Schaffhausen Tourism, Switzerland 2020 ( Tours & Activities)
Schaffhausen is located on the northernmost edge of the country on the German border. Schaffhausen came into being due to the Rhine Falls. This was where the earliest inhabitants, the shippers, worked and later settled down. Schaffhausen enjoys unmatched natural beauty with its flowering trails, waterfalls, jaw-dropping views of the Alps, and lush meadows. This is one of the few cities where the Old Town area is free of cars. Considered to be the most beautiful of the old town areas in the whole of Switzerland, its buildings have huge bay windows and painted facades.

There are granaries and merchant houses dating back to the Baroque times. The shops here have a painting-like charm to them with their flower-laden window sills. You will find charming chocolatiers, cafes, cheese shops, perfumeries, and dressmakers. Listening to the Munot Bell here is a very surreal experience. The bell is rung by the guard of the 15th-century Munot fortress every day at 9:00 pm as a beautiful tradition that’s still followed from ancient times signalling the closing of gates.

For those who love the outdoors, can spend hours along the beaches of River Rhine. One can enjoy soaking in the sun, boating, cycling, or simply strolling as you see the world pass by. The houses in this area are colourful with intricately painted facades, which make for a picture-postcard like backdrop to the river.  Schaffhausen has distinct cold and warm periods. In the summers, the temperatures rise to around 25°C. Winters are pretty harsh with sub-zero temperatures, snowfall, and sleety rains.