Bike Rentals in Trivandrum

The bike rentals in Trivandrum offer the visitors a great opportunity to explore the city on their own. With this facility, they can reach the corners and the paths that are often off-beaten. It allows them to zoom through the city and discover its treasures,history, culture, and culinary diversity aboard a modern and well-maintained motorized bike.

Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala is known for its modern vibes to traditional culture and hospitality. It is also home to several attractions that can be endured only when you travel deep inside. And, what better way to discover the real essence of the city on board a rental bike. With the facility of bike for rent in Trivandrum, you have the option to choose from packages that range from hours to daily to several days. It also offers accessories like helmet, raincoat, jackets, etc., on rent making the travel hassle-free. 

Renting a bike in Trivandrum is cost-effective and lets you enjoy your trip the way you like. You get the flexibility to choose from different models of modern bikes (scooters to motorcycles) as well as the rental duration. You get the choices like Honda, Hero, Yamaha, TVS, etc., in scooters while Royal Enfield, Honda X-Blade, and multiple others in motorcycles to satisfy your adrenaline need. So, rent a bike in Trivandrum to explore this magnificent part of Kerala in style and have a trip full of remarkable experiences and unforgettable memories.

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Trivandrum Bike Rentals FAQs

Which are the best bikes for rent in Trivandrum?

1. Honda Activa: One of the most preferred scooters for rent, Honda Activa is very easy and smooth to drive due to the presence of a highly reliable engine. It is lightweight and also gives great mileage. Its strong body and large boot space for storage also make it a good choice as the bike for rent in Trivandrum.

2. Honda X-Blade: A masterpiece of Honda, X-Blade is a great choice for those who like to travel in style. It offers comfortable seating, friendlier ergonomics, and a highly reliable engine. Powered by a 162.7cc counterbalanced engine, it is good in mileage and hence does not put much stress on fuel and in turn on the pocket. 

3. Royal Enfield : Royal Enfield is one of the most appealing vehicles offered by the bike rentals in Trivandrum. Known for its cool vintage design, affordable performance, and reliable engine, it fulfils the desire of every traveller who likes to travel in old-world style. 

4. Bajaj Avenger : Want to rent a bike in Trivandrum that has botha macho appeal and retro charm? A cruiser motorcycle, Bajaj Avenger is indeed a great choice that fits the bill. Also, loved by those who like adventure and thrills, this gives a big bike feel, a tall windscreen, a cushioned backrest, and good mileage.

5. Yamaha FZ: A lightweight motorcycle, the Yamaha FZ is very manoeuvrable in the city's traffic and also on the highways. Its straight handlebar, upright seating position, good fuel efficiency, and great suspension make it ideal for long drives. 

6. TVS Apache: A very handsome-looking bike for rent in Trivandrum, TVS Apache comes with a very efficient and powerful engine. The bike also promises a remarkably smooth and controlled riding experience and is apt for those who like speed and thrills. So, if you are looking for a bike that is loaded with features and offers punchy performance, TVS Apache is your pick.

7. Honda Dio: Lookingto rent a bike in Trivandrum that offers a complete package oflooks, performance, and comfort? Honda Dio serves all purposes and also offers great pickup and good mileage. Preferred by young and lady travellers for its seat height, it promises a great riding experience. 

8. TVS Jupiter: Complete in style and features, TVS Jupiter is a great choice amongst bike rentals in Trivandrum. Packed with TVS Intelligo technology and an all-in-one ignition key slot, this scooter offers extra convenience while riding. Also, it's good mileage performance makes it perfect for long drives

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Trivandrum?

The bike rentals in Trivandrum depend upon the model of vehicle, the number of hours (min 10 hrs on weekdays and min 24 hrs on weekends), the number of days, and the rental company. Our tariffs for different models are: 

1. Honda Activa: ? 18/hr (km limit: 5.0/hr)
2. Honda X-Blade: ? 34/hr (km limit: 10.0/hr)
3. Royal Enfield: ? 39/hr (km limit: 12.0/hr)
4. Bajaj Avenger: ? 30/hr (km limit: 12.5/hr)
5. Yamaha FZ: ? 21/hr (km limit: 10.0/hr)
6. TVS Apache: ? 35/hr (km limit: 10.0/hr)
7. Honda Dio: ? 18/hr (km limit: 5.0/hr) 
8. TVS Jupiter: ? 19/hr (km limit: 5.0/hr)

If the vehicle is returned on time, we also take excess km charges as ? 4.0/km for scooters and ? 5.0/km for motorcycles.

What are the terms & conditions to rent a bike in Trivandrum?

1. A valid two-wheeler driving license and Aadhar Card/Passport must be uploaded/submitted at the time of booking/delivery. 
2. The bike shall be returned in the same condition in which it was handed.
3. If the bike returned is muddy/dirty/damaged, the charges have to be borne by the lessee.
4. The bike rentals in Trivandrum do not include fuel, toll, roadside assistance and other taxes.
5. The lessee also has to deposit a refundable security amount for some bikes.
6. A penalty will be charged if the vehicle is not returned before the grace period of 30 minutes

What documents will be required to rent a bike in Trivandrum?

