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Serengeti National Park Tour Package from India10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,80,000
Exclusive Kenya Tour with Lake Manyara National Park15 days & 14 nights
INR 4,15,000

Zanzibar luxury tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Zanzibar luxury packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Zanzibar luxury holiday packages with exciting deals & offers. 

Opt for one of the Zanzibar luxury packages from Thrillophilia and begin a memorable trip to this beautiful Tanzanian archipelago. Located off the coast of East Africa, Zanzibar will mesmerise you with its sunny beaches, aromatic smell of spices, intriguing history and diverse culture. The hand-crafted Zanzibar luxury tour packages offered by Thrillophilia have carefully designed itineraries which you can also customise as per your own specific requirements and preferences.

Thrillophilia Zanzibar luxury trip will take you on an exploration of the exotic destination and will also include some extravagant experiences such as a sunset cruise on a traditional dhow boat, touring Jozani Forest or embark on an Aromatic Spice Farms Tour. Thrillophilia luxury packages will not only cover amazing experiences and sightseeing, but will also take care of your choice of luxury accommodation, private transportations, and fine dining options as well. Also, our team will be available 24/7 for assistance related to your package. 

Book your luxury vacation through Thrillophilia and enjoy a multitude of lavish experiences along with visits to exotic places.

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Visa Requirements 

Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago that is located off the coast of East Africa. To travel to this destination, you will need to apply for a single entry visa either through the online visa platform or through the on arrival visa platform.. To apply for a visa, you need to have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity along with a return ticket. You can apply for an online visa to the United Republic of Tanzania, which includes Zanzibar. After filling the form, you will need to pay your visa fee and submit the application. The visa fee for an ordinary visa with a 90-day validity is 50 USD (Rs. 4159.10). Your application will be internally reviewed and an email will be sent to you once it is processed. You may be asked to visit the nearest Tanzanian Embassies or Consular Offices for a round of interviews. Once the entire process is completed, you will be notified if you have been granted a visa with a three-month validity or not.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a year round holiday destination, and you can plan your holiday based on the places you want to visit, your schedule, preferences and your budget.

1) Peak Season: The peak season for embarking on Zanzibar luxury packages is from June to October when the archipelago enjoys warm and sunny weather which is neither too hot nor humid. While travelling during these months, you will be able to enjoy scuba diving and turtle hatching. June to October is also the time when it is considered the best season for spotting animals in Tanzania. Hence many tourists go for safari in Tanzania during this period and then visit the Zanzibar Archipelago for a post-safari visit.

2) Shoulder Season:The month of November and early December is the shoulder season for Zanzibar. During these months, there is light rainfall in the middle of dry mid-year winter. The days are sometimes sunny but start with a cloudy morning. Afternoons have short-lived showers, so you will get time to lounge in the sun before retiring to a beach bar or to enjoy a yoga or message centre. Those travelling in December availing Zanzibar luxury packages can head towards the Mafia Archipelago to enjoy an opportunity to dive with whale sharks.

3) Waning Season: You can opt for a Zanzibar luxury trip between January to March if you want to enjoy spending time exploring the rich marine life of the Zanzibar sea. During this time, the days are hot but have the best diving conditions enabling you to enjoy time underwater at lagoons and coral reefs. During the waning season, you will get fabulous deals and discounts on accommodations and tour packages. You will also be able to indulge in indoor activities such as yoga and massage if you visit during this period.

How To Reach 

By Air: Air is the best way to travel between India and Zanzibar although there are no direct flights between the two destinations. However, there are several non-direct routes that you can opt for. Most of these flight routes have one or more stops and are available from major cities of India such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

Luxury Accommodations In Zanzibar

1. Canary Nungwi Hotel: Located in Nungwi, only 4-minute walk from the Nungwi Beach is Canary Nungwi Hotel. The 4-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with luxury amenities which come with their own patio. The hotel has a fitness centre, a bowling alley as well as an area designated for cycling. You can opt to enjoy meals at the hotel’s restaurant and relax either on the terrace or the indoor swimming pool.

2. Boutique Villa Unaweza: The Boutique Villa Unaweza is an ideal place to stay during a Zanzibar luxury trip. The villas come with a swimming pool, a garden, a terrace, a bar and a restaurant. While staying at this accommodation, you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball or take a walk to have a look at the fishermen in traditional dhow boats going about their daily chores.

3. TOA Hotel: Feel like a celebrity during your stay at the TOA Hotel & Spa as a part of your Zanzibar luxury tour packages. Enjoy world-class services in their accommodations that come with luxury amenities which include a safe, working area with desk, smart TV, mini-fridge, and electric kettle . The rooms come with a seating area, with some of them having sea views and a private terrace. This 5-star hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness centre and a wellness area. You will be able to enjoy African cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant and relax for a while in its garden.

4. Mambo Paradise: Mambo Paradise offers 4-star accommodation in Matemwe which faces the beach front. Opt for a sea facing room during your stay at Mambo Paradise as a part of your Zanzibar luxury packages. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea first thing in the morning without having to step out of your room. The restaurant has an outdoor swimming pool as well as a garden and terrace where you can spend some time unwinding. During your stay, you will also be able to feast on American, African and Italian cuisine at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant.

