Nightlife in Philippines

The Nightlife in Philippines is characterised by groovy beats, laser lights, and the cool pleasant winds lapping against your face. The nightlife here is full of thrills and surprises that you won’t forget anytime soon. It is a surreal experience indeed to enjoy your night at one of the beaches, moving your body to the rhythm of the music while being surrounded by nature all around.

The Philippines Nightlife also consists of VIP clubs, laser light discotheques, underground music gastropubs, and karaoke bars. Even on the remotest islands where there is no electricity, you will find karaoke machines. Filipinos love singing and dancing and often you will get to see live performances at the bars. Western influence is evident here, and musicians will often perform the latest international hits.

All of the major cities here are known for their vibrant nightlife, with Metro Manila and Angeles City having some of the best nightlife places in Philippines. Whether you want classy pubs or places where you can let your hair down and dance to your heart’s content, you can find it all here. The locals are extremely friendly and you are bound to make some connections while exploring the splendid nightlife of the Philippines.

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Philippines Nightlife FAQs

Where can one enjoy nightlife in Philippines?

1. Manila: Manila is a fertile ground for party animals and here you will find some of the best nightlife places in Philippines. If you are looking for a cheap option, you can head out to the Exklusiv nightclub where there is no entry free and the drinks are quite affordable.

To enjoy some quality underground hip hop music, visit Black Market, with its speakeasy-style lounge bar and its industrial warehouse ambience. Valkyrie is a classier option, with two floors than can hold about 2000 people. With VIP tables and comfortable couches, this is a great place to enjoy a drink while grooving to the rhythm of the music played by the house DJ.

2. Angeles: Apart from being the culinary capital of the Philippines, Angeles city has some of the best nightlife in Philippines. The main party place here is Fields Avenue where there are bars, pubs, and restaurants galore.

You can spend time at the Angeles Beach Club by spending $110 per night. Wild Orchid is another good option as it has an amazing swimming pool. The Aqua Beach Club is widely considered to be the best club in Angeles City. They have daily special events you can take part in.

3. Cebu: Cebu is not as crowded as Manila, and here you'll find the perfect mix of serenity and exciting nightlife. Mango Square is the place to go to if you wish to get a taste of the Cebu nightlife.

Here there are nightclubs, bikini bars, and sports bars, including the famed J-Ave. Liv Superclub. The Ayala Mall is another great place to visit, with terrace cafes featuring soothing music, wondrous atmosphere and mouth-watering food. In southern Cebu, near Colon, you will find several foreigner-oriented bars.

4. Boracay: Boracay is known for its over the top Philippines nightlife and here you can find several nightclubs and beach bars that keep the party going till the morning.

You can get some affordable drinks at the bar during the happy hours, which are quite long. On White Beach, there are many bars offering drink specials like ‘buy 1, get one free’ during the evening hours. Some of the popular bars here include Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay, Paraw Beach Club, Epic Boracay, and Exit Bar.

5. Davao: While the nightlife in Davao is quite vibrant, you must remember that the authorities have imposed an alcohol curfew in this city. This means you cannot buy or consume alcohol in a public place between 12 AM to 8 AM.

However, you can always enjoy some of the evening venues which include nightclubs, piano bars, jazz clubs, and restaurants with exciting live music. The Acropolis Superclub is one of the most popular party spots here, with a big dance floor and a friendly crowd.

6. The Manic Monkey Crew: This is a premier party spot in Boracay Island that has different party options to suit the taste of every party animal out there.

If you wish to get wet and wild, the jungle pool party is what you should be aiming for here. Here you can listen to professional DJs, tribal drummers, and watch fire dancers perform their daring tricks. Moreover, here is a wide range of cocktails you can choose from here.

7. RoofTop Bar & Boutique: Located in the heart of El Nido, the RoofTop Bar and Boutique is, without doubt, one of the best nightlife places in Philippines. It’s a great place to chill out with some drinks and sway your body to the grooving music.

The patrons at the bar are extremely friendly and will woo you with their friendly charm. You can find many cushions on the floor where you can lounge while enjoying a cocktail. You will love the electronic and reggae music that is usually played here.

8. Strumm's: This bar in Luzon is a bit quieter compared to others, but it also means that the service is prompt and the place is squeaky clean. You can often find live bands performing here.

The crowd mostly consists of middle-aged people and the price is quite affordable. The staff are friendly and always smiling. Overall it's a great place to unwind with your friends at the end of a long day. While here, you must try out the chicharon bulaklak and the crispy pata.

9. Pico De Loro: Pico De Loro in Luzon is a place where you can experience the best nightlife in Philippines. This place provides a fun-filled experience by the beach with cool winds and awesome ambience.

Although the prices are a bit of the expensive side, the superior amenities make it worth the splurge. You can enjoy the delicious local seafood cuisine here, and the unique cocktails that will make you want to party till sunrise. The pulsating electronic and new wave music is an added plus.

10. Exit Bar: Exit Bar is a popular watering hole with a relaxed ambience. It has a rustic ambience with a thatched roof and bamboo furniture, which draw both expats and locals to this place.

It is a welcome shift from the modern bars with their neon lights and futuristic themes. If you are planning to visit this place, you should arrive early in the evening, as the place is extremely crowded at midnight. While here, you can enjoy some live rock music and guest DJs playing dance numbers.

11. Mojitoya: If you wish to taste the best of the Philippines nightlife, you should head down to Mojitoya on Panay Island, which is famous for serving the perfectly crafted Mojito.

