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This district of Gujarat located in Ahwa is an erstwhile kingly estate that still houses the Bhil Kings’ families, the only royal dynasties to still rule and get support from the Government. The tribal heritage, intriguing culture, and astonishing landscape of Dang make it one of the most offbeat and interesting places to visit in Gujarat.

Being the smallest and the least populated place in Gujarat, the stunning natural beauty of Dang is mostly untouched. Dang literally translation to ‘hills’ is bestowed with a unique landscape of hills, lush valleys, and beautiful rivers. What adds more colour to the already rich atmosphere of the place is the presence of several tribes. These tribal people have their own traditions, dances, and fairs that can be experienced easily at Dang.

One of the best places to visit in Dang is Saputara Hill station, which is a planned hill resort city and quite a beautiful one at that. Visit the Artist Village here to see explore amazing tribal exhibits. One of the most scenic places here is the 75-ft. Gira waterfall surrounded by thick forests that’s perfect for escaping in the cool lushness of nature. Another great attraction here is the Waghai Botanical Gardens that house native and exotic species of plants & flowers.

One of the most amazing activities in Dang is to savour a beautiful hillside sunset at the Sunrise Point in Saputara. Those who love nature must explore the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, covered in teak and bamboo forests, to see wildlife that Indian civet cat, Leopards, Bonnet macaque, Leafbirds, Flycatchers. etc. When in Dang, don’t miss to attend the Dangs Darbar festival, held in March every year, to explore the lifestyle, costumes, food, and dances of the local tribal people in the presence of the members of the royal families.

The plains in Dang experience hot and dry summers (March-May) with temperatures rising to 40°C.  Winter months (October-February) are cool and pleasant with temperatures dropping to around 13°C. Hilly places like Saputara and Don are much cooler around the year.

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