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What You Should Know More About Karwar

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Make sure you have a medical or travel insurance before going to Karwar.

    • You can easily spot an ATM after a distance of 2-5 km. So, make sure when you go out there is just enough cash that lets you commute and enjoy. Carrying excess cash can be an invitation for pick pockets.

    • Strictly avoid traveling during the night hours.

    • Make sure whenever you go in secluded trails or destinations, you are in a group.

    • Don’t let anyone mislead you. Gather sufficient information whenever you are traveling to a new place.

    • Stay away from drugs or narcotics in any form.

    • If you are up for some trekking, do wear comfortable shoes as the trails are steep here.

    • Carry your first aid kit with you.

    • Trekkers must have a trekking kit with them.

    • Dress appropriately if you go to a religious place.

    • Don’t photograph wherever prohibited.

    • Film or take videos only with permissions.  

    • Hire a guide only from a reputed agency.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Karwar is 18 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Rabindranath Tagore Beach

    If legends are to be believed, there is a beach in Karwar that is said to have inspired the great Rabindranath Tagore to pen down his first drama. The river Kali flows through the town into the beautiful Arabian Sea. You can avail motor launches to take a boat ride up to the river Kali. During the months of January or February each there, there is a prominent Karavali Utsav celebrated on the beach. Tourists from round the country come here to partake in this 5 day event.  

    Devbagh Beach

    Situated at the junction of the Arabian Sea and River Kali, the Devbagh beach is pleasant and alluring in every way. In order to reach the beach, you’ll have to take a boat ride, that will lead you to the Kodibag coast. This is an excellent attraction for the water sports enthusiasts. Adventure activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving are immensely popular here.

    Lady Beach

    Lady Beach lies on the Baithkol bay that is in close proximity to the airport. According to the fables associated with the beach, it is said that the wives of the British officers used to take a bath at this beach during the British rule. This is how the lady beach got its name.

    Tilmatti Beach

    Tilmatti Beach is located at a distance of about 4 to 5 km from the Karwar. The beach is known for its natural black sand. This is one thing that makes Tilmatti beach a great sightseeing attraction.

    Kurumgad Island

    Situated approximately 4 km from the Karwar, the Kurumgad Island lies just a km away from Devbagh Beach. It is an island in the shape of a tortoise and is known majorly for the annual fair that is conducted here during the month of January. During this festival, the devotees from across the country come here in large numbers to catch a glimpse of Lord Narasimha. Some of the most important things to do in Kurumgad island include trekking and fishing. Water sports such as boat rides, tidal pool and snorkeling are also provided by the resorts here

    Devgad Island

    Lying about 3 km from the Karwar Beach, the Devgad Island is largely popular for its Oyster Rocks. It has a gigantic power house that is powered by solar energy. You can reach the beach taking a boat ride of the Baithkol Port in Karwar. This is one of the best ways to spend a complete day in the warmth of the nature. It indeed is one of the best tourist attraction in Karwar.

    Sadashivgad Fort

    Sadashivgad Fort lies approximately 2 km from the heart of Karwar. The Kali bridge passes amidst the mountain divided it into two halves. On the right end of the mountain, there is a fort on the top that was built by Marathas. Towards the left end of the mountains is the Lover’s point. The scenic view atop the mountains is breathtaking. There is a Durga Devi temple that is located on the top of the mountain. This attracts a lot of tourists. During the period of Vijaya Dashami in October, Bandi habba is celebrated here. Karimuddin Ghouse Jilani’s Dargah also lies in proximity to the temple. It is indeed an important place to see here.

    Guddalli Peak

    Guddalli is a small village that is the base for the trek towards the top most point in Karwar. It is a 6 to 8 km long trek that is a natural trekking trail. The view of the entire town up to the bridge Kali is absolutely lovely. You simply cannot miss this grand tourist destination.

    Warship Museum

    The warship museum is open from 9 AM in the morning till 8 PM in the evening. It is a decommissioned warship that is today converted to a museum. Lying on the Rabindranath Tagore beach, this is just third of the kind in the country. It is situated just two km from the city entrance and is situated besides the NH 17. Visiting the museum is definitely an important thing to do here.

    Karwar Port

    In the Karwar bay there is a Karwar port that has been developed as an all weather port. It is a long quay that is spread over a length of 355 meters and very well accommodates the simultaneous berthing of two ships along with the other coordinating infrastructure facilities. Visitors can visit the port at any time of the day except during the loading or the unloading period of goods from ships.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Local food

    Karwar is an incredible place for all the foodies. All the fish eaters, will fall in love with the place all the more. You can find an array of small restaurants here that serve authentic cuisines here. Some of the dishes that you must try in Karwar include Fish biryani, Fish Masala and Rava Fish fry. Now, does that worry you vegetarians? No, no! Don’t fret! There is a great range of dishes to excite you as well. You must try out the exquisite rice combo with the Dal Tohi. Other cuisines to try include the bread fruit starters and Solkadi. You can find the best local food of Karwar at restaurants like Hotel Amrut and Sweta Lunch Home.

    Do relish on the finest dessert here which is the Gadbad Ice cream. This ice cream basically is a blend of local ice cream garnished with fruits and nuts.

    River Rafting

    Are you an adventure enthusiast? One of the key water sports that you can enjoy here is river rafting. Just 100 km from the Karwar, lies a town of Dandeli which is only a day trip away. This town lies on the banks of the same river i.e. the river Kali. There are 3 Grade rapids here which will ensure that you have a thrilling rafting experience. Apart from rafting, certain other adventure activities can also be enjoyed here. These include cave exploration, rappelling and kayaking. Bathing in the Natural Jacuzzis is another great thing to do.   

    Trekking along the rocks

    60 km from Karwar lies Yana. Yana is basically known for its quirky limestone formations. These are an absolute delight for the rock climbers and trekkers who swamp the area is large numbers. Two key trails here include the – Mohini Shikhara and Bhaiavi Shikhara. There is a temple located amidst these rocks, this makes it an important religious attraction. When you climb the rocks, you’ll explore different caves. Do go on a trail and discover the thrill here.


    Karwar is a mini Goa. So, when you are in the beach town, how can you not be thrilled with the beaches here? The most prominent beach here is the Rabindranath Tagore Beach that is great for swimming and having a lax beach time. Other prominent beaches of Karwar include Devbagh beach, Majalli Beach, Tilamati and Binaga Beach. Do visit these to experience the real scenic beauty of this beautiful city of Karnataka.


    There are a number of adventure centers in Karwar that allow snorkeling. You can go on an excursion tour with either of them and enjoy snorkeling here. Rates here are very reasonable so it definitely doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. October to February are the best months to enjoy this water sport. On the other times of the year, the water is not as clear so the activity may not be open then.

    Dolphin Spotting

    Available round the year, Dolphin Spotting is another fun thing to do in Karwar. This can be a sheer delight especially for the kids. If you are really lucky, you can even spot one of this cute beings jumping off the water. You can enjoy this activity in the Kurumgad Island which can be reached via a 45 minute boat ride journey from the mainland.     

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