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Reykjavik tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Reykjavik holidays packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Reykjavik vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Reykjavik opens up new endless opportunities where you can have fun and live your adventurous life to the fullest. Reykjavik tours are encapsulated with the best places around Reykjavik, making your trip more organized and memorable. From vibrant art to historical culture, Reykjavik will never miss a chance to surprise you with its elegant beauty. To your surprise, this place is packed with hot and cold ice spots which look stunning naturally, along with this you can enjoy the nightlife at Reykjavik with vibrant and soothing music running in the backdrop. Browse through our wide range of Reykjavik tour packages with exciting deals and offers at Thrillophilia.

There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful city of Reykjavik which includes some must-see spots like Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, natural waterfalls, and many more scenic beauties. With multiple Reykjavik tour packages, Thrillophilia is ready to go the extra mile to give you a rewarding experience at reasonable costs. Even your love for Icelandic history is fulfilled during your visit as it holds mind-blowing architectural and cultural artifacts. After consuming historic data, you can walk around the vibrant city lights where you can spend time with your loved ones and enjoy your nightlife.

Other than city lights, Reykjavik packages include sightseeing of mesmerizing coastal homes where you can dive in and show your love for water activities. For a memorable vacation experience during your visit, book the package that suits your requirement now from Thrillophilia.

Popular Reykjavík Tour Packages

Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
South & West Iceland Self Drive Tour 8 Days 2021 | Flat 13% off 8D/7N ₹ 81000 5.0 star View Details
Iceland Tour Package from India 2021 | Flat 25% 0ff 10D/9N ₹ 99000 5.0 star View Details
Wonders of Iceland in 10 Days 2021 | Book @ Flat 10% off 10D/9N ₹ 241000 5.0 star View Details
Self Drive Trip to Iceland 14 Days 2021 | Flat 18% off 14D/13N ₹ 164000 5.0 star View Details
8 Days Iceland Northern Lights Tour: Aurora Borealis Package 8D/7N ₹ 167000 5.0 star View Details
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All investment we had on this tour truly worth everything any way the beauty of the place already worth every penny we spend. The itinerary of the trip was very rich, fulfilling, and satisfying right from day one till the last day of our trip... The hotel they provided for us was luxury and everything was well arranged and on time... All the day tours were amazing and we covered it all as mentioned on the itinerary... Every day we had an awesome day with lots of amazing expereince... Nice people and breathtaking place this Will definitely worth recommending others...
It was really the top and memorable place we had visited till now and we had a great time on this tour... Which is with no regret will always recommend this trip to everyone especially to all the traveller this is the best place you'll find so much amazing views with lots of natural scenics beauty everywhere... Really I am in love with the place each sightseeing we visited truly gave us surprises and good photos... The accommodations were great and the hotel staffs were very professional and helpful... We get to learn about the culture and history of the place which was very interesting... The picked-up and dropped-off were on time really all the arrangements exceeded our expectations. The visiting to volcanoes, waterfall, black sand beached and lava centre had made us excited... 10 days spent in Iceland was really a mind-blowing experience we had once in a lifetime...
I was thrilled with my trip, Not sure where to start but this trip we choose again this time with Thrillophilia was quite an interesting and exciting one...The trip was pre-planned way ahead of time to accommodate our vacation for the lasts 4 months before the date of travel while planning our trips they make sure and informed us everything with new ideas about the trip which we are happy with their plan...On this trip since our landing on this place, we were received by a professional and punctual driver...The trip went so smooth and we were guided by the professional who was helpful and great at rectifying situations...We had been looking out for the entire trip to make sure that we are comfortable with the trip we had and also that we discovered all the major attractions as per the planned decided...The place is truly breathtaking and has lots to see which was truly worth-seeing...The Self-drive trip was the best part of our trip being in a different country but still, we roam the place like a local that's the biggest expereince we had...Overall all the arrangements were taken care of nicely and we love everything provided to us...
The overall service provided by Thrillophilia was Excellent!!! Coordination of the overall trip in Iceland was superb and their choice of hotel was met with our expectation... The team were totally helpful and kept us informed at each step of the planning phase and keep in touch with us all the time... Local driver arranged for us was on time and courteous... The place is truly beautiful as all the places we covered were truly lovely and gave us stunning pictures with great background... We thoroughly love this trip... 14 days explored the place was more than enough for us
I was totally in love with this trip, It was so well-organized and well-executed, all arrangements were beyond our expectations, the place has natural beauty everywhere which gave us good pictures in life for a lifetime memory, All the sightseeing places were truly interesting and each sight simply wow us, I worked with Thrillophilia agents over several months and they remained very pleasant and kind throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend booking with Thrillophilia as they take care of everything and you get to enjoy your vacation...Thank you so much for everything will get back with your team
We booked this tour and were completely dependent on the planners and team regarding everything. Would recommend others too, Thrillophilia you are completely reliable!
Iceland is one amazing place to visit. I visited with my friends and it was an experience one could never forget. Would definitely visit with the team again, admirable work.
We booked this tour to Iceland and as we arrived the driver was waiting for us right there! Later as we traveled we got to know that Iceland has variety of places to visit like it has mountains, landscapes, seas everything. It has beautiful surroundings and nature. Also the accommodation and the staff there were really helpful and and friendly. Totally recommendable!
We booked this tour to Iceland.We being the nature freaks this tour is a blessing for us,as it included the mountains, wildlife. It included everything the pick-up and drop were done on time by the driver and the accommodation was really good. The tour guide had enough knowledge of the places which always made us more curious.
Visiting South & West Iceland that with a self-drive tour for the span of 8-days was such a great tour we had...It will be complicated and you should ideally book everything months in advance since it was a long tour and it took time to planned and put all together what you are looking for on the trip...Thrillophilia was helpful in securing everything we needed...The place we discovered was breathtaking like waterfalls, glaciers, national parks, and lots more...The pre-booked hotel and transport were exactly as we wanted...The team was service-minded...My friends and I had a great time at this place.....

