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Among the many cities turning into IT capitals, Gurgaon in the state of Haryana is one such City to have capitalized great income through the IT sectors and has made a prominent mark for itself on the map. Previously known as Guru Gram which has a strong mythological significance for being the homage of Dronacharya, who was the master of the Pandava brothers; today the same land is an example of one of the best planned cities in India. If you ever thought of living that moment in the movie ‘Hunger Games’ where the warriors are put on a bullet train and travel from a small gated community to a city designed with advanced technology, taking the metro from New Delhi to Gurgaon is the closest reference you can get here in India. Traveling between Gurgaon and Delhi is no more tedious any longer with the well-planned metro connectivity.


For those interested in sightseeing tours in Gurgaon there are many stops and historical monuments to see between the distances and also in and around the radius of both Gurgaon and Delhi. From the Mughal monuments to the architectural temples rich in Hindu Literature, you can never fall short of sight-seeing places when in Gurgaon. If you are too confused with what you must see and what you can give a miss, Thrillophilia has a wide range of options for you to explore the city in unique ways. Whether hovering around on a Segway or riding around on bicycles, from a day at Haridwar to watch the devotional prayer ceremonies by the Holy Ganga River to simply indulging in an exciting activity of photography around the town capturing the finest piece of work by mankind, Thrillophilia will never run out of options for you. These sightseeing tours in Gurgaon are organized all around the year.

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