Bike Rentals in Visakhapatnam

Bike rentals in Visakhapatnam makes it easier for visitors to explore the numerous tourist spots which are popular in the city. You will find it highly convenient to visit every nook and corner in and around Vizag on a two-wheeler and travel to the ends of the city without meeting a stop.

With excellent options for Bike rentals in Vizag, you do not need to spend hefty amounts on hiring paid taxi services or wait for public transport to pick and drop you to different spots. You can simply ride your bike to a destination of your choice and travel at speeds that suit your mood and comfort.

You can get a variety of Rented bikes in Vizag such as Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Honda Activa and more at very low prices. The vehicles provided are all in good conditions and the process to rent is very simple. You will be provided with all the safety gears and documents so that you don't face any issues while on your trip. The comfort of customers is of utmost importance to Thrillophilia. You just need to follow certain guidelines while renting a bike and having a valid driving license is a must. It is also essential to take note of the condition of the vehicle before renting it for a tour around Vizag.

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Visakhapatnam Bike Rentals FAQs

Which are the best bikes we can rent in Vizag?

1. Yamaha MT 15: If you are one for a sporty look, the Yamaha MT 15 is a bike that you will love driving on the roads to Vizag. The bike is ideal for seating a single person comfortably for the duration of your visit to Vizag. So if you are in for an exciting ride, this is a great mount for you.

2. Bajaj Dominar: If you are looking for heavy duty rented bikes in Vizag, then the Bajaj Dominar is a great option to go by. Not only is the bike superior in terms of its performance but also stands out as an attractive vehicle that you can manoeuvre around the roads in Vizag.

3. Honda Activa: The Honda Activa is a scooter that is ideal for those who love to travel around on a two-wheeler but without the pleasure of speed. The scooter takes you around the places that you want to travel to, offering comfort and peace while driving.

4. KTM Duke: Enjoy the thrill and adventure of riding on a speed boosted two-wheeler which runs on high performance. The fast paced mount offers you a chance to explore the streets of Vizag with the thrill of running on a sophisticated machine.

5. Royal Enfield: There is absolutely no match to the Royal Enfield which beats almost every other bike on this list with its top notch speed and performance. Moreover, the Royal Enfield is a comfortable mount, true to its name.

6. TVS Entorq: Glide down the roads to Vizag on this comfortable ride which offers smooth and comfortable performance. The easy to handle ride comes at an economic fare and takes you to your destinations without a delay.

7. Yamaha FZ: The Yamaha FZ is a dream come true for a sports enthusiast. The bike runs smoothly, charged with speed and torque for high performance, matching the sporty look that it bears. You can take this bike with you to meet the gushing streets of Vizag and explore the city even if you are running on a schedule.

8. Bajaj Avenger Cruise: If you are going to explore Vizag with more than one companion, then the Bajaj Avenger Cruise is a comfortable mount for you. Designed to be run continuously for longer durations, the bike delivers remarkable performance with its turbo charged gears and smooth functionality.

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Visakhapatnam?

1. Yamaha MT 15: INR 46/ hour + INR 5/ km for driving over 10 km/ hour.
2. Bajaj Dominar: INR 55 / hour + INR 6 / km for driving over 12km / hour.
3. Honda Activa: INR 19 / hour + INR 4 / km for driving over 5km / hour.
4. KTM Duke: INR 49 / hour + INR 6 / km for driving over 10km / hour
5. Royal Enfield: INR 52 / hour + INR 6 / km for driving over 10km / hour
6. TVS Entorq: INR 20 / hour + INR 4 / km for driving over 5km / hour
7. Yamaha FZ: INR 50 / hour + INR 6 / km for driving over 12km / hour
8. Bajaj Avenger Cruise: INR 31 / hour + INR 5 / km for driving over 10km / hour

What are the terms & conditions to rent a bike in Vizag?

- Driving License: The member must be in possession of a valid and original driving license that permits them to drive a two-wheeler vehicle.

- Documents: The member must be in possession of a valid license for a two-wheeler along with an Aadhar card or passport for proof of identity.

- Bikes Should Be Handled With Care: Only the member renting the bike must make use of it. The bike should be returned to the owner in the same condition in which it was handed over and any tariff towards towing services shall be borne by the member renting the bike.

- Security Deposit: Every member renting a bike will be required to provide a refundable security deposit.

What documents will be required to rent a bike in Vizag?

