Things to Do in Belgium

Even though Belgium may be a small place to visit, it does not lack impressive sights for tourists. There are many things to do in Belgium, including visiting UNESCO acclaimed sites to some of its 20th-century medieval historic sites.

Among these popular things in Belgium, tourists must visit the Bruges, which are highly preserved medieval state streets which brim with peaceful canals today. Nearby towns such as Ghent and Mechelen also display an excellent picture of the architectural beauty of the country. To say that Belgium is at the forefront of European history would be quite right, given that it holds a major reputation as a tourist attraction. Whether you are visiting Belgium for the sake of its history or for its heritage sites, you will not be left disappointed, when you explore adventurous things to do in Belgium.

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Belgium Things To Do FAQs

Which are the must attractions to visit in Belgium?

1. Grand Palace, Brussels: Among the most popular things in Belgium is taking a trip to the Grand Palace, which finely preserves the vernacular architecture of Belgium. Dominated by an ornate town hall, the medieval masterpiece depicts typical Gothic architectural style which makes it an outstanding UNESCO world heritage site.

2. Canals And Belfry Of Bruges: 
Among the most prominent sights and Things to do in Belgium are the beautiful Halle and belfry which date back to the medieval era. With its wonderfully preserved architecture, visitors can gain an authentic experience while climbing its 366 narrow steps and reaching the top.

3. Ghent’s Gravensteen And Old Town: 
The impressive fort is built like a castle with strong walls that soar up high from the water below, amassing great heights which leave visitors spellbound. Within the arched halls and the chambers of the castle, you will find traces of the impressive architecture from the medieval period and a chance to take panoramic views of the surrounding environs.

4. Basilica Of Holy Blood, Bruges: 
Visiting the church is one of the most popular things in Belgium. Not only is the church famous for its architectural beauty but also because of the sacred relics placed within it. Visitors can get a chance to view the impressive guild work inside the church which makes it worth the visit.

Which are the famous things to do in Belgium?

1. Taste Craft Beers: Among the best things to do in Belgium is taking a trip to the local streets, where you can find a different selection of beers. If you are up for it, you can also take a visit to one of the breweries and book a complete tour to get to know more about its products.

2. Binge On Belgian Chocolate: 
When looking for the best Belgium things to do, you should not miss a chance to devour the best chocolate flavour in the world, that is found right here. With no shortage of chocolate in every nook and corner of the city, you will have ample chance to collect as many of it as you like.

3. Take A Canal Cruise In Bruges: 
If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Belgium, then make your way to Bruges which is often also referred to as the Venice of the North. Get a chance to cruise through the enjoyable city on the boat and relish the beauty surrounding you. This is the best way to explore the entire place.

4. Visit The Sound Lab At The Musical Instrument Museum: 
Enriched with hundreds of years of musical history, the collection of Belgian musical history at the museum makes it an attractive destination for tourists. At the sound lab, you can get a chance to experiment with a wide array of musical instruments to create a tone of your choice.

What are the fun things to do in Belgium?

1. Visit The Blue Forest: Every spring, a horde of bluebells takes over the floors of Belgian woods, making it appear like a dream-like carpet. Visit solo or with your loved ones to capture the majestic and unique beauty of this sight that spreads across 1360 acres of land. You will find this sight in full bloom around the months of April and May.

2. Go Kayaking At Ardennes: 
The shallow river Lesse runs with a downstream current, which is why you will need to put minimal effort at paddling while you enjoy the insightful scenes around you. If you are looking for fun Belgium things to do, then this is something that you must not miss.

3. Explore The Forests On Wheels: 
During the day, you can explore the expansive green cover of the forests on a two-wheeler. With old oaks and marked routes, you can stroll through the dense trees to find your way and relish the heart-warming beauty of nature. The activity is best enjoyed during the months of December.

4. Enjoy At The Music Festival: 
Attend a soulful music festival with friends and family to enjoy authentic jazz, folk, pop and techno music. Give it a shot and experience the thrill and joy of an authentic musical night.

Why is Belgium so famous?

Belgium is famous for things such as its chocolates, waffles, beer and architectural marvels that make the city a popular attraction for visitors. For this reason, you will find a horde of famous places to see and interesting things to do in the city.

How to reach Belgium?

Air: You can fly directly to Brussels through all major cities around the world.

Train: Many Eurostar trains run between adjoining areas to Belgium.

Ferries: Several ferry services run near Bruges to bring visitors to Belgium.

Bus and Car: Buses regularly ply between Belgium and neighbouring regions.

When is the best time to visit Belgium?

The best time to explore the popular things in Belgium is between the months of May to October. During this time, the weather conditions are most favourable for travel so that you can avoid the coldest months during the time of December. The Spring season is a good time to skip the crowds and enjoy the scenery.

How to reach Belgium from India?

To reach Belgium from India, you will need to take a flight from any major Indian city. The international airport is located in Brussels, which acts as a gateway for visitors to enter Belgium. You can either take a direct flight from India or choose a flight with a stopover to reach Belgium.

Is Belgium a safe country?

Travelling to Belgium is safe for tourists and there is no imminent threat to their safety. However, visitors must exercise the bare minimum precaution to avoid any incidence of accidents or threats to their safety.

What is Belgium famous for shopping?

There are many things that you can buy in Belgium for yourself or for your friends and relatives including chocolates, comic books, lace items, jewellery, cigars, beer, candy, art objects, interior decorations, liquor, glassware, toys, wellness products, coffee and clothing. These items can be bought at most local shops around Belgium.

What attractions are free in Belgium?

  • Take a stroll in a park such as Parc de Woluwe
  • Visit a religious centre such as the National Basilica Of the Sacred Heart
  • Visit to the Royal Palace
  • Learn about the military at The Royal museum of Armed forces and of Military history
  • Visit a museum on Wednesday for free entry

Is Belgium safe at night?

Yes, Belgium is safe at night and you will find the streets crowded as well as locals helpful. While there are many popular things in Belgium, it is usually not recommended for tourists to walk around at night time. Certain parts of the city are not safe and it is best to limit your travel time to these areas so that you can avoid the night hours.

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