Best Water Sports in Kota Kinabalu

The South China Sea divides Malaysia into almost two parts. The peninsula is a hub of bustling cities, colonial architecture, rubber and tea estates, and tropical islands. The Borneo is covered with semi-evergreen rainforests and hosts the orangutans, granite peaks, tribal areas and the best watersports tours in Kota Kinabalu. The place is a perfect blend of modernity with space-age high-rises and traditional villages of Sarawak. Malaysia is captivating cityscapes as well as idyllic island life.


It is the destination if you crave for some wet and wild fun. Imagine the rush of your paddle pushing against the racing currents and the rainbow of fish as they swim through vibrant coral reefs. Feel the wind dance through your hair as you sail across the ocean; hear the excited squeals of your teammates as you surf on your banana boat. Let’s not forget the near flight of your jet ski as it races through glistening waters and if that isn’t enough, navigate the twists and turns of rapids while white water rafting for a thrilling experience. The rich marine life and marvelous vibrant corals in Borneo are great for scuba diving and you can also enjoy feeding fish from your hand. Scared of taking the plunge, immerse underwater in a natural observatory and see the incredible aquatic marine life and wondrous seascape.


With its long coastline, sandy beaches and clear warm tropical waters, it is a haven for amazing watersports tours in Kota Kinabalu. So fly to Malaysia where adventure awaits you and get your blood racing.

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