Belgium Group Tour Packages

Belgium Group Tours Packages

Duration Price
European Marvels with FREE Hop On Hop Off Tour Of Paris10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,45,397

Embark on your trip to Belgium and capture numerous experiences with Thrillophilia’s Belgium group tour packages. The country is rich in food, art, architecture, culture, history, and comic strip tradition (characters created here are The Smurfs). Moreover, Belgium hosts the best music festival in the world i.e. Tomorrowland, which lasts for a week in July. 

Begin your Belgium trips with the capital city, Brussels, famous for its history, architectural landmarks and cuisines. Other places to discover include Bruges, Namur, Mechelen, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liège. 

Major tourist attractions to admire are Grand Place, Atomium, Gravensteen, Pairi Daiza, Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, and Belfry of Bruges. You can also indulge yourself in various group activities such as Kayaking, hiking, exploring beaches, and tasting famous Belgium chocolate. Furthermore, the country is well known for its waffles, chocolates, fries, cheese, mussels, and beer.

Thrillophilia’s thoughtfully curated Belgium group tour packages assure you of the best experiences with 24*7 customer service and expert guidance. Our packages include accommodations, sightseeing tours, meals, travel guides and transfers. Moreover, you can customise your packages as per your preferences in attractions, activities and accommodations.

Plan your trip to Belgium with Thrillophila's well-curated packages to have the finest experiences of tasting delicious cuisines and exploring the country’s marvellous architecture.

Best Time to Visit Belgium With Group 

Belgium is an all-year-round country, so plan your tour with our Belgium group tour packages. Capture an abundance of experiences, from delicious cuisine to magnificent architecture.

1) Peak Season: The peak season in Belgium is from June to August, the summer months. Some places to visit are Atomium, Grand Place, Historic Centre of Brugge, and Basilica of the Holy Blood. During this season, several activities that you indulge in include hiking, kayaking, culinary tours, and biking. Additionally, in July, you can be a part of a world-famous music festival, i.e. Tomorrowland.

2) Shoulder Season: The shoulder season is from April to May and September to October in Belgium. The weather is pleasant, and you can engage in many group activities like hiking and walking tours. You can visit several marvellous architectural buildings, including Atomium and Notre-Dame des Victoires au Sablon.

3) Low Season: The low season in Belgium is the winter months from November to March. During this time, the place is less crowded, and you’ll find reduced prices for hotels as well as flights. Moreover, you can enjoy snow activities such as ice skating, skiing, and snow hiking. Additionally, you can visit the Christmas Market, enjoy a Festive Light Festival, and sip hot chocolate.

How To Reach 

By Air: The most convenient way to reach Belgium from India is to take a connecting flight to Brussels Airport. Flights from India’s major cities are available from New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. The flight may take approximately 20 hours, depending on the layovers. Moreover, the layover cities are New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Bahrain, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, and Zurich. Some airlines that fly from India to Belgium are Emirates, Gulf Air, Swiss, Air India, Indigo, Etihad Airways, and Vistara. 

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Belgium Group Tours FAQs

How much will it cost for a group trip to Belgium?

A group trip to Belgium will cost you between 90,000 INR and Rs. 2,00,000 INR for 6 days. Therefore, the price varies depending on your selections of attractions, activities and accommodations. We offer one of the finest trips with our 24*7 customer service and expert guidance. We also provide a customisation option for where you can make tailor made your Belgium group tour packages for you ideal vacation.

What is the best month for a Belgium group tour?

Belgium is a year-round destination for your group tours and provides you with countless memories. The peak time to visit Belgium is June to August. You can even celebrate the world-famous music festival hosted by Belgium, Tomorrowland. However, if you wish to visit in fewer crowds, then plan your trip between November to March. Moreover, visit in April, May, September and October for pleasant weather conditions. 

How do I plan a trip to Belgium group tour?

To plan your group trip to Belgium, firstly, finalise what activities and attractions you want to include. According to your preferences, go through Thrillophilia’s thoughtfully created Belgium group tour packages. You can also customise your package as per your choices and avail a well-curated itinerary. For your seamless trip, we provide you with expert guidance, 24*7 customer service and all the necessary information. 

Is it worth it to take a group trip to Belgium?

Yes, it is worth it to take a group trip to Belgium, as the country is rich in architecture, culture, cuisine, history and comic strip tradition. Some characters created here include Tintin, The Smurfs and Lucky Luke. Places you can visit with your group are Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Liege, and Charleroi. Moreover, you can try famous delicious cuisines such as waffles, fries, and mussels.  

What are the best restaurants in Belgium with group?

1) La Vigne: La Vigne has cuisines like Belgian, French, Barbecue, and European. This restaurant is vegetarian friendly as well as has vegan options. The place offers you a wide menu, which includes grilled meats, red meats that have been spit-roasted, fish, salads, and vegan options with the classic mussels and fries.

2) Le Bistro: Le Bistro offers cuisines like Belgian, Seafood, European and French. Additionally, the restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and has vegan as well as gluten-free options. Some famous dishes include Wiener Schnitzel with mashed potatoes, steak tartare, Caesar salad, and delicious oven-crisped Esplanade štrukli.

3) La Mia Cucina: La Mia Cucina offers Mediterranean, Italian, Sicilian, European, and Southern Italian cuisines. It is also vegetarian-friendly and has gluten-free and vegan options. Some dishes to try here are Scampi Formaggio, Lasagna, Tiramisù, Spaghetti Vongole and Seppia Alla Marinara.

4) Shahrazad Restaurant: Shahrazad Restaurant offers various cuisines such as Arabic, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern. It is also vegetarian-friendly, halal and has vegan and gluten-free Options. Some dishes to try with your group include Kunafa, Kabab, Harissa and Potato Salad.

What are the places to visit on a Belgium group tour at night?

1) Delirium Cafe: Delirium Cafe is a bar on trendy streets in Brussels, famous for its long list of beers. It is known for earning the Guinness World Record for the largest selection of beers, with 2004 unique varieties.

2) Le Trappiste: Le Trappiste is a hidden gem located in the 13th-century cellar in Bruges. It is known for its exposed brick architecture as well as a quiet and cosy atmosphere. Moreover, it’s the first bar in Brugge to offer a wide variety of artisanal beers.

3) Royal Theatre Toone: Royal Theatre Toones is the only traditional Brussels puppet show still working. You can enjoy the show with the snacks and beers. Moreover, you can also become a puppeteer if you participate in an exciting Musketeer battle.

4) Poechenellekelder: Poechenellekelder is within walking distance from the Grand Place and adjacent to the statue 'Manneken Pis'. The place has an inherent charm due to its subdued environment and walls covered in antique photographs and engravings.

Belgium Group Tours Reviews

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Reviewed: 05 Feb 2023
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