People Also Ask About Reykjavík Tours

  1. What are the famous places to see during the Reykjavik tour?

    Blue Lagoon: One of the most popular tourist destinations of Reykjavik tours is the Blue Lagoon, which is a man-made lake that gets superheated seawater from a nearby lava flow. The hot steaming lagoon is just a drive away from Reykjavik where you can easily enjoy your stay at a 35 room resort with great pampering amenities.

    Golden Circle: The Golden Circle is one of the most famous ‘routes' of Reykjavik tours for visitors to Iceland, and it includes a number of amazing sights that you won't want to miss. The route takes 4-5 hours to complete and to make your ride more exciting and enjoyable it covers the iconic Strokkur Geyser (that erupts every few minutes) and Gullfoss, which looks stunning in both winter and summer.

    Vatnajokull National Park: The largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull, is located in Vatnajokull National Park, which occupies roughly 14% of Iceland. The Reykjavik tour packages are best for extreme adventure climbers, where they can explore the Lakagigar, a long row of volcanic craters, or pump their adrenaline by climbing the Vatnajokull glacier. It also has a number of easily accessible attractions, such as Dettifoss, famous for its beautiful waterfall view.

    The Settlement Exhibition: A visit to The Settlement Exhibition museum is the favorite spot for travelers who love to know about Icelandic history. The Reykjavik City Museum runs this museum and it might take hours to complete the whole museum tour. While making a tour, you can easily explore new things about Icelandic culture and history.

    Mount Esja: One of the best day trips you can take while on the Reykjavik tours is to see Mount Esja, which stands majestically in the distance. Hike one of the key trails across the mountain to breathe in the fresh Icelandic air. The difficulty level of each route up the mountain is indicated by signs.

    Kirkjufell Mountain, Grundarfjordur: Taking a drive of 2.5 hrs to the small town of Grundarfjordur while on your Reykjavik tours, will make you glance at the charming beauty of flora and fauna with Mt. Kirkjufell as a prominent landmark. You can enjoy the awe-inspiring Northern Lights during wintertime. Apart from this, make your trip more memorable with Eyrbyggja Heritage Centre which gives your great historical insights.

