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23 September 2015
Chandrakin Arora Spice Plantation Tour in Goa
I badly needed a break from All beaches in Goa and this was one pleasant activity. Spice plantation walk is damn beautiful and it is something that is new and people are not aware of. Loved the experience.
20 October 2015
i have always loved plant and trees , and our trip to Goa became more interesting after visiting this wonderful place. i was recommended a taxi driver about the spice plantation and so an enchanting feeling took me there. We were welcomed by garlands and refreshing herbal tea as well.
08 November 2015
Very Good
A pretty nice way to just relax around. Not recommended for people looking for some physical exertion.
17 February 2016
Aadinath Somayaji Spice Plantation Tour in Goa
Amazing trip- had so much fun. I was actually escorting few phirang friends of mine who wanted to see everything in Goa. I wasn't really sure about this place but damn this was good. Loved the entire experience.
12 December 2015
This is a place for spice lovers, A bit expensive but you can see lot of spices which are something we use daily in our food.
12 December 2015
What started off as something different to do in Goa, ended up being a great affair......, the food is very neat,would give 4 star to the lady who took some effort to explain a thing or two about the spice garden,
12 December 2015
Great tour guide; interesting information , lovely scenery and opportunity to see, shower with and ride elephants You can buy spices very cheaply Lunch was basic but plentiful and served on plates that the plantation make themselves from leaves
02 December 2015
Rajiv Bandopadhyay Spice Plantation Tour in Goa
Very unique experience and this trip is best suited if you are spending a week or so in Goa coz then you want a break from the normal beach routine. Amazing experience. Goa has such great amount of beauty other than just beaches - Loved the entire experience.