To get rented bikes in Vizag, you will need the following documents, which should be presented on demand and retained for the same purpose throughout the duration of the rent period:
-A valid and original driving license for a two-wheeler vehicle.
-Photo identity proof such as Aadhar card/ passport/ Voter ID card.

Which are the best places to explore in Vizag on a bike?

1. Araku Valley: The journey to Araku Valley by bike is a trip that you will love to embark on! With hillsides and waterfalls dotting the scene up to the valley on the roads, you will be truly mesmerized by the beauty that it holds. The sharp curves of the road and beautiful scenery feels inviting. You can visit the famous tribal museum which is located here. You will find items of tribal handicrafts and artifacts which you can purchase. Take a look around at the coffee plantations and green gardens while you relish the beauty of this place.

Location: Araku - Visakhapatnam Rd, Araku, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 531149, India
Timings: Open 24 hours
Distance from airport: 107 km (3 hours)

2. Bora Caves: The abundance of natural beauty at the Bora caves make them a tourist destination that should not be missed. At a height of 1400 meters, the places offer no less than thrill and excitement at the prospect of riding your bike around the curvy roads which lead uphill. The historically significant site is assumed to be a million years old, which makes it no less than a treasure trove of adventure.

Location: Ananthagiri Hills, Visakhapatnam, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh 535145, India
Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Distance from airport: 89 km (2 hours 38 minutes)

3. Katika Waterfalls: This paradise is a wonder of nature, which you can visit on a bike, riding through the densely cropped roads leading up to the waterfalls. Sitting in the midst of hills and lush trees, you can splurge on the natural treat while you are here, apart from trekking up the hilly trails, camping in the laps of nature and relishing local cuisines.

Location: Katiki Waterfalls Rd, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 531149, India
Timings: 6:00 AM to 7: 00 PM
Distance from airport: 89 km (2 hours 38 minutes)

4. Kailasagiri: Of equal relevance as the beaches of Vizag is Kailasagiri, a breathtakingly beautiful park located on a hilltop. It is a major tourist attraction and heaven for bike riders who can enjoy the challenging curvy roads that lead up to the hills. The major attraction here is a 40 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. You can also avail yourself of the fun of paragliding at this park, surrounded by its lush green surroundings.

Location: Hill Top Rd, Kailasagiri, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530043
Timings: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Distance from airport: 25 km (34 minutes)

5. Submarine Museum: Get a chance to visit the only submarine turned museum in all of Asia. The Russian built submarine on display at the RK beach is a marvellous spectacle that should not be missed on your bike ride from Vizag. The museum was built with the intention to educate the visitors about the operation and function of submarines. You will find a number of artefacts, photographs and written scripts in the submarine for your perusal. You can get entry inside at a very reasonable fee.

Location: RK Beach Rd, Kirlampudi Layout, Chinna Waltair, Pandurangapuram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530017
Timings: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Distance from airport: 15 km (30 minutes)

6. VUDA Park: If you are riding from Vizag on a bike and looking for amazing places to visit nearby, then the VUDA Park is one such destination. Complete with a lush green park, museums, caves and a beat for hosting various recreational events, this 55 acre park will keep you occupied when you visit. The rich flora and scenic sights filling the park make it worth a visit. You can easily park your bike outside the location while you stroll inside.

Location: Beach Rd Kailasagiri Arch, Chinna Waltair, Jalari Peta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530017
Timings: 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Distance from airport: 14 km (20 minutes)

7. Dolphin's Nose: Located on top of a hill, Dolphin’s Nose is a popular tourist spot in the area, offering spellbinding sights of the surrounding greenery. The cool and breezy atmosphere of this place helps you rejuvenate, right in the laps of nature. If you are riding on a bike from Vizag, you will certainly enjoy the fresh vibes of this location, which is most ideal to visit from October to March.

Location: Dolphin Hill, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530005
Timings: 3: 00 PM to 5:00 PM
Distance from airport: 10 km (10 minutes)

8. Rishikonda Beach: The peaceful ambiance of the Rishikonda Beach feels inviting to youngsters and elders alike. This makes the beach an attractive destination for adventure enthusiasts who wish to take bike rentals in Visakhapatnam and explore the neighboring environs. When you arrive here on your rented bike, you can disembark on the beach to enjoy different water sports and spend some quality time relishing the natural vibes of the location, which is replete with a soothing calmness and warmth.

