Nightlife in Russia

With its array of nightclubs, pubs and bars, the nightlife in Russia is one of the best in the entire world. A commercial hub by daytime, the country transforms into a thriving party destination by night. Live concerts, jazz performances, and a lot of groovy dancing promises to keep you on your feet all night long.

The best cities to explore the Russia nightlife are Moscow and St. Petersburg. From the pocket-friendly experience at Fidel Club to the posh parties held at SOHO Rooms, the nightlife here will cater to all tastes and interests. If you’re not a party person, and would like to spend a quiet night instead, then one of the best ways to experience the night in Russia is to take a stroll down the well-lit Arbat Street or Red Square in Moscow City.

If you’re visiting the country in summer, do not miss out on the White Night Festival held in St. Petersburg each year during the midnight sun, when a number of fun events and gigs are hosted around the city throughout the night. For a truly classy taste of the Russian nightlife, you may also choose to visit the various theatres and opera halls here to get a glimpse of the world-renowned ballet and opera scene of Russia.

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Russia Nightlife FAQs

Where and how can we enjoy nightlife in Russia?

1. Lookin Rooms: A perfect hideout for youngsters in the late hours, Lookin Rooms is a thriving part of nightlife in Russia. This traditional nightclub features a massive dance floor, along with a restaurant serving international cuisine.

The in-house DJ and their swanky beats at the club make for a happening all-nighter at the club. Visit the club during Happy Hours to avail attractive discounts.

- Sunday-Thursday: 12.00PM-12.00AM.
- Friday and Saturday: 12.00PM-06.00AM.

2. GIPSY: With its tastefully decorated interiors and lit dance floor, Club GIPSY is one of the most happening spots for Russia nightlife. The stylish club remains well-packed on all nights, and is known for its playlist featuring popular international mashups.

The restaurant and bar at the club are known for their accommodative list of food and beverages. GIPSY is also known for hosting live-gigs every now and then.

- Friday and Saturday: 11.00AM-06.00PM.
The club remains closed on other days of the week.

3. Union: Although officially a bar and grill, Union is one of the hottest destinations for nightlife in Russia. The Bar features two counters, one offering craft beer and cider, and the other offering cocktails.

Although the eatery here offers a number of different options, the burgers here are Union’s specialty. The dim lighting, cool wooden décor and laid back vibe at Union adds a rustic charm to the place. The bar hosts live concerts on the weekdays and loud parties on weekend nights.

- Sunday to Thursday: 06.00PM-04.00AM.
- Friday and Saturday: 06.00Pm-06.00AM.

4. Vosk: With it's dim-lit interiors decorated in a riot of red and gold, Vosk is one of the trendiest nightclubs in Novorossiysk. An ideal late-night hideout for youngsters, the club offers a number of table games, video game facilities and an expansive hookah parlour. Specialties at Vosk include craft beers, milkshakes, pizzas and Chinese tea.

- Sunday to Thursday: 02.00PM- 02.00AM.
- Friday and Saturday: 02.00PM-04.00AM.

5. Na Vina!: Specializing in hand made wines, Na Vina! is a specialty wine shop cum bar in St. Petersburg. Modern decors and an expansive wine list at the bar attract a heavy crowd throughout the week.

The bar houses natural wines from around the world, sourced from small producers in lesser known regions. Delicious finger food with the accompaniment of funky fun-house music makes for a fun evening out at Na Vina!

- Sunday to Thursday: 03.00PM- 01.00AM.
- Friday and Saturday: 03.00PM-03.00AM.

6. Night Flight: A sprawling nightlife destination with multiple dance floors, lounges, restaurants and bars, Night Flight is one of the best places for nightlife in Russia. Whether you’re looking to party or simply enjoy a lavish meal, Night Flight will meet all your needs.

As Moscow’s oldest club, Night Flight attracts a strong crowd every night. Apart from its accommodative bar and restaurant, the club features a VIP Lounge offering luxury facilities.

- 07.00PM-05.00AM on all days of the week.
- 06.00PM-04.00AM on all days of the week.

7. Krysha Mira: Having its name literally translate into ‘Roof of the World’, Krysha Mira ensures that you experience some of the best nightlife in Russia while at the club.

The trendy rooftop bar features a dance floor and a restaurant serving Russian delights. The modern location also hosts a variety of other events, such as ping pong tournaments, neon yoga classes, club fashion and much more.

8. Propaganda: With the old school charm of a red-brick building, Propaganda is a café by day and a club by night. Going strong since 1997, Propaganda is one of the oldest spots for nightlife in Russia.

