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- Sitatunga camp
- Mwandi View
- Thozha Farm and Campsite
- Camp Ukusi

Botswana camping tours are for the people who like camping amidst thousands of acres of wilderness. Botswana is surrounded by rivers, Kalahari desert and an old wagon road on its sides. The rivers make up for a good place to watch amphibians, fish and other aquatic animals. Meanwhile, the desert brings in birds and reptiles, many of which are native to the country that campers can enjoy throughout the day. Camps in Botswana provide the tourists with comfortable accommodation when they choose to spend their vacation, be it a family vacation, friends group or otherwise.

Botswana safari camps can be divided into different types - Permanent Tented camps, seasonal camps, mobile camps, lodges etc. Permanent camps are known to have attentive staff just like hotels and often have budget, luxury or ultra-luxury options to choose from. Seasonal Camps are fixed to a certain location for a few months and then they move to other locations around the country. The mobile camps are perfect for people looking for budget-friendly options while lodges are permanent structures.

Well-known sites for camping in Botswana include Sitatunga Camp, Camp Ukusi among many others. These campsites are perfect for people who love enjoying a luxury vacation, while the serene and tranquil nature surrounds the area from each side. Botswana boasts of an extraordinary wildlife variety as well as the campsites offer top-notch hospitality.
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Botswana Camping FAQs

What are the best camping sites in Botswana?

1. Sitatunga camp: Located at the banks of Thamalakane River, Sitatunga camp is one of the top choices for camping in Botswana by the travellers. It is surrounded by big, decade-old trees that offer a shaded area to put up the tents.

It offers various choices of accommodations for the tourists. Depending on the budget and preferences, people could choose whether they want to stay in the Meru safari tents, chalets or campsite tent set-ups. It has a private swimming pool, and air-conditioned living in the chalets. The campsite also has a bar and on-site restaurant for the guests.

Location:A3 road to Ghanzi, Maun in Botswana.
Price:For 2 people, the campsite tent is $28, $80 for Meru safari tent, $84 for Chalet.

2. Mwandi View: Located along the shore of Chobe River, Mwandi View overlooks the river and is surrounded by the greenery of the grassland. One of the most popular Botswana safari camps, the campsite offers top-notch accommodation, with modern amenities like an infinity pool, walk-in shower, bbq facilities etc.

It also has a sun terrace, where the guests can relax after some adventurous activities. Some of the popular activities provided by this camp are canoeing, boating, Botswana camping tours to the Victoria Falls, or river cruises twice a day.

Location:B334 Transit Road, Kavimba in Botswana.
Price:For 2 people, Elevated Tent Units are $120.59, camping $35,and $166.95 for family units.

3. Thozha Farm and Campsite: Located only 1 mile away from the Francistown city centre, this lodging facility boasts of luxury amid tranquil nature. It is surrounded by picturesque scenery from all sides, making it a perfect place to relax and spend your holidays at.

The rooms in these Botswana safari camps have all the modern amenities like a garden, outdoor furniture to sit and enjoy a sunset, BBQ facilities, attached bathrooms and kitchenette in the rooms.

Location:Farm No 165 Nq Tati Holdings Farms, Francistown in Botswana.
Price:For 2 people, $36.46.

4. Camp Ukusi: If you are interested in Botswana camping tours, staying at Camp Ukusi will allow you to enjoy a few tours. This accommodation offers free parking for its guests and some of the fun activities for the guests to do are cycling, canoeing, horse riding and fishing at an off-site location.

While thrill-seekers can opt for canoeing and horse riding, people who just want to have a relaxed holiday can choose to go fishing or cycling around the campsite. It also has private bathrooms, outdoor fireplace and BBQ facilities.

Location:A35 Ukusi, Shakawe in Botswana.
Price:Depending on availability, it may start at $102 for two people.

What are the best national parks for camping in Botswana?

1. Chobe National Park: Including this second largest national park in your Botswana camping tour list will offer you a myriad of campsites to choose from. The campsites have huge acres of camping ground and you can choose whether you want to do permanent tent camping, mobile camping or seasonal camping.

2. Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan National Parks: These two national parks should follow Chobe for your Botswana camping tour list. There two public camps spread across the parks offer lodges, canvas tents that overlooks the grassland, with sightings of birds and animals throughout your stay.

3. Moremi Game reserve: Botswana Safari Camps in Moremi offers a number of excellent camping sites amidst wilderness, with minimum facilities. For bird watchers, camping in this reserve will allow them to have a glimpse of over 500 different bird species throughout their stay.

4. Central Kalahari Game reserve: Located in the Kalahari desert, this game reserve is perfect for Botswana camping tour, as it has a few lodges and a public campsite for the visitors to put up their mobile camps. The lodges and mobile camps offer the view of the game reserve, and the crystal clear night skies are perfect to sleep under.

What are the best adventure safari camps in Botswana?

1. Selinda Camp: For people who are looking for comfortable Botswana safari camps, Selinda should be on the list. The adventure activities for the guests, offered by the camp, includes sightings of Selinda Lion Pride, African wild dogs, walking safaris for more wildlife sightings and boating excursions. The architecture of the camps allows avid photographers to capture wildlife from a good vantage point.

2. King’s Pool camp: Integrate luxury staying with adventure safaris in Botswana camping tours and you will get King's Pool Camp. Get a glimpse of Linyanti wildlife in a stunning yet thrilling helicopter ride, walking safaris to watch wild dogs and hyenas from a safe distance.

3. Tuludi Camp: Located in Khwai Private concession, this adventure camp boasts of offering the best of Botswana safari camps and wonders of Okavango Delta. This camp allows its guests to enjoy boat safaris, private vehicles for families, night safaris.

4. Chobe Chilwero: For the guests who stay in this adventure camp, along with the wildlife safaris they also get a view of the majestic Chobe River. Termed as one of the most popular Botswana Camping tours, this camp offers elephant sightings, tour to Victoria Falls, and a spa for its guests.

What facilities will I get in Botswana camps?

- Tented camps or chalets to choose from.
- Guided tours throughout the vacation.
- Swimming pools.
- Private bathrooms and kitchenette.
- Mekor and/or helicopter trips.
- Gyms.
- Spa and massage treatments.
- Fishing trips.

What activities can we do while camping in Botswana?

- Mokoro excursions.
- Birdwatching.
- Sleeping under the stars.
- Helicopters travel over inaccessible parts of deep forest areas.
- Dinner cruises.
- Guided walking tours in the bushes.
- Island camping.
- Dinner cruises.

What is the best time for Botswana camping?

The best time for Botswana camping tours is from May to October. The tourists will experience warm and sunny days during this time, allowing them to enjoy the safaris to its optimum. The temperature during the night cools down making it comfortable to stay.

Is Botswana worth visiting for camping?

Yes, Botswana is worth visiting for camping. Many Botswana camping tours allow their guests to camp out in wilderness and in national parks. The Botswana Safari Camps also offer campers trips and tours to various national parks, to deep forests and other well-known areas nearby.

What is Botswana famous for?

Botswana is famous for the Kalahari Desert, Okavango Delta, Chobe national park among many things. Botswana also has the largest concentration of African animals and home to some of the endangered species like black rhinos and wild dogs.

How much does Botswana camping tours cost?

The price of Botswana camping tours may vary between $500 to $1500.

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