Location: Beach Rd, Rushikonda, Bheemili, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530045, India
Timings: Open 24 hours
Distance from airport: 23 km (30 minutes)

9. Simhachalam Temple: Use a service for bike rentals in Vizag to reach the famous Lakshmi Narsimha temple where devotees arrive to offer their prayers. Sitting on a pique hilltop location, the temple is surrounded by lush green environs, making it an attractive tourist destination. The spectacular view that is available to the visitors invites scores of devotees from different corners of the world. Even if you are not drawn to the historic and cultural significance of this temple, you will surely appreciate its architectural beauty, which is reflected on every standing structure in the vicinity.

Location: Simhachalam Rd, Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530028
Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Distance from airport: 13 km (15 minutes)

Which are the best places for weekend getaways from Visakhapatnam on a bike?

1. Rajahmundry: Located centrally in the Godavari districts, Rajahmundry is known for River Godavari which flows through its western boundaries. The tropical climate of the region and the popularity of the city for its arts and poets has earned it the reputation of a powerful cultural hub in Southern India. If you are in the mood to pick bike rentals in Visakhapatnam, then the city is a good starting point for your journey, offering more than one route of travel and expansive scenery to enjoy while you ride.

Distance from Vizag: 190 km (3 hours and 45 minutes)
Best Time for Bike Trip: November to March

2. Coringa Sanctuary: The Coringa Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located in the district of Andhra Pradesh. It is most known for its mangrove vegetation and estuaries which spread across an area of 235 square km. Besides, there is a collection of exotic flora at the sanctuary which further enhances its beauty and makes it a place that you can visit on your biking trip from Vizag. The sanctuary is easily accessible from the East Godavari district, so you can plan a route from Vizag that takes you there easily.

Distance from Vizag: 165 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to March

3. Thotlakonda: The place is hugely popular as the Thotlakonda Buddhist complex. Situated on the top of a hill, it is also popular by the name of ‘Hill of Eagles’. You will find this place decorated with a number of Chaityas, stupas and Viharas. The place is further known for the excavation of several historically relevant artefacts, which makes it a must visit for you. You can opt for bike rentals in Vizag and travel up to this scenic location for an authentic boost of adventure and fun.

Distance from Vizag: 34 km (1 hour)
Best Time for Bike Trip: November to March

4. Tyda Nature Camp: Turn your vacation into an eventful experience by visiting the Araku valley, which presents the natural gift of mountain ranges and adventurous trekking sites. The Tyda Nature camp is among the most popular trekking sites, located in the Ananthagiri hills. While you are here, you will get a chance to relish the beautiful sight of lush green environs. This place is an escape from the mundane city life, offering peace and comfort in the laps of nature. Drive on a bike from Vizag to this beautiful location to enjoy the bounty of natural beauty.

Distance from Vizag: 76 km (2 hours)
Best Time for Bike Trip: December to June

5. Duduma Waterfalls: The Duduma Waterfalls are an excellent weekend getaway for tourists and those who want to experience the adventure of biking from Vizag. The quiet and peaceful destination offers no less than magnificent sights of the environs surrounding the waterfalls. Covering the whole area will take up to 3 hours of your time, which is a respite from your usual routine. Capture exotic moments in the cold waters of these waterfalls as you speed your way through the raw terrain.

Distance from Vizag: 174 km (4 hours and 38 minutes)
Best Time for Bike Trip: December to January

6. Lambasingi: If you are planning to take Bike rentals in Visakhapatnam, then you must not miss the chance to glide your way to Lambasingi. The heavenly abode, which is laden with immense greenery and scenic spots, offers a pleasant and calm atmosphere to its visitors all around the year. The scintillating beauty of the green terrain offers you a chance to relish the beauty of this place, all the while as you bike around its peaceful paths.

Distance from Vizag: 101 km (2 hours 30 minutes)
Best Time for Bike Trip: November to January

What is the best time for bike trips in Vizag?

The best time to opt for bike rentals in Vizag for road tripping is during the months of October to March. During this time, the weather is very pleasing and comfortable and you can avoid the disquieting feeling of the scorching heat during the other months which might dampen your travel mood.

What are the things I need to check while taking the bike?

To get the best bike rentals in Vizag, you must ensure the availability of the following factors:

- Valid Documentation: The bike rental service must offer documents such as bike insurance policy, PUC certificate, ownership proof, and bike registration certification.
- Physical Damages: Inspect the vehicle thoroughly to ensure that the bike is not already damaged. If you find any dent, scratch or evidence of damage to the bike, ensure that the service providers are made aware of the same so that the onus of the damage does not fall on you later.
- Bike Condition: Always inspect the bike for its condition before renting. From the tires to rear view mirrors, ensure that the bike is a good fit for your tour.

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