Adventure Sports in Ahmednagar

Situated at a distance of 120 kms from Aurangabad and Pune, the city of Ahmednagar was built by Ahmad Nizam Shah in 1494, on the grounds of a more primeval city known as Bhingar. Ahmad established a new sultanate in Ahmednagar known as the Nizam Shahi Dynasty. Ahmednagar is celebrated for its Mughal-era tombs and forts, majestic temples, holy shrines, and wildlife sanctuary for black bucks that combine together to proffer a unique tourist experience. The most famous structure in Ahmednagar is the Ahmednagar Fort, which consists of several monuments built within the campus and was once considered to be the second-most unassailable fort in India. Harishchandragad Fort is another major city attraction and is quite popular among adventure enthusiasts. House to numerous ancient temples, the Harishchandragad Fort is situated on the Malshej Ghat banks of Junnar Region. The three peaks here are Taramati, Harishchandra and Rohidas, with Taramati being the highest one. Reaching the top of the peak, one can witness splendid views of the Malshej Ghat, NaneGhat, Jivdhan, Kalsubai and many other places. Indulge in the best adventure tours in Ahmednagar on your vacation here.


Konkan Kada, a high point and a significant part of the Harishchandragad Fort, is a trekker’s paradise. This beautiful piece of nature’s architecture is truly a sight to behold. The cliff is not just vertical, it is actually an overhang, quite similar to cobra’s hood. You should visit the place either during the mornings or during evening. In the evening, one is enthralled by the ostentatious views of the sunset whereas in the morning, one can experience the celestial feeling of being in the paradise. The best adventure tours in Ahmednagar could include a visit to the beautiful Sandhan Valley. A famous camping site set in the Bhandardara Region of the Samrad Valley, this is by far the finest trekking experience anyone can get. You can unleash your love for escapade by indulging into thrilling activities like rappelling and cross-pooling. The views from the campside of Kalsubai hill are simply breathtaking. So, go ahead and enjoy a fun filled experience in the town of Ahmednagar which is sure to be imprinted in your heart for a very long time.

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