Following documents are required for booking a bike for rent in Trivandrum:

1. Original Two-wheeler driving license
2. Aadhar card or Passport as present and permanent address proof (or any other government-issued address and age proof)

Which are the best places for one-day bike trips from Trivandrum?

1. Kallar: Zoom through the scenic landscapes from Trivandrum to Kallar, the city of lush landscapes, majestic rivers, and lovely treks. The bike ride on one of the most scenic routes in Kerala not only breaks the monotony of hectic city life but leaves you with abundant cherishable memories.
Beautifully enveloped with serene green surroundings, the sloping roads make this route a true biker’s paradise. And, on board a bike of your choice, you feel the real charm of this paradisiacal beauty. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 45 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: September until the end of March

2.Kanyakumari: Passing through remarkably beautiful villages, the bike trip of Trivandrum to Kanyakumari is full of natural and traditional experiences. Completely lush with imposing coconut trees and several other plantations, the roads leading to the southernmost city of Kanyakumari are absolutely worth biking.
If you want to explore all exclusivities of Kanyakumari like ancient temples, heritage structures, a ferry ride to Vivekananda Rock Memorial, and witness breathtaking sunset scenery, it is advisable to start early from Trivandrum. This bike tour is about a two-hour long drive and will take you to a mecca of natural and man-made beauty.

Distance from Trivandrum: 90 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October until February

3. Alleppey: Known as the Venice of the East, Alleppey or Alappuzha is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Approximately three and a half hour bike ride from Thiruvananthapuram to Alleppey is pretty scenic and enthralling.
The route crosses National Highway 66 and many beautiful places and takes you to the city of houseboats, culinary delights, rich culture, Krishnapuram Palace, etc. The route is complete with natural scenery, restaurants/eateries to stop by for relaxing or some photo-shoots.

Distance from Trivandrum: 154 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to March

4. Pathanamthitta: The road from Trivandrum to Pathanamthitta is a superb track rich in natural beauty and charming surroundings making it ideal for a bike trip. The bike tripon this routelets adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts feel the adrenaline rush amidst the scenic beauty. 
After reaching Pathanamthitta, you will find a clean and rustic town that is still untouched by the maddening crowd. Its soothing and fresh ambience and Perunthenaruvi Waterfall makes it an ideal destination to visit with friends or to enjoy a romantic break. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 102 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: December to February

5. Sabarimala: If you want to explore the religious beliefs and culture of Keralites and soak in the natural scenery as well, plan a bike trip from Trivandrum to Sabarimala City. Known for the Ayyappan temple and many other holy shrines, Sabarimala is perfectly the best place for a pilgrim trip.
Nestled between forested mountains of the Western Ghats, the road route from Trivandrum to Sabarimala offers a picturesque and refreshing setting. Nature admirers and outdoor enthusiasts will find this pilgrimage route well-worth exploring and enjoyable. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 102 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: November to January 

6. Thekkady: A ride from Trivandrum to Thekkady is truly fantastic and is complete with lots of greenery and mist. The bike ride on this well-laid road creates a paradise for wildlife lovers and tranquility seekers. Its wild charm of surrounding landscapes leaves bikers with extraordinary reminiscences.
Thekkady is also a haven for adventure lovers and photography enthusiasts. Home to Periyar National Reserve, it is known for its diverse wildlife (from tigers, elephants, deers, etc., to exotic birds) and stunning natural beauty. It also offers outdoor adventures like bamboo rafting, trekking, hiking, boating, etc. to keep your adrenaline rushing.

Distance from Trivandrum: 211 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: November to February

Which are the best places for weekend getaways from Trivandrum on the bike?

1. Tiruchendur: The bike trip from Trivandrum to Tiruchendur takes approximately 2 and a half hours and is as exciting as scenic. Known for its ancient temples and beach, Tiruchendur is one of the most beautiful weekend destinations near Trivandrum. 

Its rustic and tranquil appeal is so soothing that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Tiruchendur Murugan Temple, Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple, and Alwarthirunagari Permual Temple are a few famous temples in the town that make it perfect for pilgrimage trips as well. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 173 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to March

2. Vagamon: Located at the fringe of the Western Ghats, Vagamon is blessed with spectacular views offering an ethereal touch. Away from the city's concrete life, Vagamon offers a hilly atmosphere with several attractions and activities. 

