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Even after the passing of a century since Winston Churchill called Uganda the ‘Pearl of Africa’, the country continues to enthral us with its spectacular beauty, iconic landmarks, and the stupendous bio-diversity that it protects. It is blessed with so many fascinating things to explore that choosing places and activities to include in your Uganda travel packages becomes tricky at times.

Whether you are looking for wildlife safaris, exploring the rugged landscape, sunning yourself on the beach, or wanting to spot the Big 5 Game animals, Uganda has the best of Africa. Where else but in Uganda tours can you see snow-capped mountains of the Rwenzoris located just north of the equator, get to know the intriguing pastoralist tribes like Bakiga, Buganda, and Batoro, see the world’s largest volcanic caldera, see the world’s most powerful waterfall, and enjoy coffee, pineapple, and farm plantation tours

Uganda packages also offer adventures by the heap loads! There is no other place on the planet where you can raft along the longest river in the world and enjoy super-fun activities like rock climbing, caving, and mountain climbing. Uganda, also known as the primate capital of the world, offers amazing safari experiences to see the elusive tree-climbing lions, prehistoric birds like Shoebill, the rare mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, etc., wandering amidst the rustic wilderness and endless blue skies.

So, be it the cultural diversity, unique hearty foods, the warm and balmy weather, and scenery to die for, be ready to get blown away by this fascinating country.

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Uganda Tour faqs

Which are the famous places to visit during the Uganda Tour?

1. Murchison Falls: Also known as Kabalega Falls, is a fantastic waterfall that lets the Nile River cascade between Lakes Albert and Kyoga. The 140 ft. high pool of the waterfall is known as ‘The Devil’s Cauldron’. The waterfall is located in The Murchison Falls Conservation Area that houses almost 450 species of birds and lions, leopards, giraffes, chimpanzees, etc. This is one of the few places here where you can enjoy hot air balloon rides, making it one of the top places in Uganda travel packages

Location: Lolim, Masindi, Uganda.

2. Lake Victoria: Lake Victoria also known as Nam Lolwe and Nnalubaale locally is named after Queen Victoria. Several reasons make Lake Victoria the most-booked places in Uganda tour packages- it is the world’s largest tropical lake and the second-largest freshwater lake and is 4 lac years old! What makes the lake fascinating is the fact that it has dried completely at least 3 times in its lifespan. You can see native African species like African clawless otter, Cane rats, Marsh mongoose, Nile crocodiles, Williams’ mud turtles, Cichlid fish, etc. You can enjoy hiking, boat rides, and fishing trips, here.

Location: The lake lies in Tanzania and Uganda and borders Kenya.

3. Jinja, Start of the Nile River: This town may be compact, but is amongst the most famous places in the world for being the place where the River Nile, the longest African river, originates. Jinja is visited by adventure and watersport enthusiasts from all over the world to try kayaking, rafting, and bungee jumping. You can also spot exotic bird species like hornbills, fish eagles, cormorants, etc. in the lush sugar, coffee, and tea plantations. Don’t miss visiting the charming fishing villages and the Owens Fall Dam while here.

Location: Eastern Uganda on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.

4. Ssese Islands: These islands, an archipelago of 84 Lake Victoria Island, are amongst the most famous places in Uganda tours. These islands are nothing short of a tropical paradise without there even being a sea or an ocean! They are dotted with pristine beaches, palm tree thickets, huge flower gardens, and the villages of the local Bassese tribes. Don’t miss to enjoy the amazing adventures that the islands offer like gorilla trekking, hiking to the top of Mount Elgon, bungee jumping, and rafting.

Location: Northwest of Lake Victoria, Uganda.

5. Nyero Rock Paintings: Dating to 1250 CE, Uganda packages are not complete without a visit to this fascinating UNESCO-protected site. They belong to the late Stone Age hunting tribes in Africa known as the Pygmy and Twa. You will see six panels of art consisting of geometric and abstract patterns painted in black and red pigments. The paintings are on overhanging rocks to protect them from direct sunlight. There is a tradition to place gifts or money for the ancestors in the cavities here. Seeing these paintings, walking amidst dangerous narrow passages, as you crouch and crawl is quite an experience.

