customers who are into reading and book collection. The archaic interior of this book shop, with a wide collection of good reads from various countries will definitely intrigue the shopaholic within you.

3. Krakow factory outlet - This fashion outlet is a one in all shopping complex selling trendy attires, souvenirs, accessories and more from world renowned brands. There is a good collection of high end boutiques inside this fashion outlet as well as restaurants, game zones and cafes promising a relaxing time.

What is a must thing to buy?

1. Decorative Easter Eggs.
2. Amber Jewelry.
3. Pottery from Boles?awiec.
4. Polish old-school gadgets.
5. Wooden carvings.
6. Linen products from Poland.
7. Skincare products.
8. Inglot makeup cosmetics

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