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Tampaksiring is a temple town in the northern part of the Denpasar city in Bali. Those who are interested in the architecture and cultural tours can visit this town for its temples and natural beauty. There are some good restaurants and places to stay in this town that serve home cooked food. You can visit this town during the day and go on sightseeing trips. The Tirta Empul is the famous temple in this town. It has sacred waters in which pilgrims take a dip. This town has a spiritual community and this temple is popular amongst Hindus across the world.

Stretching for miles together, you will find street shops that sell arts and crafts items. None of the shops sell mass produced items, but only handicrafts in wood carvings. The products sold do not have finesse. The spring temple has water arising from the land and is believed to be from infinite waters. There are papyrus inscriptions on the temple that narrate how, Bhatara Indra, the Sun god created this temple. It depicts the interesting tale of the miraculous king, Mayadenawa, who was said to have powers to appear whenever he wants which to his arrogance claiming himself as god. The water of the temple are said to have medicinal properties.

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  1. Travel advice:

    • You can get to this town by taking a 3 hour road drive from Denpasar.

    • Leave your footwear outside the temple before entering it.

    • Do not wear skimpy or tight fitted clothes when entering the temple.

    • Wear traditional clothes and do not disturb other devotees or take pictures inside the temple.

    • Do not step over the food on the streets that are left over by the locals as a spiritual practice.

    • Do not point your fingers or legs at anyone while talking or sitting.

    • Carry light clothes, water bottles, hats, shades, sunscreen, and lotions when visiting this town.

    • You can take a walking tour to visit most of the places in this town.

    • Do not discuss world politics with the locals.

    • Learn a few greetings in local language of Bali.

    • Do not touch the forehead of anyone as it is considered a sign of disrespect.

    • Stay away from anyone who offers a free stay at hotels.

    • Do not accept edibles or drinks from anyone in the town.

  2. Drinking laws

    It is illegal to drink in public or holy places. You can only buy drinks from restaurants that provide them. You cannot buy drinks from supermarkets or shops.

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    Temple tours

    Visit the holy spring water temple, Tirta Empul that is a crowd puller of locals and tourists. There are grounds and areas in the temple where you can take photographs. There are also prayer grounds inside the temple. Found in the waters of the holy waters are koi fish and water snakes. Chanting, offerings, and chimes are a part of the temple rituals. There is temple stones from which the holy water funnels for sacred baths. Before taking a bath here, the Balinese receive holy tirtha, or blessed holy water blessing. This temple is highly revered by the Balinese as it is said to provide spiritual cleansing. The holy waters of this temples is said to have cured diseases. You must wear a sarong covering your knees before entering this temple, else you will not be allowed.

    Gunung Kaw is yet another ancient temple that graces this town. It is an 11th century temple with large stone carvings. There is a legendary tale that goes by saying that that stones were carved in the single night by the warrior demi god, Kebo Iwa. This temple also has natural waters in the surrounding area. This temple is an engineering marvel and a great picnic spot. The rivers and the natural green surrounding the temple is picturesque and a haven for nature photographers. You can take walking and hiking tours in and around this temple. The temple is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls.

    Shops for souvenirs and sarongs

    Outside these temples you will find a long tunnel of shops that sell sarongs and souvenirs. You can buy locally made handicraft items in wood.

  4. What you will like here?

    Temples, palaces, and nature walks

    This town is visited for its holy temples. Apart from visiting temples, you can go on nature walks in the nearby areas. The architecture of these temples is stunning. There is lush green and clear waters that make a scenic view of the surrounding areas. You can also visit the Presidential Palace, which is one of the six presidential palaces in Indonesia. You can also take a hiking trail on the Mount Agung which is similar to Mount Meru. There are volcanic eruptions at this mount that are active and have produced deep craters in the surrounding area. When you go on treks, you can enjoy the sightings of the amazing landscapes of this town.

    Architectural delights and folklore

    There is still a mystery surrounding the construction of these ancient temples. There are many popular legendary stories about how these temples were constructed. There is a story surrounding the Mount Agung as well that depicts that it is a part of the Mount Meru that has been bought to Bali by Hindus. You can get to hear many stories about the gods of these temples from the locals of this town. There are not many places for adventure or water sports activities in this town. This is certainly not a place for partying or night-life. Those who want a spiritual experience can visit this town. You can get a glimpse of the tradition and culture of Balinese people. There are not too many places to see or things to do in this town. Only a single day is enough to visit the temples in the town and take photographs of the landscape view of the town.

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