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Tourist places in Reykjavik are utterly captivating bringing in tourists from afar. Reykjavik is a place which is considerably much more than just a destination spot; it is a heavenly abode fostering excitement and splendid happenings neighboured by implausible landscapes and beckoned by innumerable adventures. Worth visiting tourist places in Reykjavik include Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Hallgrimskirkja, Arbaer Open Air Museum, Solfar (Sun Voyager) Sculpture, Laugavegur, Perlan, Grotta Lighthouse, Skolavordustigur, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Hateigskirkja Church, Barour Snaefellsas, Arnarholl Statue, Landakotskirkja, Thufa and The Nordic House. A host of heavenly wonders, Reykjavik is the largest city and the capital of Iceland with a suburban built up of a total area of around two lakhs. Home to a majorly vast majority of the inhabitant, the Icelandic culture and life of the people acts as a prime point fostering tourism in Iceland. Spread across the reclining urban, the city is signalized to convey colorful and eclectic vibes. Here in Iceland, there arises no requirement to tip anyone, despite exhibiting a garland of shops and restaurants as a separate tipping jar is kept beside the cash register in every restaurant and shop.


In Reykjavik off-road riding or driving is considered illegal as huge fines can be foisted when caught red-handed. Reykjavik gets you to the best-fragmented mountains surrounding the northernmost capital of the city. The grandeur and happy vibes smoldering the vast and blue ocean shores the city with an eye catchy view of compact islands scattered across the distance. The eruptive and volcanic sloping edge of the hill endows the feel of a Smokey Bay. From the pinnacle of the mountain, you can get the gaze over the colorful and picturesque settlements sprawling out at a distance unfurled into the vast Arctic and beyond. Needless to spike on, Reykjavik comes across to be the best destination spots showcasing attractive sightseeing regions that promise to leave you conversant and familiarised with the city and its exalted landscape.

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Newly Added Reykjavík Experience
All investment we had on this tour truly worth everything any way the beauty of the place already worth every penny we spend. The itinerary of the trip was very rich, fulfilling, and satisfying right from day one till the last day of our trip... The hotel they provided for us was luxury and everything was well arranged and on time... All the day tours were amazing and we covered it all as mentioned on the itinerary... Every day we had an awesome day with lots of amazing expereince... Nice people and breathtaking place this Will definitely worth recommending others...
It was really the top and memorable place we had visited till now and we had a great time on this tour... Which is with no regret will always recommend this trip to everyone especially to all the traveller this is the best place you'll find so much amazing views with lots of natural scenics beauty everywhere... Really I am in love with the place each sightseeing we visited truly gave us surprises and good photos... The accommodations were great and the hotel staffs were very professional and helpful... We get to learn about the culture and history of the place which was very interesting... The picked-up and dropped-off were on time really all the arrangements exceeded our expectations. The visiting to volcanoes, waterfall, black sand beached and lava centre had made us excited... 10 days spent in Iceland was really a mind-blowing experience we had once in a lifetime...
I was thrilled with my trip, Not sure where to start but this trip we choose again this time with Thrillophilia was quite an interesting and exciting one...The trip was pre-planned way ahead of time to accommodate our vacation for the lasts 4 months before the date of travel while planning our trips they make sure and informed us everything with new ideas about the trip which we are happy with their plan...On this trip since our landing on this place, we were received by a professional and punctual driver...The trip went so smooth and we were guided by the professional who was helpful and great at rectifying situations...We had been looking out for the entire trip to make sure that we are comfortable with the trip we had and also that we discovered all the major attractions as per the planned decided...The place is truly breathtaking and has lots to see which was truly worth-seeing...The Self-drive trip was the best part of our trip being in a different country but still, we roam the place like a local that's the biggest expereince we had...Overall all the arrangements were taken care of nicely and we love everything provided to us...
The overall service provided by Thrillophilia was Excellent!!! Coordination of the overall trip in Iceland was superb and their choice of hotel was met with our expectation... The team were totally helpful and kept us informed at each step of the planning phase and keep in touch with us all the time... Local driver arranged for us was on time and courteous... The place is truly beautiful as all the places we covered were truly lovely and gave us stunning pictures with great background... We thoroughly love this trip... 14 days explored the place was more than enough for us
I was totally in love with this trip, It was so well-organized and well-executed, all arrangements were beyond our expectations, the place has natural beauty everywhere which gave us good pictures in life for a lifetime memory, All the sightseeing places were truly interesting and each sight simply wow us, I worked with Thrillophilia agents over several months and they remained very pleasant and kind throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend booking with Thrillophilia as they take care of everything and you get to enjoy your vacation...Thank you so much for everything will get back with your team
We booked this tour and were completely dependent on the planners and team regarding everything. Would recommend others too, Thrillophilia you are completely reliable!
Iceland is one amazing place to visit. I visited with my friends and it was an experience one could never forget. Would definitely visit with the team again, admirable work.
We booked this tour to Iceland and as we arrived the driver was waiting for us right there! Later as we traveled we got to know that Iceland has variety of places to visit like it has mountains, landscapes, seas everything. It has beautiful surroundings and nature. Also the accommodation and the staff there were really helpful and and friendly. Totally recommendable!
We booked this tour to Iceland.We being the nature freaks this tour is a blessing for us,as it included the mountains, wildlife. It included everything the pick-up and drop were done on time by the driver and the accommodation was really good. The tour guide had enough knowledge of the places which always made us more curious.
Visiting South & West Iceland that with a self-drive tour for the span of 8-days was such a great tour we had...It will be complicated and you should ideally book everything months in advance since it was a long tour and it took time to planned and put all together what you are looking for on the trip...Thrillophilia was helpful in securing everything we needed...The place we discovered was breathtaking like waterfalls, glaciers, national parks, and lots more...The pre-booked hotel and transport were exactly as we wanted...The team was service-minded...My friends and I had a great time at this place.....