    Gullfoss Waterfall: When it comes to viewing a magnificent waterfall then Gullfoss waterfall is a must-watch spot by tourists on their Reykjavik tours. This spectacular place is a 90-min drive west of Reykjavik, giving you an enticing road trip all the way. Gullfoss Waterfall is a magnificent view with 3 step terrace waterfall which generates a powerful torrent. Standing at the edge of the waterfall will give you a spine-tingling view amidst natural surroundings.

    Perlan Museum: When it comes to looking at the best artifacts of Iceland then the Perlan Museum will be your go-to place. Reykjavik tours allow you to enjoy this breathtaking structure that focuses on the country's natural wonders giving you insights into Icelandic places. The most impressive and beautiful point in this museum is the miniature ice cave, which can give you a chill to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can enjoy all-new audio-visual in Perlan planetarium where you can view the Northern Lights.

    Old Harbour area: You can sense the beauty of Icelandic history while taking a walk around Reykjavik's Old Harbour.The Reykjavik tour package allows you to visit this iconic place which can give you an eye-catching view of the bay and Mount Esja. Many of the brightly colored structures in the Old Harbour area are transformed into artistic shops, cafes, and restaurants, where you can feed your hunger.

    Arbaer open-air museum: You can take a walk around the grounds to see how village homes have evolved over time, giving you a peek into Iceland’s history. This beautiful Arbaer Open Air Museum gives you a breathtaking view of the small village having more than 15 Icelandic houses. As you walk through this restored village and farm, you will be able to learn about Iceland's unique past in an immersive way. Reykjavik packages include all the best sightseeing places for their tourists in order to make their tour memorable.

  2. What are the best things to do in Reykjavik?

    Snowmobile Ride: Add a spice of adventure to your Reykjavik vacation by going for the Snowmobile Ride on Langjokull Glacier. Enjoy your intimate encounter with Europe’s second-largest glacier while riding the snowmobile all by yourself as it doesn’t need any previous experience.

    Go Horse Riding: The perfect way to explore the natural beauty and terrains of Iceland is by doing horse riding. The Icelandic Horses are world-famous for their friendly nature, reliability, and intelligence. You can ride over them to watch the beautiful hills, volcanic landscapes, and hot springs in the countryside.

    The Secret Lagoon: Secret Lagoon is one of the most loved places while being on the Golden Circle. Head over there and dive into the natural hot water pool to get a relaxing experience to not just your mind but also your soul. 

    Witness the Northern Lights: Any visit to Iceland is incomplete without observing the Northern lights. Just drive away from the chaos of the city/town to find someplace rural where it is darker. As the northern lights are best seen and mesmerized in the dark only.

    Whale Watching: Catch the World’s largest mammals diving into the sea at the Iceland shores as you can easily spot them here. Here on Reykjavik tours, you will be taken on a cruise to enjoy the moments of watching the gigantic whales and grab some knowledge about their natural habitat.

    Taste typical Iceland food: The Typical Icelandic cuisine is not much known outside Iceland but it is a must try when you are here Well, to have one of the tastiest Iceland cuisines, just head towards one of the local Reykjavik restaurants and order one of their local foods such as Harofiskur, which is made of fish.

    Bake Bread on the ground: Well, you read it right! There are some places in Iceland where you can actually bake bread on the ground as the geothermal activity is very high there. Just head over to the Fontana Hot Springs which is also in your Reykjavik tour package, where you can actually prepare, bake and eat the baked rye bread.

    Go to Vik and Dyrholaey: One of the best ways to spend your evenings is by watching the beautiful sun setting and making the moment memorable for you in Iceland’s Vik and Dyrholaey. Just stand on the beautiful black beach for which Iceland is famous and watch the sun slowly set. The setting sun just doubles the beauty around you and makes you go drooling over it.

    Long Drive on the Golden Circle: Have fun while on your drive in the iconic Golden Circle as it has so many places to see and allows you to enjoy various activities as well. On Reykjavik tours, you can enjoy the sightseeing of the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, the distinctive Geysir Geothermal field, and also the Thingvellir National Park all in one day, just by driving on the Golden Circle.

    Snorkeling between two continents: Get a Snorkeling experience in the Silfra rift located in the Thingvellir National Park. Put your mask on and just dive into this beautiful lake to experience the subaquatic paradise. The lake has the clearest water in the world with a visibility of around 100m which allows you to enjoy this paradise even more.

