Things to Do in Belle Mare

Nestled on Mauritius East Coast, tourists can explore a wonderful vacation with some spectacular things to do in Belle Mare. One of the loveliest beaches of Mauritius, it is a delight to witness its white sands and the coral protected lagoon which seems to be a mesmerising spectacle for any traveller. Even though it is a small place, it has witnessed a great influx of tourists in recent years. With high end luxury resorts popping in on its shorelines, world-class restaurants and a host to major golfing events, Belle Mare is certainly a tourist destination to watch out for. Whether you are backpacking with friends for an adventure or looking for sombre retreat to celebrate your honeymoon with your spouse, Belle Mare has got something for everyone. 

This shoreline is an amazing spot for a cool plunge as the sun comes up – and all through the whole day. So, on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to ascend with the sun, we say you should make a beeline for this shoreline for valuing a splendid sunrise by plunging into the completely clear waters at its beach. Here the streams might be somewhat trickier for new swimmers yet with an awesome breeze streaming around, it has turned into a perfect spot for windsurfing. Belle Mare has one of the longest stretches of beach on the island – the coconut-white sands seem to go on forever. And they’re moored in the bluest waters of the Indian Ocean.

The lagoon here has a great portfolio of water sports – everything from snorkelling to glass-bottom boat rides. And diving is a big pull, with common sightings of eagle rays and barracudas, and the odd bull shark beyond the barrier reef. There is a wide array of things to do in Belle Mare to make your cherish forever a serene retreat to Mauritius.

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Belle Mare Beach
– If you are looking for some liveliness and excitement then you can try out Belle Mare Beach. It has a close proximity to one of the major town of Mahebourg. You can stroll all by yourself in the beautiful beach.

Highlight: Belle Mare has one of the best golf course in the island. There are some popular hotels too which you might find around the beach.

Best time to visit
: January to March.

Location: It is 30 km away from Port Louis.

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Belle Mare Things To Do FAQs

What are the adventure activities that can be done in Belle Mare?

Belle Mare Beach is replete with adventure activities that will get your blood pumping. The exotic beach with white sand and nice lagoon attracts a lot of Mauritians and tourists and this is where all the adventure comes alive for everyone.

Some of the adventurous activities to enjoy in Belle Mare are:

  • Kite Surfing
  • Boating
  • Scuba Diving
  • Stand up Paddle Boarding
  • Snorkelling
  • Parasailing
  • Undersea Walk

What are some of the best things to do in Belle Mare?

Miles of powder-white beaches hug the coast at Belle Mare, where championship golf courses, posh resorts, a family-friendly water park and abundant aquatic sports ensure activity-filled days. It packs in a great beach scene, but the activities away from the shoreline are equally as good.

Here are some of the best things to do in Belle Mare:

  • Spend some time on the beach
  • Get the thrill of water sports
  • Do golfing
  • Dive into La Passe de Belle Mare
  • Shop for bamboo keepsakes at Centre de Flacq’s market
  • Dine out on Michelin-star cuisine
  • Take a trip to Ile Aux Cerfs Island
  • Visit Ganga Talao

Which are best cruising experiences in Belle Mare?

Be enchanted by the beautiful nature and enthralling activities by going on a cruise experience in Belle Mare. Sailing off at a leisurely pace with spectacular sunset aboard a magnificent catamaran while you sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail from the bar has to be one of the finest ways to end the day or begin your night at a cruise.

Some of the best cruising experience in Belle Mare are:

  • The Blue Cruise
  • Catamaran Cruise in Belle Mare
  • Western Catamaran Cruise
  • Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Northern Catamaran Cruise – Ilot Gabriel

Where can we go for snorkelling in Belle Mare?

Snorkelling is one of the attractions of Belle Mare that should not be missed. It is often cited as the most popular snorkelling destination in Mauritius. Bear in mind though that currents are stronger on the east coast and it is windier at the beach but the experience is totally worth it. Belle Mare is by far the best place to snorkel as there were tons and tons of very big corals very close to the surface and very close to shore and the beach stretches forever so there was tons to see and explore.

Many hotels located on the beach offer snorkelling activities in Belle Mare. However, one can go to the Belle Mare Beach to explore the local options offering a guided tour of snorkelling in Belle Mare.


Which are best places for boating in Belle Mare?

Go boating in Belle Mare for a once in a lifetime experience. You get to explore a lot of interesting places while boating in Belle Mare. Along with that you can also enjoy water activities and will be served a delicious barbecue lunch on the beach. 

Some of the places which you can explore while boating in Belle Mare are North Island tour, South Island Tour, Ile Aux Cerf and Blue Bay Islands, Casela Adventure Park, Swim with dolphins, Benitier Island and Crystal Rock.

Where can we go for scuba diving in Belle Mare?

The east coast of Mauritius embodies some of the most beautiful shores of the whole island, with coral reef that drapes the coastline and creates extensive lagoons with calm waters. The warm clear waters of Belle Mare that can exceed 30 meters visibility, the variety of dive sites and the underwater terrain is for all level divers, and provide you with ideal conditions to get your qualification course or upgrade the one you already have with some real adventure dives.

Some places to go for scuba diving in Belle Mare are:

  • Aquarium
  • The Canyon
  • Japanese Garden
  • Long Cliff
  • Sea Fan Valley
  • Castle
  • Coral Garden
  • Boulder Reef
  • Sea Fan Forrest
  • Drop Off
  • Ray Point
  • Little Aquarium

Which are best places for sailing in Belle Mare?

Parasailing offers you a breath-taking bird's eye view of the beautiful lagoon and beaches of Mauritius, making it one of the best things to do during your vacation in Mauritius. The total duration of this excursion is of about 25-30 minutes, including a parasail flight of about 5-12 minutes. Sailing aficionados come for the genteel sea and the warm soothing breeze which make the conditions ideal and have turned Mauritius into a sailing haven. 

Belle Mare Beach is the best place for sailing here.

What all things can be done in Belle Mare during honeymoon?

Belle Mare in Mauritius is turning out to be one the most exotic destinations for people celebrating their honeymoon all across the world. It has witnessed the rise of luxury resorts as well as superb facilities to keep you enthralled on your honeymoon. For honeymoon couples in Belle Mare, there are plenty of things to do for your romantic escapade. Some of these things are:

  • Stay at a luxurious hotel
  • Enjoy romantic dinner
  • Engage in watersports
  • Spend some quality time on the beach

Where can we go for stand up paddle in Belle Mare?

One of the most sought-after activities in Belle Mare is stand up paddle boarding. It is known all over the world for the world class facilities accompanied by trained instructors to guide everyone on this adventurous activity. You can enjoy this thrilling activity with friends and family and also choose the duration for which you wish to enjoy this activity.

Tourists can enjoy this activity at Belle Mare Beach.

Where can we go for kite surfing in Belle Mare?

Ride waves with bravura at Belle Mare as you equip yourself with the remarkable skills of kite surfing in Belle Mare. On the east coast of Mauritius, 1km south from Belle Mare village, lays the picturesque beach Palmar. It holds the repute for offering the best kite surfing activities in Mauritius.

The east coast is the perfect place to go on a downwinder as the combination of flat water and waves to kite on throughout the journey, along with the crystal clear waters will keep you mesmerised. You can ride there safely at any moment of the day, no matter of the tide.

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