Kota Kinabalu Sightseeing Tours

Imagine a palette of the most enticing shades of blue, think Kota Kinabalu. Indulge in the best sightseeing tours in Kota Kinabalu offering you a picturesque tour of this impressive town. You can also trek and rock climb your way up on Mount Kinabalu, for a precarious but thrilling high. On the contrary, deep dive, scuba dive or snorkel at one of the many beaches at Kota Kinabalu. These include Tanjung Aru and The Police Beach. Take a short boat ride and check out the rich ecosystem of the nearby Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which is home to 5 beaches. The waters here are home to the most fascinating coral reefs and other impressive aquatic life such as the Black Tip Reef Shark, Sea turtles, Sea horses and Clown fish. You can also go trekking on the rain forests of Pulau Gaya, which offers a 2-7km of market trail selection.


On the other hand, make a trip to Klias Wetland Mangrove Forest Reserve for river cruises that acquaint you with the flora and fauna of the region. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, for its genuine conservatory efforts. River Raft along the slow Kiulu or rapid Padas River, to add an adrenalizing touch to this island vacation. Surprisingly, this area has its own shopping charm. You can buy yourself the strongest ground coffee, the most superior Chinese medicine, charismatic souvenirs and little trinkets and baubles at one of the shops at the Gaya Street Market. You can head to the mainland Sabah for some delectable seafood. Enjoy a crab or the rare eel at Welcome or Gayang Seafood Restaurants, which have live sea creatures on display. Finally, let your hair down at a waterfront club such as B.E.D, or Plutonic or Bar 35; all a paradise, for them party peeps. Check out the best sightseeing tours in Kota Kinabalu for a fun filled and delightful vacation here.

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