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One of the most mesmerising towns of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is known for its splendid cruise tours. Offering an experience of a lifetime, Mirissa is one of those exotic tourist spots that is replete with breathtaking beauty and a wide array of activities for the adventurous souls. Mirissa is a wonderful fishing village in Sri Lanka that boasts of a picturesque beach and a plethora of adventures out in the water. Tourists in Mirissa can book various cruise tour packages in Mirissa to overwhelm their senses with the exquisiteness of nature. It is a great way to explore the turquoise blue outdoors and catch a sight of some dolphins, whales or other gorgeous flora and fauna. Watching these beautiful creatures of nature leap up and down in the waters is one of the most special feelings of being a cruise in Mirissa. You can look out for various cruises and sailing tours in Mirissa that are organised by many tour operators here. Most hotels also arrange cruise activities for the tourists if you inform them in advance. One of the most famous of them is the Blue Water Cruise that specialises in the activity. They offer a cruise tour on both private and sharing basis to the tourists and also organise various activities like underwater photography, bird watching etc.

Accompanied by a professional crew, cruise tour packages in Mirissa offer a wholesome holiday if you are travelling with your friends and family. The crew is well acquainted with the surroundings and make the tour as informative as possible with their excellent knowledge of the place. Tourists are also offered a breakfast pack and water bottle for the cruise tour. The delicious food serves as a great company to enjoy the wonderful experience of being out in the ocean. The cruises in Mirissa usually starts in the morning from 7 am and lasts till the noon. However, tourists can always choose between different sunrise and sunset tours according to their preference. During the adventurous journey, one can spot many blue whales, sperm whales, pods and dolphins. Along with the cruise experience, tourists can also look forward to challenging their spirits with activities like swimming, snorkelling, paddle boating or just relax by soaking in the sun.

The ideal time to go for the different cruises in Mirissa is between the months of October to May. However, one should take the weather into consideration before going out on a cruise as the bad weather can hamper the experience. The average cost for enjoying this astounding activity with Cruise tour packages in mirissa is about INR 1000-3000. When you are out on a cruise tour package in Mirissa, the seascape looks just awe-inspiring. For those who are fond of photography, Mirissa cruise is one of the best opportunities to capture some astonishing sights in your camera. The luxurious activity is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of Mirissa and take back some beautiful memories in your heart of an unforgettable vacation.


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