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Zimbabwe Group Tour Packages - Browse through a wide range of Zimbabwe group packages from India with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Zimbabwe group holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

Unlock unforgettable moments with Thrillophilia's tailor-made Zimbabwe group tour packages for this captivating landlocked country in southern Africa. Our packages go beyond just a mere itinerary - we go the extra mile in curating immersive experiences for you to truly discover the wonders of Zimbabwe and create lasting memories.

Explore the diverse landscapes with Zimbabwe group tour packages from Thrillophilia. From lush, green mountains dotted with lakes and forests to semi-deserts, there's so much to discover. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the national parks and reserves, or visit the charming rural communities hidden in the arid savanna. 

Thrillophilia offers a wide range of options for Zimbabwe tour packages for groups that can be customized to fit your interests and budget. We craft your schedule to ensure that you have an enjoyable time. Whether you are interested in natural wonders like the Victoria Falls Safari; or wish to embark on an adventure to the woodland savannah of the Hwange National Park.

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Best Time To Go For a Zimbabwe Group Tour

Zimbabwe is fascinating all year long, with different things to do and a special charm for each season. Therefore, you can visit this Southern African country at any time, based on your tastes and preferences. 

Peak season (May-October):

The dry season (May to October) is the ideal time to visit Zimbabwe if you want to view animals. This is because during this season, animals like to gather around water sources. During this busy tourist season, you may expect bright sunshine and pleasant mornings and evenings. If you want to experience a wonderful safari and see Victoria Falls while the water level is still high, you should visit during this season. 

Shoulder season (April - May, September-November):

Zimbabwe has two shoulder seasons. The first one lasts from April to May, and the second one lasts from September to November. With the end of summer, the weather is cooler in April and May, and the fields are lush because most of the rain has stopped. 

In contrast, the hot, dry season lasts from September to the middle of November and is marked by high humidity and temperatures that reach 40 °C during the day. This is the ideal time of year to visit Zimbabwe on safari. 

Animals gather around the few remaining drinking holes, and the trampled and dry grass makes it easier to see a variety of wildlife. During this time, you can also see groups of elephants in Hwange National Park. 

Waning Season (November-April):

The emerald season, which spans from mid-November to April, offers mild, soothing rains that are comforting to both humans and animals. The range of daytime temperatures is 25°C to 29°C, and the weather is pleasant even at night. Because of this, the nation's vegetation is in full bloom, lending the setting an extraordinary beauty. This is the best time of year to go bird-watching.

How to Reach Zimbabwe

By Air-

Taking a connecting flight is the most convenient way to travel from India to Zimbabwe. There are several connecting flights in operation from some major metropolitan cities in India to various destinations in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe group tour packages are curated keeping in mind the flight times and give you seamless transfers to and from the airport.

A journey from India to Zimbabwe offers a diverse and well-connected travel route, linking major Indian cities to key destinations in Zimbabwe. The departure points in India include the bustling metropolises of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mangalore, and Kochi. Passengers can embark on this transcontinental journey with renowned airlines such as Air India, Vistara, Jet Airways, and international carriers like Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. 

The flight path typically includes layovers in strategically located cities, enhancing the travel experience. Travellers may find themselves making brief stops in Ethiopia, Lusaka, Nairobi, and Dubai, providing an opportunity to explore these vibrant layover cities or simply relax before continuing the journey.

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Zimbabwe Group Tours FAQs

What is the best time of year for a group tour in Zimbabwe?

The ideal months to visit Zimbabwe are May through September. This is the greatest time to see Victoria Falls and its diverse wildlife since animals assemble around the rivers and waterholes. This is especially true in Hwange, where big herds of elephants gather around artificial watering holes.

How can you plan a group tour to Zimbabwe?

Choosing the length and type of your stay, your method of travel, the destinations you want to see, and the activities you want to engage in are the first steps in organising a group holiday to Zimbabwe. After that, decide on a budget and begin your search for the top Zimbabwe group tour packages. With Thrillophilia, organising your trip to Zimbabwe is quite easy. This is because the thoughtfully designed travel packages include lodging, food, local transportation, guided excursions, and comprehensive arrangements to holidaymakers.

How many days are enough for a group tour to Zimbabwe?

For a group tour to Zimbabwe, 7–10 days is more than enough time. You can opt to spend three nights in Matusadona National Park and three nights in Hwange National Park, among other safari destinations. Apart from that, if you prolong your stay with group holiday packages Zimbabwe, you can explore Lake Kariba's dazzling waters. However, to finish your African holiday you can have a gala time at the Victoria Falls/Zambezi National Park region.

What documents do you require to visit Zimbabwe?

To enter Zimbabwe, you will require a valid passport, visa, return ticket, and enough money for the duration of your intended stay. At airports and other border ports of entry, you can get a visa if you are visiting Zimbabwe for business, pleasure, or transit.

What are the treks and hikes you can explore on a group tour to Zimbabwe?

  • Mukuvisi Highland hike: With your Zimbabwe tour packages for group, you can hike through Mukuvisi woodlands. It allows you to witness Miombo woodlands’ wildlife, including crocodiles, zebras, and giraffes.
  • Matopo NP hike: Matopo in western Zimbabwe is a national park that is included in your Zimbabwe tour packages for group. The hike through this park is great if you want to see beautiful scenery and have encounters with animals.
  • Chimanimani trek: Chimanimani is included as an ultimate hiking destination in the group holiday packages Zimbabwe. During this 3-hour easy hike, you get to pass through the stunning Bridal Veil Falls, and Msasa woodland. 
  • Nyanga NP trek: Short-distance hikers will love Nyanga. A short walk will get you to a number of viewing points. Some of these are the Honde view, Pungwe view, and Mtarazi Falls.

How much does it cost for a group tour of Zimbabwe?

The cost of  Zimbabwe group tour packages is around INR 1,72,000 to INR 2,64,000 per person for 6 days and 5 nights. This cost is inclusive of an experienced driver-cum-guide, hotel stays, and meals. Other than that, you get to visit the star attractions of Zimbabwe, namely, Victoria Falls, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Matobo Hills, the Hwange National Park, and several others.

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