Location: Kumi District, Eastern Uganda.

6. Kasubi Tombs: One of the most fascinating places to include in your Uganda travel packages, these royal tombs at Kasubi are where the Buganda kings and their descendants are interred. People from all over the world who are seeking peace and spirituality visit this 13th-century place. You will see an 18th-century royal palace along with the 31 tombs made with vegetal materials that contain remains of the bodies. The jaws of the kings, which are presumed to contain their souls, are preserved in separate tombs.

Location: Masiro Road, Kampala, Uganda.

7. Ndere Centre: One of the cultural epicentres of Uganda, Ndere Center houses some of the oldest and most famous Ndere Troupes. The word ‘Ndere’ translates to flute troupe and is dedicated to beautiful flute music. The building housing the centre is famous for its rustic and earthy design and infrastructure made of local African materials and colours. This is one of the most booked places in Uganda packages to see traditional African music and dance performances.

Location: Plot 4505, Kira Road, Ntinda-Kisaasi Road, Kampala, Uganda.

8. Owino Market: No trip to Uganda is complete without booking this stunning place in your Uganda packages. Being the largest open market in Uganda that was set in 1971, this place is chaotic yet beautiful and offers an amazingly authentic African experience. The market hosts almost 50,000 vendors and navigating your way amidst the narrow lanes amidst all the laughter and chatter is quite an amazing adventure. This is one of the best places to pick up traditional African dresses, textiles, herbs, fresh produce, utensils, musical instruments, and much more.

Location: Kampala, Uganda.

9. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: One of the most fascinating places to book on your Uganda travel packages, this park is famous for its variety of local species. There are around 348 bird species, 120 mammal species, 220 species of butterflies, 1000 flowering plants, 163 tree species, etc. here. You can spot mountain gorillas, L’Hoest’s monkey, Giant forest hog, African golden cat, Side-striped jackal, etc. This park is accessible only on foot, which is a great way to explore its beautiful wilderness. Some of the best things to do here are gorilla trekking, waterfall walks, monkey watching, and birding.

Location: Kanungu District, Uganda.

10. Queen Elizabeth National Park: This is Uganda’s most popular savannah park and wildlife reserve famous for the huge variety of wildlife species that it houses. You can spot four of the Big Five Game animals here (excluding rhino), African buffalo, Giant forest hog, African bush elephant, Warthog, Ugandan kob, and almost 500 species of birds. Don’t miss seeing the spectacular volcano cones and crater lakes inside the park. You can also enjoy gorilla trekking, boat trips to the Kazinga channel, and seeing the tree-climbing antics of lions in the Ishasha sector.

Location: Fort Portal-Mpondwe Road, Rubirizi, Uganda.

What are the best things to do in Uganda?

1. Gorilla Trekking: Out of the 1004 mountain gorillas that exist in the world, half live in Uganda, making it one of the best places to include in your Uganda travel packages for gorilla trekking. This is a quintessential African adventure that takes you into the rustic wilderness of forests and mustn’t be missed. Here in the ancient rainforests, you can spot gorilla families like Mukiza, Oruzogo, Christmans, Bushaho, etc. Being a very popular activity, remember to secure your gorilla trekking permit at least 6 months in advance, especially during the peak months of June-September.

Location: Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

2. Explore the Equator: The 40,000 kilometer long Equator has been a subject of fascination and intrigue since time immemorial and a chance to explore it shouldn’t be missed during your Uganda trip. This is where you feel 3% lighter than your weight due to gravity distance phenomena and the sun rises and falls at shorter intervals. This is one of the most photographed places in the world where you can stand with each of your legs in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. You can enjoy seeing amazing Equator experiments and shop for local crafts at the shops here.

Location: Kayabwe, Mpigi District.