5. Malika Nungwi Hotel: Located 7-minute walk away from the Nungwi Beach is the Malika Nungwi Hotel, where you can stay in air-conditioned rooms with luxury amenities such as a fridge, a minibar, a safe deposit box, and others. The hotel has its own outdoor swimming pool where you can go for a swim and a restaurant where you can satisfy your taste buds with African and American dishes. Evening can be spent in this 4-star hotel, playing tennis and dart, having a drink at the bar or spending time in the shared lounge.

Things To Do in Zanzibar Luxury Trip

1. Sunset Dhow Cruise In Zanzibar: Included in all Zanzibar luxury packages is the delightful Sunset Dhow Cruise, which will give you the breathtaking view of the Stone Town in the evening. Board on a traditional Arabian Dhow boat and cruise around the Stone Town to enjoy the view of the city from a different perspective. Feel awe-struck looking at the sun set in the backdrop of the city as you cruise along the tranquil waters. Feast on a delicious local spread of snacks and drinks as you admire the views surrounding you.

2. Stone Town Private Walking Tour: A must include in all Zanzibar luxury tour packages, is a private walking tour of the Stone Town. Know the town closely at your own pace as you take a walk and interact with the locals. Opt to take a tour guide along, who can guide you through the town and also educate you about the attractions. You will be able to explore almost all the major attractions of the town in around 6 hours. Some of the places which you can cover include Dole Zanzibar, Freddie Mercury's House, Forodhani Gardens and more.

3. Nakupenda Beach day Tour: Opt to include a private Nakupenda Beach day Tour in your Zanzibar luxury packages and visit the Nakupenda Beach and the Prison Island. Explore the coast at your own pace and spend some enjoyable time at one of the most pristine beaches of Zanzibar. Delight in tasting exotic seafood for lunch at the beach during your tour, and indulge in sunbathing and snorkelling. Visit the Prison Island where you will be able to watch the Giant Aldabra Tortoises and also explore the old Prison Island building. Prison Island is also a good place for swimming.

4. Jozani Forest Wild Tour: Another tour which you may opt to include in your Zanzibar luxury packages is the Jozani Forest Wild Tour. Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is the only national park in Zanzibar and is famous for having the Zanzibar red colobus, Piliocolobus kirkii . Embark on the 4 hour long Jozani Forest Wild Tour, and delight in watching this rare creature which you are only able to spot in this national park. Take a walk through the nature trail while watching colourful butterflies and walk towards the mangrove swamps to spot a leopard.

5. Zanzibar Aromatic Spice Farms Tour: Zanzibar is known as a Spice Island and is famous for its various spices and herbs. Hence, your Zanzibar luxury trip will remain incomplete if you do not include a Zanzibar Aromatic Spice Farms Tour in your itinerary. Embark on the three hour long walking tour of the spice farm that will take you on an aromatic journey through spice gardens. Enjoy the aromatic walk through the various kinds of spices, herbs and tropical fruits being cultivated in the farm. Your tour guide will provide you details of cultivation of crops such as lemon grass, clove, turmeric, cardamom, vanilla, coconut, papaya and others. The tour will also include a traditional Swahili lunch at the farm and a pitstop at the spice stall for your purchases.

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Zanzibar Luxury Tours FAQs

How much does the Zanzibar Luxury trip cost?

The cost of your Zanzibar luxury trip would depend on several factors such as the type of accommodation that you choose,and the transfer you use (whether private or shared). The trip cost would also vary depending on the places you wish to visit, activities you plan to include in, along with other inclusions that you want in your package. The tour cost would also depend on the number of days that you want to spend visiting the place. To give an idea, a 4 night/5 day trip to Zanzibar may cost you around Rs.70,000 to Rs.75,000 per adult from Thrillophilia. 

Do I need a visa for Zanzibar?

Yes, you will need to apply for an ordinary (single entry) visa either through the Online Visa Platform or through the On-Arrival Visa Platform, to go on a vacation to Zanzibar. As Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago, you can apply for a tourist visa for the United Republic of Tanzania by paying the visa fee of 50 USD (Rs. 4159.10) and filling in your details online. Once you submit the application, the same will be reviewed, and you may be called for an interview at the embassy or consulate. 

Should you exchange money before going to Zanzibar?

Yes, it is preferable that you exchange money before going to Zanzibar to ensure your own convenience. The official currency of Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling. While most places will accept credit cards as a mode of payment, there will still be places where you will need to pay in cash. Hence, if you are carrying the country’s currency with you, you will never be short of money during your trip.

What documents one must carry while visiting Zanzibar?

To visit Zanzibar, you must carry a visa with three month validity along with a passport with six months validity. You also must have a round trip ticket and proof of having sufficient funds to cover your expenses while touring Zanzibar.

Why is Zanzibar so famous?

Zanzibar, the Tanzanian archipelago, is famous for its sunny beaches, vibrant culture, rich flora and fauna, exotic marine life and spices. To start with, the destination has cultural influences from various parts of the world such as India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You will be able to witness this diversity while visiting the place and attending its variety of events with cultural immersion. The main island of Zanzibar, Unguja, is known for being the home to several endangered species such as green turtles and red colobus monkeys.. Zanzibar also boasts of being a Spice Island, being the home to cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper. Apart from this, the destination also attracts tourists with its mouth watering cuisines and intriguing history.

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