  3. What is the best time to visit Reykjavik?

    The best time to visit Reykjavik is during summer .i.e, June to August as you will be experiencing daylight for 21 hours. Not only this but the temperature during this time is quite warm as compared to normal Iceland weather.

  4. How to reach Reykjavik?

    One can reach Reykjavik either by flights or by ferry which runs throughout the year from Denmark. The only International airport in Iceland is Keflavik International Airport which is located in the municipality Sandgerdi, 40 minutes away from Reykjavik.

    Moreover, if you are traveling from India, there are no direct flights to Reykjavik. So, you will be needed to take a stopover flight which will first land in Europe and then takes you to Reykjavik.

  5. How much time does it take to get a visa to Reykjavik?

    The Visa approval to Reykjavik takes at most 15 working days. Moreover, it differs from country to country for visas to get approved.

  6. What is the cost of a tourist visa in Reykjavik?

    The cost of a tourist visa in Reykjavik is 80 Euro for adults and 40 Euro for kids between 6-12 years of age. Although, the cost of visa fees totally depends on your country’s taxation.

  7. Do Indian passports holders need visas for Reykjavik?

    Yes, Indian passport holders need a visa for the Reykjavik tours. Although, Iceland does not come under European Union but comes under the Schengen area which means you will at least need a short-stay Schengen visa to visit Iceland.

  8. How much does it cost to tour Reykjavik?

    The average cost of Reykjavik packages comes around 200 US $ (INR 14000) per person a day. This includes your transportation, accommodation and three-time meal. Moreover, it also depends on the expenses of a person and how he/she manages their budget.

  9. What is the best month to see Northern Lights in Reykjavik?

    The best month to see those beautiful and mesmerizing Northern Lights in Reykjavik is late August to April. In order to see the beautiful northern lights, there should be darkness and during these months, it gets dark around 6 PM.

  10. How many days are enough in Reykjavik?

    A trip of around 7-8 days is enough to visit and enjoy all the major attractions and important places in Iceland. Shorter trips are also possible but won’t leave you enough time to explore other places than Reykjavik. Choose the best Reykjavik packages that give you the best way to optimize your travel.

  11. How can I see the northern lights in Reykjavik?

    The best chance to see the northern lights is by taking a walk to the Grotta lighthouse, as the light pollution is minimal there. Other places which are dark enough to see the northern lights can be the dome-shaped building Pearl.

  12. Which are the famous beaches in Reykjavik?

    Djupalonssandur: The black pebble beach, Djupalonssandur was once a home of fishermen. The beach is the main attraction due to its scenic beauty and big stones which were earlier used to test the strength of fishermen.

    Seledri: The beach is one of the black sand beaches and is recommended to visit here during Reykjavik tours as it is a hidden gem in Iceland. One can stop and have a look at the beautiful scenery and also try to look out for the arctic tern- a migratory seabird.

    Raudasandur: Get yourself up and go for an amazing experience to visit the golden beach of Iceland. Located at the southern edge of Icelandic Westfjords. The beach is full of pulverized scallop shells which gives this 10km long beach its velvet colors.

    Reynisfjara: It is a natural black sand beach with pebbles with some very large rocks. Also, do watch the basalt caves as the basalt formations in the cave make it look like some other world.

  13. What are the best adventure activities in Reykjavik?

    Glacier Hiking on the Solheimajokull Glacier: When you will make a visit to the Solheimajokull glacier, you will be outshined by the beauty of the icy landscape. The varying icy landscape even makes it more adventurous to hike upon.

    Camping in Landmannalaugar: The Pearl of the central highlands of Landmannalaugar is one of the most exciting places in Iceland. It is also known as the mecca for hikers with icy lakes, rhyolite mountains, and obsidian plains.

    Rafting: If one is brave enough, he/she should definitely try rafting in the cold icy Hvita River. The rapids in this river are one of the world’s most thrilling ones.

    Whale Watching: Watch this enormous mammal with your naked eyes during your whale watching expedition. More than 90% of trips in Iceland spot at least 2 or 3 of these rare mammals.