3. Hike to See Chimpanzees: Uganda is one of the best places on the planet to see and learn about the fascinating, sociable, and communicative ‘chimps’! These treks allow you to spend time with the chimpanzee families in their natural habitat and see them engage in their antics like calling out to each other, playing with their babies, thumping the trees, etc., and at the same time explore the rich biodiversity and beauty of Ugandan forests.

Location: Kibale Forest, Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest, Kyambura Gorge.

4. Visit Murchison Falls: No trip to Uganda is complete without visiting this iconic place, a highlight of Uganda tour packages. This is where the famous Nile River tumbles down from 140 ft. after getting squeezed into a 6-7 metre width gorge known as the ‘Devil’s Cauldron’. It is amazing to see this waterfall fall off into different cascades that later re-join and make the Nile churn with a powerful force. One of the best aspects of this fun activity is that you can spot wild African species like Cape buffalos, Waterbucks, Crocodiles, and varieties of birds.

Location: Lolim, Masindi, Uganda.

5. Rafting at Jinja: River rafting on the longest river in the world! This is one of the most incredible experiences that you can have in Uganda. People from all over the world visit here to enjoy Grade IV and V rapids. The rafting route goes through the easy sections of rapids like Jaws and Giggity Giggity and proceeds to Grade 4 rapids like Chop Suey and Retrospect, all of which pass through calm waters and small islands for you to relax. You can not only enjoy the exhilarating thrill of rafting but also spot exotic birds and see the surrounding scenic wilderness.

Location: Eastern Uganda.

6. Elephant Spotting at Queen Elizabeth National Park: An encounter with this huge mammal is something that you are not likely to forget and is a highlight of Uganda tours. This National Park is one of the few places in Uganda that houses almost 3000 elephants of both savannah (known as Loxodonta Africana) and forest elephants (Loxodonts Cyclotis) species. They can be seen at the game drive here as they move around in herds. Not only this, watching hundreds of elephants gather around the watering hole is quite an amazing experience

Location: Fort Portal-Mpondwe Road, Rubirizi, Uganda.

7. See the Start of the Nile: Seeing where the longest river in the world starts is something that you cannot afford to miss and must be included in the Uganda tours. You need to visit Jinja to see the spot where the mighty White Nile flows out of Lake Victoria to flow to Egypt through South Sudan and the Mediterranean Sea. A mural on a small island on the river marks this point. You can take a motorboat ride up to this awe-inspiring place nestled amidst the lush Ugandan mountains where you can even see a shipwreck.

Location: Eastern Uganda.

8. Kayaking at Lake Bunyonyi: One of the most memorable activities to do in Uganda is to kayak leisurely on the calm waters, that look like the surface of a mirror, of the deepest African Lake. While kayaking on this lake, often known as the Switzerland of Uganda, you get an opportunity to visit almost 29 islands nestled amidst lush mountains. Each island has its unique story and beauty. While one island was where women were abandoned, the others offer jungle safaris, birding activities, nature walks, and homestays

Location: Western Uganda, between Kabale and Kisoro.

What kind of safari tours can I experience in Uganda?

1. Tree-climbing lion safari: You can only see tree-climbing lions either in Ishasha in Uganda or Tanzania. Head over to Queen Elizabeth National Park to see these magnificent creatures climb and rest atop the fig or acacia trees

2. Bird safari: The fact that you can enjoy almost 18 day long safaris just to see the local Ugandan birds, says so much about the variety of species that you can spot here. There are almost 1000 bird species like the Long-tailed Cormorant, Marabou storks, White-faced whistling ducks, African fish eagle, etc. can be seen at locations like Lake Mburo National Park, Madamba Wetlands, Mubwindi swamp, etc.