A great place to be with your friends or partner on a bike for a weekend break, it is an Eden in the lap of Mother Nature. From elephant riding, paragliding, mountain climbing, plantation tours, to just soaking in the beauty of the rising/setting sun, Vagamon is rich in thrills and fun. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 184 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: March to June and October to March

3. Varkala: Situated along the Arabian Sea, Varkala is less than an hour bike ride from Trivandrum. Perfect for a short weekend break, this place offers a complete package of relaxation and indulgence. This magnificent gem of Kerala is a laid-back seaside town and is known for its palm-covered red cliffs dominating the shoreline and panoramic scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea. Along with the natural beauty, various historical landmarks & monuments and outdoor activities make this town worth visiting. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 43 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to March 

4. Alleppey: : Surrounded by stunning backwaters, Alleppey is also dotted with green paddy fields, palm trees, and lush landscapes. Although the bike trip from Trivandrum to Alleppey is full of lovely experiences, exploring this small town on a bike is truly extraordinary. While in this town, opt for a stay at a houseboat and enjoy the real charm of the backwaters of Kerala. Also, collect cherishable memories of a leisurely cruise along various canals. Alleppey's backwaters and lush trails also create a stunning backdrop for a romantic weekend getaway. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 154 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to March

5. Kumily: If you are looking for a weekend break away from the crowd and the maddening city life, plan a bike trip to Kumily which is just a few hours’ drive from Trivandrum. An offbeat town, it boasts of the majestic atmosphere of lush and aromatic plantations of coffee, tea, pepper, cinnamon, and other spices. 

From Elephant Junction Thekkady, Abraham's Spice Garden, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to plantation tours, trekking, hiking, climbing, it offers plenty of attractions and activities.

Distance from Trivandrum: 203 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to February

6. Kollam: Located on the Malabar coast, Kollam is one of the most beautiful weekend destinations near Trivandrum. Home to serene backwaters, it also features several sites of historical importance and natural beauty.
Kollam Beach, Thirumullavaram Beach, and Tangasseri Beach are great for a sea outing. The large statue of the Jatayu, the mythological bird, at the Jatayupara Earth’s Centre in Kollam attracts devotees to nature lovers. The views of the surroundings from the centre are absolutely mesmerizing and worth capturing and make the trip full of unforgettable memories. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 64 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to February

7. Kochi: Rich in culture, architecture, and scenic beauty, Kochi is a perfect place for a short weekend bike trip from Trivandrum. Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, it has still retained its old-world charm that is seen in its multicultural scene.
The bike trip to this heritage city is full of stories and lets you explore not only the famous sites but hidden gems as well. The city offers a range of sightseeing attractions such as historical monuments, forts, palaces, museums, and beaches. It also satisfies the foodies with its range of multi-cuisine culinary delights while its traditional spice and handicrafts markets serve the shopaholics. 

Distance from Trivandrum: 204 km
Best Time for Bike Trip: October to February

Which are the best places to explore in Trivandrum on a bike?

1. Napier Museum: A marvel of gothic architecture, Napier Museum is home to a great collection of ancient ornaments, chariots, ivory carvings, and bronze idols. Situated in India’s oldest zoological garden featuring a lake, a boat club, diverse flora and fauna, it is indeed a great place to explore in Trivandrum on a bike. 

2. Kanakannu Palace: Located close to Napier Museum,Kanakannu Palace is another exciting destination in Trivandrum to explore on bike. While the route to this destination is full of scenic beauty, the palace itself is a masterpiece of ancient craftsmanship and architecture. 

3. Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple: Just a few minutes bike ride away from Trivandrum, this 8th-century temple was built from a single rock. Dedicated to the Hindu deity, Vinandhara Dakshinamurthi, this is a highly revered temple in Kerala and is also famous for its design and intricate carvings.

4. Vizhinjam Light House: Situated on the hilltop of Kurumsal, it presents the enduring sights of the Arabian Sea and lush vista on the other side. Only a 10 km scenic bike ride away from Trivandrum, this place is a must-visit to enjoy captivating sunset views over the horizon.

5. Magic Planet: A magic-themed park, it offers a deep insight into the fusion of Science and Magic. A must place for all looking for a unique place to explore in Trivandrum; it is home to several attractions and activities to keep you amazed and entertained.

6. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple: One of the famous religious places to visit in Trivandrum, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is believed to be one of the 108 abodes of Hindu Lord Vishnu. The roads to this beautiful ancient temple are not only scenic but ideal for a bike ride. So, do include this holy shrine in your itinerary if you are on a Trivandrum trip.

7. Hawa Beach: Also known as Eve's Beach, this is a stunning place away from the city's chaotic life. Offering tranquil stretches of sandy shores, it is a great destination to enjoy a vacation with friends or spouse. The sunset views from here are its biggest highlight.

8. Veli Tourist Village: Looking for a place offering fun and serenity? Head to Veli Tourist Village located 8 km from the city at the confluence of Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea. Its charming landscape, floating bridge, floating restaurant, and abundant adventure activities make it one of the most thrilling places in Trivandrum to visit on a bike.

What are the things I need to check while taking the bike?

1. Before renting a bike, you must go through the details of the contract agreement properly and check about all policies and procedures that the rental company follows.

2. Ensure that the rental companyprovides you copies of the bike’s registration card, insurance proof, and the PUC certificate.

3. Before picking the bike, make sure to inspect the vehicle for any imperfections and bring that to the company's notice, else you will have to pay for these at the time of returning.

4. Also, check for the distance the bike has already covered, as rental companies offer lower prices for the greater run vehicle, which makes it not a suitable option.

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