People Also Ask About Reykjavík

  1. When is the best time to visit Reykjavik?

    The rise out of midnight sun and the gusto for warmer temperatures call for summer to be the best season to visit Iceland. Though the hikers consider the months in between July to August to be the best and foremost time to saunter and stroll Reykjavik, the months September, October, February, and March are considered forthrightly the best period to pay a visit to Reykjavik to ogle on the Northern Lights. From June to August is the peak time to plan a tour to Reykjavik.

    Visiting at this time will not only allow you to relish the balmy temperature but will also make you experience the best times of your life. If you are on a trial to save some krona, you can do that if you visit the place during winter. But however, those who grapple against seasonal highs might reconsider visiting during the winter time. During the winter time in Reykjavik, the sun peeks out for around four to five times in between the month December to February.

    The monthly segmentation for paying a visit to Reykjavik for the tourists:

    June to August: By far June to August is considered the warmest period of the year. During this season Reykjavik receives around twenty to twenty-one hours of sunlight. This time is the best time that enables the tourists to fall in love with the loveliness and splendor delineated by the climate.

    September to October: 
    At this time the temperature ranges between the mid of the 30s to the low of 50s. Visit during this time span makes the visitor experience the beauty of nature and the ardor of mountains. At this time the room rates are significantly low and enabling them to espy the alluringly charismatic charm of the surrounding.

    November to March: 
    Between the month November to March, snow showers and rain becomes a frequent occurrence. This time span with a temperature in between the 20s to 30s makes the native of Iceland witness winter. However, the slashed prices and bountiful festoons catered on the hotel rooms and airfare might turn the visit worthwhile at the visitors at large. But remember, it is essential to get winter covers like hats, coats, cardigans, boots, and gloves.

    April to May: 
    The time span in between April to May might bring the customers on a happy and snowy stroll. With longer days and higher temperatures, the cost incurred on flights and hotels are not on a higher tangent when compared with the summer season.
  2. What is the local food of Reykjavik? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The local food of Reykjavik are listed below:

    • Hot Dogs
    • Fish and Chips
    • Meat Soup
    • Skyr Yogurt
    • Fridheimar tomatoes
    • Egils Appelsin

    The best places to taste Reykjavik’s cuisine are listed below:

    • DILL Restaurant
    • Grillmarkadurinn
    • Fiskfelagid
    • Baejarins Beztu Pylsur
    • Skolabru
    • Snaps Bistro
    • The Laundromat Café
    • MAR Restaurant
    • Gallery Restaurant
    • Perlan
  3. What are the famous pilgrimage destinations in Reykjavik?

    There are various pilgrimage destinations located in Reykjavik. The famous pilgrimage destinations in Reykjavik are as follows:

    • Hallgrimskirkja
    • Ásatrúarfélagid
    • Zen á Íslandi - Nátthagi
    • Asatru Temple
  4. What is the best public transport to commute around Reykjavik?

    The best public transport medium to commute around Reykjavik are Local Buses. You must explore and stroll through the city of Reykjavik by utilizing the local buses. Striding by the local buses, you are sure to unravel a peace of mind and tranquillity with a clear vision to encounter the best sight that you might miss out on while on a usual city tour. Build for an economical and interesting reason, the local bus services get the visitor the best.
  5. What is the local language in Reykjavik and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The official language of Reykjavik is Icelandic.

    The greetings in the Icelandic language are as follows:

    • Góðan dag – Good day
    • Halló - Hello
    • Góðan daginn/Góðan dag - Good morning
    • Góðan daginn/Góðan dag - Good afternoon
    • Góða kvöldið/Gott kvöld – Good evening
    • Góða nótt – Goodnight
    • Vertu blessaður/Vertu blessuð/Bless á meðan/Bless bless/Bless/Við/ sjáumst/Sjáumst síðar – Goodbye
    • Gangi þér vel! - Good luck!
    • Skál! - Cheers! Good Health!
    • Eigðu góðan dag - Have a nice day
    • Takk/Takk fyrir/Þakka þér fyrir/Þakka þér kærlega fyrir/Kærar þakkir – Thank you