3. Sipi Falls safari: A safari to this beautiful waterfall, that’s a cluster of 3 falls, is one of the best activities to include in your Uganda travel packages. You need to hike through a rugged path to reach this stupendous location. This 100-metre waterfall is famous for its scenic beauty and the nearby coffee plantations where you can enjoy coffee farm safaris

4. Agricultural farm safaris: Uganda is rich with lush plantations and farmlands. Farm safaris, a must-include in Uganda tours, are a great way to explore the rustic wilderness of Uganda, meet the locals, try fresh produce, and so much more. You can enjoy livestock farming exploration at Kiruhura and visit banana plantations at Isingiro.

5. Village safari: Most of the Ugandan villages still follow their centuries-old customs and lifestyle and a safari into the villages is the best way to explore this rustic side of Uganda. You can visit places like Boomu Cultural Village to spend the night in a rural hut, see craft-making, and traditional dances, Katwe Village where you can see salt harvesting and try local food, and Nshenyi to see the pineapple plantations, observe milk processing, and spot exotic birds.

What are the best places for gorilla trekking in Uganda?

1. Volcanoes National Park: This National Park is located in a mountainous region covered with rainforests and savannah grasslands and is amongst the best places to go for gorilla trekking. The park houses almost half of the world’s existing population of this species. They can be seen in their natural habitat here engaging in fun antics that are surreally similar to us humans.

2. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: This place is covered in a thick rainforest cover that houses mountain gorillas and is a must-include in your Uganda travel packages. Though the gorillas are not in huge numbers, they can be seen in their natural habitat. It is fascinating to see them interacting with their families and tourists almost naturally

3. Virunga National Park: One of the top Uganda tour packages highlight, this park is spread over a large area making it the perfect place to see gorillas minus the crowds and congestion. The safaris here range from 2 to 8 days during which you can study and interact with the gorillas.

How can I reach Uganda?

Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport is connected to almost all the major cities around the world like Mumbai, Amsterdam, Brussels, Doha, etc. with stopovers at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Addis Ababa, Ahmedabad, etc. The carriers that fly to Uganda include KLM Airlines, Air India, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, etc.

What is the best time to visit Uganda?

The best time to visit Uganda is in the dry season months of December-February and June-August. This is when the temperatures range between 27-28 degrees. These months are perfect for trekking, Game viewing, and the famous gorilla and chimpanzee safaris.

What is special about Uganda?

Uganda is bestowed with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. One of the most-visited countries due to its national parks that house the Big Five Game animals along with other rare animal and bird species. Besides, Uganda is where you can see the world’s longest river that is the Nile and Lake Victoria, which is the second-largest lake in the world.

What is famous in Uganda for shopping?

1. Wood carvings
2. Traditional bowls and utensils
3. African dresses like kanzu for women and gomesi for women
4. Art and craft collectibles made from recycled paper
5. Local gin (Waragi)
6. African paintings
7. Musical instruments like Ugandan flute, cow horn, and violin.
8. African sauces like Karibu Kali
9. Craft shoes
10. Safari hats

Is Uganda worth visiting?

Absolutely, this rugged yet stunning country is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those who love wildlife. Where else can you see the prehistoric ‘Shoebill’ bird, track gorillas and chimpanzees, see the African continent’s highest mountain range, and raft in the world’s longest river!

Do I need a visa to visit Uganda?

Yes, Indian nationals need a visa to travel to Uganda that can be applied online. There are around 37 countries, the citizens of which do not need a visa. These include countries like Fiji, Ghana, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

What are the local cuisines of Uganda?

Ugandan cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian, English, and Arab flavours and cooking styles. The main dishes are cooked with stews of beans, meat, maize meal, sesame, Matooke (green bananas), etc. Some of the must-try dishes are Posho, Malewa, Kikomando, Samosa, Nswaa, Rolex, etc.

What are the best ways to commute in Uganda?

If you have booked a budget Uganda package, you can travel via coach buses or vans that have fixed travel routes and connect all the major towns. Alternatively, you can opt to hire private 4-wheeler taxis or Boda-bodas that are motorbike taxis.

What is the currency of Uganda?