An all-time favorite of locals, Propaganda remains packed to the rafters throughout the week, although Fridays and Saturdays pull the largest crowds. The club invites a foreign DJ almost every day, who further get the crowds charmed with their techno beats.

Timings: 12.00AM-06.00AM on all days of the week.

9. 16 Tons: An English pub in the heart of Moscow City, 16 Tons is best known for its music lineup, mixing Russian and foreign artists. The club was initially started to provide a performing space for guitar bands, a practice adopted by other Moscow bars later on.

The charming English-style club initially started at the brewery, and its signature 16 Ton beer can still be tried here. The eatery at the club specializes in Russian cuisine.

Timings: 11.00AM-12.00AM on all days of the week.

10. Pravda Club: Located in an erstwhile printing factory, Pravda Club is one of the most fashionable venues for nightlife in Russia. The club hosts a restaurant and bar, and is open for casual dining as well as after-hours partying.

The dance floor at the club can accommodate up to 80 people. The Pravda Club also hosts live-artist gigs throughout the week, and is often used as concert venues.

Timings: 11.00AM-11.00PM on all days of the week.

11. Tiki Bar: A hip and vibrant spot for Russian nightlife, Tiki Bar is Moscow’s first ever Hawaii themed bar. Complete with Rotan furniture, palm trees and tiki masks, the décor of the bar is directly inspired from the original tiki bars that sprang up in American during the 20th century.

The menu here features several tropical dishes and beverages which are made by skilled chefs. Several Latin American themed dance parties are often hosted here, along with masterclasses in Brazilian dancing and salsa.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

12. Walk through the Red Square: Set by the ancient towers of the Kremlin, Moscow’s Red Square is one of the three central squares in Russia. At night, the entire Square is lit up in a fantastic display of lights.

A walk around the Red Square will take you across some of the major sightseeing spots in Moscow, including the renowned Bolshoi theatre, St. Basil’s Church and GUM, lit up in all their glory.

Timing: Open 24 hours.

13. Bolshoi Theatre: Home to the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet and Opera groups, this lavish neoclassical theatre is one of Russia’s most prominent structures.

Apart from its orchestra, opera and dance performances, the theatre conducts excursions and guided tours of the facility. A museum within the Theatre showcases the marvels of the Bolshoi heritage across time. During night hours, the theatre is entirely lit up, appearing resplendent by the Red Square.

Timings: 11.00AM- 08.00PM on all days of the week.

14. Experience the elite’s nightlife at SOHO Rooms: An upscale club with luxury facilities, SOHO Rooms is the go-to nightlife spot for Moscow’s elites.

One of the best places to experience the Russia nightlife, SOHO Rooms offer a multi-floor space featuring dance floors, restaurants and bars. The accommodative menus, stellar atmosphere and cutting-edge light and sound systems at SOHO offers a slice of the best nightlife in Russia.

- Monday through Thursday: 12.00PM-12.00AM.
- Friday and Saturday: 12.00PM-06.00AM.
The club remains closed on Sunday.

15. Einstein Lounge: With a stunning lab entourage, this modern hookah bar is known for its experimental food and tobacco products. Party goers will find a home at Einstein Lounge's well-lit dance floor, with the home DJ belting out groovy tunes throughout the night. Weekends at the lounge are reserved for themed parties, live music gigs and Go-Go shows.

Timings: 12.00PM- 05.00AM on all days of the week.

16. Catch live music at Kitaiskii Letchik Djao-Da: Named after a mythical Chinese character, this cozy pub promises a fantastic getaway in the midst of the busy city life.

Featuring a thriving local scene, the club hosts a number of indie bands at the venue for live music gigs. The Club is best known for its laid back atmosphere and affordability. A variety of artists are hosted here, including the British punk and reggae.

Timings: 11.00AM-06.00AM on all days of the week.

17. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall: Home to the Moscow Philharmonic, Tchaikovsky is Russia’s biggest and most legendary concert hall. The massive facility acts as the main venue for the country’s biggest orchestra acts. International artists are also hosted here including the special performances at the Concert Hall which are jazz ensembles, children’s opera and more.

Timings: Concerts are generally held at 07.00PM.

18. Kaliningrad: Home to some of the best nightlife in Russia, Kaliningrad is the country’s biggest province. The city’s nightlife is peppered with a variety of late-night bars and pubs.
Live music gigs, jam sessions and a number of other entertainment options have made Kaliningrad one of the top nightlife cities in Russia.

Party-goers too, will find a home in the clubs’ dance floors brimming with beautiful lights. Popular nightlife destinations here include Kvartira, Kruassan Cafe, Cafe ‘Laundry’, Labyrinth, Nisha Nightclub, City Park, Amsterdam, and Verf.