The bar uses the best ingredients to achieve that perfect taste. If you don’t like the electronic beats of modern nightclubs and wish to enjoy your night drinking some amazing cocktails by the beach, Mojitoya is a perfect hangout spot for you. What’s more, they use biodegradable straws and cups for serving their drinks.

12. Mega Dance Center: This is a premium nightclub in Angeles City, modelled after a famous nightclub in Bulgaria. An entry here will cost you 500 pesos approximately.

They have theme nights where you have the option of dressing according to the theme and enjoy the pulsating rhythm from the boomboxes. This place promotes the VIP lifestyle and even holds events like boxing, UFC, and fashion shows. It is an extremely clean place with accommodating staff and a friendly international crowd.

Which are the places to party at night in Philippines?

1. Club Paraw: For hardcore beach party lovers, Club Paraw in Boracay Island is an absolute heaven. Here you can enjoy some delicious local cuisine and party like there is no tomorrow.

2. Prisma: This is yet another bar in Boracay located in the middle of sandy beaches. You can experience the best nightlife in Philippines by sipping on wine or beer while taking a stroll on the beach, listening to the soothing sound of the waves.

3. The Distillery: The Distillery in Manila is a place that is famous for its beer and wine, some of which are imported from distant corners of the world. Apart from the drinks, the place has a great ambience with guest DJs playing international music.

4. Valkyrie Nightclub: If high-end partying is your thing, then you can head down to Valkyrie Nightclub, which has two entire floors dedicated to partying. They play some popular Hollywood party anthems here, and the international alcoholic beverages are worth out as well.

5. White Banana Beach Club: This is one of the best party places in Siargao, and perfect for those looking for a quieter place with less crowd. Here, you can enjoy a cocktail while sitting on a bean bag by the beach. They even have live performances once in a while.

Which are the best things to do in Philippines at night?

1. Firefly Watching Tour: This is a unique experience you must not miss out on while you're in Puerto Princesa in the Philippines. It will take you to the river banks where you can see fireflies at night.

2. Night Safari Tour-Bohol-Bilar: This nightlife safari in Bohol is a dream come true for nature lovers. It will take you to the Rajah Sikatuna National Park, which is home to frogs, bats, and lemurs. Here, you get a taste of the Philippines nightlife by observing animals that don’t come out during the day.

3. Dinner at the Bayleaf Sky Deck: While in Manila, you can take a bus to Bayleaf to enjoy a delicious dinner. The Sky Deck is one of the most popular restaurants here, with a rooftop from where you can get a 360-degree view of beautiful Manila city.

4. Malate Comedy Club: Malate in Manila is famous for its comedy clubs, the most famous among them being Library Malate, where several enthusiastic performers entertain the audience every night.

5. Videoke Night: Manila has several videoke spots where you can sing to your heart’s content. The Music 21 Plaza Family KTV and Restaurant is a popular videoke hotspot.

Is the Philippines safe at night?

Philippines is generally considered a safe country apart from some isolated pockets that tourists like to avoid. You should be safe in all the major islands as long as you follow the Government travel advisory and keep a close eye on your belongings and especially your passport while travelling alone. Areas live Marawi city and the Sulu Archipelago are to be avoided.

Where to stay for the best nightlife experience in Philippines?

1. Angeles: If you wish to explore the wild side of the Philippines Nightlife, you should stay in Angeles city where the party places are concentrated around Walking Street. High Society is one of the most famous bars in this area.

2. Manila: Manila with its huge population is also the party capital of the country, with 3 nightlife areas namely Malate, Ermita, and Makati. Here, you can find lounge bars, sports bars, as well as massage salons.

3. Boracay: Although Boracay is a small island, the party area at White Sand Beach is worth checking out, with three separate party stations holding clubs and bars.

Where can I eat in the Philippines at night?

1. Blackbird: This classy restaurant in Makati City offers a fine blend of European and Asian cuisine with sleek, black-and-white decor.

2. Bondi and Bourke: This place is Davao is famous for its authentic Australian cuisine, steaks and a wide range of seafood dishes.

3. Sirena: While in Boracay, you must dine at this restaurant which features delicious seafood cuisine, magnificent views and fiery sunsets.

Which are the famous night clubs and bars in Philippines?

1. XYLO at The Palace: This is the place to go to if you wish to experience the best nightlife in Philippines. It has awesome ambience, great DJ music, and bottle service.

2. Club SixtyNine: This nightclub in Makati is known for its luxurious ambience and chill vibe. They have guest DJs every week playing popular international hits.

3. Epic Boracay: This is an awesome party place with great food and attentive staff. The party here goes on till 5:30 AM.

4. Royal: This place in Makati has state of the art lights and sound system. Here, you can enjoy hip-hop and EDM music played by the DJs.

Which are the famous night markets in Philippines?

1. Harrison Night Market: At this night market in Baguio City, you can find kitchenware, digital accessories, bags, footwear, and clothes galore. You can also find strawberry taho and other souvenir items.

2. Tutuban Night Market: This is one of the most popular night markets in Metro Manila where there are several stalls selling varieties of items like toys, fabric, houseware, clothes, and jewellery.

3. Mercato Centrale: This is known as the top food market in the country with street food centres and restaurants all around. You will definitely find some unique food concepts at this place.

4. Colon Night Market: This night market in Cebu is famous for street food like ballot Pinoy, steamed corn, and twisted potatoes.

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