The currency of Uganda is Ugandan Shilling. This is equivalent to approximately 0.020 Indian Rupee.

How much does it cost to tour Uganda?

The average cost that a person can expect to spend per day on a trip to Uganda is approximately Rs. 3,500. This includes the cost of accommodation, food, admission tickets for sightseeing & museums, etc., and local transportation. These costs go down if you share rooms or book a hostel or a dorm and choose to travel by local transport like vans, buses, or motorbikes instead of hiring taxis. You can also save by cutting down on bottled water, alcohol, and fancy restaurant meals.

Is Uganda safe to visit?

Yes, absolutely! Uganda is one of the safest African countries to travel to. There are enough healthcare facilities, good connectivity for mobiles and internet, and ample police presence to ensure that you feel safe.

Which are the best national parks to visit in Uganda?

1. Queen Elizabeth National Park: Famous for its tree-climbing lions and other species like elephants, hippos, African leopards, chimpanzees, and almost 500 bird species, etc. this is one of the best national parks to visit in Uganda and must be included in your Uganda travel packages. Don’t miss to see the famous volcanic cones, craters, and crater lakes here

2. Mount Elgon National Park: Famous for its spectacular scenery of hot springs, gorges, cliffs, and ancient cave painting, this park is a must-visit. Amidst the thick forests of Giant Lobelia, Bamboo, Juniper, and Olive trees, you can see almost 400 animal & bird species including Jackson’s spurfowl, Tacazze sunbird, Blue monkey, elephants, Duiker, etc

3. Kidepo Valley National Park: The fact that this park is isolated from the mainland only makes it more spectacular and perfect for the animals that it protects. You can see zebras, giraffes, lions, etc. wandering amidst the savannah and Mount Morungole in distance.

4. Kibale National Park: This park has a huge primate population of Chimpanzees, Red colobus monkeys, and the rare L’Hoest’s monkeys, Common warthogs, Bushpigs, etc., and almost 350 bird species. This park along with the adjoining Queen Elizabeth Park forms a huge 180-kilometer wildlife corridor.

Which are the best areas to stay in Uganda?

1. Kampala: The capital city of Uganda is one of the best places to stay for its natural beauty including hills, rivers, and beautiful swamps. For your stay, you can choose from 5-star properties like Hilton Garden Inn and Kampala Serena Hotel to chic budget options like Forest Cottages, Pearl Guesthouse, etc

2. Jinja: Not only is Jinja a great place to explore, but also offers superb stay options. You can treat yourself to a 5-star stay at the Nile Village Hotel and Spa, Hotel Paradise on the Nile, etc. where you can enjoy spa treatments, sightseeing, shopping, etc

3. Entebbe: Located on Lake Victoria’s peninsula, Entebbe is where Uganda’s international airport is located. It has great weather and tourist attractions like the National Botanical Gardens, President’s residence, and Kigungu historical site. Besides, it has 5-star and budget hotel options like Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Okra Guest House, Kaz Garden Cottages, etc.

4. Kabale: This secluded city is one of the best places to stay and explore attractions like Lake Bunyonyi and its 29 islands. For your stay, you can choose from luxury and budget resorts like Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, Riverside Resort, Cephas Inn, Birdnest, etc.

What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Uganda?

1. Documents:
Visa application copy
ID proof
Yellow fever vaccination proof
Ugandan shillings

2. Medications:
Mosquito spray or patches and after-bite ointment
Anti-malaria medicines
Anti-diarrhea medicines
Fever medicines
UTI medicines
Any other medicines that you may have been prescribed
Hand sanitizer
Wet wipes

3. Apparel: 
Rain jacket
Tank tops and full-sleeve T-shirts
Cotton trousers
Hiking and walking shoes
Slip-on shoes
Hand sanitizer
Hat and sunglasses

4. Other things to pack:
Chargers for phone and laptop
Type-G outlet adapter
Power plug converter (Uganda standard voltage: 240V and 50 Hz)
Extra tote back
Reusable straws
Extra water bottles

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