19. Poltavskaya 7: With its tasteful interiors, Poltavskaya 7 is one of the most stylish places to experience nightlife in Russia. The accommodative club features two separate party halls and two laidback lounges. The cocktail bar, karaoke system, restaurant and hookah club at Poltavskaya act as added attractions to the place.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Which are the famous night clubs and pubs in Russia?

1. Nebar: One of the poshest nighttime destinations in St. Petersburg, Nebar offers a classy taste of the Russia nightlife. The two-story bar remains packed throughout the week by upper-income tourists and locals looking for a fun night out. Apart from its accommodative range of cocktails and drinks, the club serves Russian, Italian and European delicacies.

2. Fidel: Themed after the communist leader Fidel Castro, Fidel is one of the most popular and fun nightlife haunts in Russia. The snug, low-lit club offers a dance floor bathed in neon lights. Groovy rock beats set the mood of the place. The artsy bar also features a hookah station and a humble food menu.

3. Mollie’s Pub: Imitating traditional Irish pubs, Mollie’s menu offers 55 different kinds of whiskeys and 15 types of beer. The pub is a popular destination for international sports events, and often hosts live gigs as well.

4. John Donne Pub: Named after the famed English poet, John Donne Pub is a traditional English pub in the heart of Moscow. An authentic English cuisine and a wide selection of beer add to the Western charm of the place.

Is Russia safe at night?

Yes, Russia is completely safe at night, even for tourists. The nightlife in most Russian cities is usually thriving, and is especially friendly towards travellers.

Which city has the best nightlife in Russia?

The best city to explore the Russia nightlife is Moscow. With its array of pubs, bars and discotheques, the thriving city of Moscow promises some of the hottest nightlife destinations in the country.

If you’re not a party-goer, you can opt to watch a ballet or opera performance in one of the several theatres here, or simply take a stroll along the lit up Red Square or Arbat Street.

What are the best things to do in Russia at night?

1. Visit the Mariinsky Theatre: One of the top ballet and opera communities in the world, the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre is the pride of St. Petersburg. The stunning facility has served as the seat to some of the best performances in the world, including Swan Lake, Nutcracker and Eugene Onegin.

2. Take a walk along the Central Beachside Promenade: One of the most romantic ways to spend a night in Russia is to take a stroll along the Central Beach Promenade. The dazzling white sands appear twice as beautiful in the quiet night, offering a tranquil sojourn for holidaying couples.

3. Tour the nightclubs of Russia: If you’re a party-person, then the best way to explore the nightlife in Russia is to take a tour of the various night clubs here. The cities of Russia are absolutely thriving with clubs of all price ranges. Whether you’re looking for a pocket-friendly night out or a classy soiree, the clubs here cater to all interests.

4. Experience the White Nights Festival at St. Petersburg: An annual summer festival held during the midnight sun, the White Nights Festival at St. Petersburg sees the entire city come alive at night, with a host of music performances, dance gigs and more public events held throughout the day and into the night.

Where can I eat in Russia at night?

1. Buddha Bar: Styled with traditional Buddhist décor, Buddha Bar offers classic Russian dishes with a modern twist. One of the top destinations for Russia nightlife, the Bar is also well-known for its party facilities and 25-meter long drinks counter.

2. Café Pushkin: Offering a taste of Russia’s aristocratic cuisine from the bygone eras, Café Pushkin is one of the most luxurious late-night diners in Moscow.

3. Cook’kareku: While in Moscow, eat breakfast whenever you want to! This unique diner is known for its round-the clock breakfast services, offering traditional breakfast recipes from more than 27 different countries. Diners get a special discount if they order a dish from a country where it is currently breakfast time.

4. Bochka: Offering traditional Russian dishes, Bochka specializes in meat recipes. Wooden decors and traditional grills add a rustic charm to the place.

Can we get local buses or transportation facilities in Russia at night?

The most populated cities in Russia, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, have regular bus and train service even during the late hours of the night.

Which are the famous night markets in Russia?

1. Izmailovsky Market: Brimming with exquisite curiosities and fascinating antiques, Izmailovsky Market is one of the most enchanting bazaars here. Local art, handwoven items and handmade toys are the market’s specialty.

2. Danilovsky Market: Offering the best of Russia’s farm to table produce, Danilovsky Market is the best place to go for organic foodstuffs. Wares at the markets include fruits, meat, cheese, jam and much more.

3. Lambada Market: Lambada is a special market held one weekend each month in various locations around Central Moscow. Hosting some of Moscow’s best up-coming designers and sellers, the stalls at Lambada can be found brimming with trendy clothing items, bags, jewelry, ceramics and more.

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