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Walking Tours in Edinburgh

Discover the scintillating beauty of the Scottish capital and its most iconic attractions by choosing one of the best Edinburgh walking tours. From touring the Old Town to going for unique Ghost tours or a Harry Potter-themed tour, you can pick from a wide array of choices. This is also among the best cities to explore on foot as its most renowned places are located in close proximity with each other. So make the most of this opportunity to explore the city’s rich past, royal legacy, as well as its elegant mediaeval streets by setting off on foot.

Opt for some of the top walking tours, Edinburgh such as the Walking Tour of Edinburgh's Old Town where you can see some of the most iconic sites with a knowledgeable guide. If the dark and spooky attract you, go for the World Famous Underground Ghost Tour or even the spine chilling Edinburgh Darkside Walking Tour: Mysteries, Murder and Legends. Walk down Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile to learn about the city’s famous writers, inventors, and poets. Go for the Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour and visit the Grave of Tom Riddle in Greyfriars Kirkyard or find out which Hogwarts House you are in.
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Edinburgh Walking FAQs

What are the best walking tours in Edinburgh?

1. The World Famous Underground Ghost Tour: This is one of the most popular Edinburgh walking tours that tends to get booked very fast for its unique concept and spine chilling experience. Set off on this evening walking tour that takes you through the city’s dark past and shows you the more spookier and sinister aspects from the depths of history. Come across some of the hidden lanes and alleyways in the Old Town and learn about the horrific and mysterious tales associated with these places. Explore the Greyfriars Kirkyard which is believed to be haunted, go down to the city’s underground vaults and uncover the secrets here with your authentically costumed guide.

2. Walking Tour of Edinburgh's Old Town: This is among the best Edinburgh walking tours especially if you are visiting here for the first time and want to find a good way around the city. It is also a well designed tour if you want to delve deeper into the rich history of the city as you will be accompanied by a skillful and knowledgeable guide. This way you can get rid of the map and focus more on the attractions around you. You will also get to see some of the hidden spots and some of the most famous places in the Old Town such as the Mercat Cross, Edinburgh Castle, St. Giles’ Cathedral, to name a few.

3. Edinburgh Darkside Walking Tour: Mysteries, Murder and Legends: Set out on a journey through the Scottish city and witness its darker and more grim side by choosing this haunted walking tour. If mystery and intrigue interest you this is one of the best Edinburgh walking tours that you should opt for. You will learn ghastly tales about murders and madness as you walk the dark shadowy streets and alleyways of the capital city. You can also hear fascinating stories from your qualified guide about pagan rituals, witch trials, executions, as well as local monsters that feature in urban myths. The tour also includes visits to the Old Calton Burial Ground or Canongate Kirkyard cemetery.

4. Royal Mile Guided Walking Tour in Edinburgh: Discover some of the country’s hidden secrets as well as most famous landmarks on one of the most well crafted Edinburgh walking tours. Follow a guide along the city’s famous Royal Mile and learn about the lives and works of great masters who lived and thrived here. Get a deep insight into the works of writers, poets, and inventors and hear fascinating stories about Robert Burns who was Scotland's national bard. The tour also covers other important landmarks in the city such as St. Giles’ Cathedral and the National Galleries of Scotland.

5. Haunted Vaults walking tour in Edinburgh: Choose one of the most intriguing Edinburgh walking tours that takes you through the underground network of vaults dating back to the early eighteenth century. This is quite a popular and fascinating part of the city for exploring and this tour gives you a detailed insight with the presence of a skillful guide. These were once where the slum dwellers of the city resided and today holds their darkest histories and interesting tales. Learn all about the background details, information, and dreary tales of the inhabitants as relayed by your guide.

6. Haunted Vaults and Graveyard Walking Tour in Edinburgh: Here is your chance to get a peek into the other world on the other side of the graves by opting for one of the spookiest walking tours Edinburgh. Learn about some of the most hidden secrets in the hidden vaults as you start off on your journey upon nightfall. The tour will take you to some of the venues that are believed to harbour departed souls such as Greyfriars Kirkyard and the Niddry Street Vaults. Delve deep into the dreary tales of the troubled souls of beggars, witches, and prostitutes that are believed to traverse the streets by darkness.

7. Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour: whether you are an ardent fan of J K Rowling’s famous character, this Harry Potter Magical tour will certainly appeal to you. It is one of the most innovative walking tours, Edinburgh, that promises an authentic feel of the sorcerer’s world. Walk across the city and see the very place where the world famous author is said to have found inspiration for her much loved Hogwarts institute along with all her renowned characters. You can also visit the exact places where she wrote the books and also take a fun Harry Potter trivia test with an audio-visual quiz.

8. Skip-the-Line Walking Tour of Edinburgh Castle: If you are a history enthusiast, this should be one of the most exciting walking tours, Edinburgh as it takes you to the home of Mary Queen of Scots. Save up on time with these convenient skip the line tickets and explore the grand Great Hall from the 16th century where massive feasts were held. Delve deeper into the turbulent history of the castle and the various kings and queens who inhabited it. The guided tour will also take you through the three museums and two prisons housed here as well as a canine cemetery, and the Chapel of Saint Margaret which is the oldest building in the city.

Which are the places to see while on a walking tour in Edinburgh?

1. Scott Monument: Explore this Victorian Gothic monument that is dedicated to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott when you are on your walking tour, Edinburgh. Located in the Princes Street Gardens, this is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city as well as the largest monument to a writer in the whole world. 

2. Princes Street Gardens: These are two public parks that lie adjacent to each other in the very heart of the Scottish capital. It is one of the most beautiful urban parks and a must visit during your walking tour, Edinburgh. It was created in the 19th century after the draining of the North Loch. 

3. Scottish National Gallery: This is one of the most important places to visit during your walking tours in Edinburgh as it houses an outstanding collection of modern and contemporary art. You can get up and close with some of the greatest paintings, sculptures, photography, jewellery, and illustrations, among others. 

4. Edinburgh Castle: Explore this historic castle when you visit Scotland, especially during one of the walking tours of Edinburgh to witness one of the most ancient fortified places in the continent. The palace comes with a long and rich history as a royal residence, fortress, military garrison, and prison. 

How to reach Edinburgh?

1. By Train: you can reach Edinburgh by train from the nearby cities of Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle or Manchester. London is around 4 hours and 30 minutes away and there are a number of trains that operate everyday from here at 15 minutes’ intervals.

2. By Coach: There are a number of coach services from various British cities to Edinburgh. It is one of the cheapest and most eco-friendly ways of travelling and it takes about 10 hours from London to Edinburgh.

3. By Air: There are several direct flights to Edinburgh airport from different cities in the world that you can avail to reach here. You can also take a direct flight to London and then take a connecting flight or train to Edinburgh. The Edinburgh airport is about 8 miles from the main city centre and once at the airport you can avail one of the many shuttle or taxi services to reach the main city.

What is the best time to visit Edinburgh?

The best time of the year to visit Edinburgh is between the months of June and August. This is when the weather is quite pleasant for sightseeing and outdoor activities as the average high temperatures rise to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many days do you need to explore Edinburgh?

You should spend at least 3 to 4 days in Edinburgh especially if you are a first time visitor. This will give you ample time to explore the city’s iconic landmarks, and natural beauty. You can see all the major attractions and historical sites in the Old as well as the New Town including Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, and The Royal Mile. It will also give you time to visit the various museums and galleries like the National Museum of Scotland and the Scottish National Gallery.

What is special about Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a historically rich city that has much to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Places like the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and Arthur’s Seat are steeped in history and are popular places to visit.

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