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Hire a Guide in Srinagar



About the Activity:Indulgent houseboats, historic gardens, distinctive Kashmiri wooden mosques and a mild summer climate combine to make Srinagar one of India’s top domestic tourist attractions.Hire a professional English speaking guide and experience true beauty of Srinagr like never before at your own pace with your loved ones. Visit some of the most famous attractions like Dal Lake, Khanqah Shah-i-Hamadan, Mughal Gardens. Badshah Tomb, Floating Gardens & Lake Villages, Hari Parbat Fort and many more.The guide is specialized in local cultural and tradition for better navigation and communication.You can hire a guide for 8 hours anytime during the year. The guides are available from 10 AM to 6 PM.
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We were a group of ten people, so we had to split after meeting at Manali. Only seven people were allowed in the Tata Sumo. I am a passionate photographer as well. So the whole place looked like a haven for me, my camera was continuously clicking until its battery was drained. I don’t think, anywhere in India, you can experience the toughest roads as you face in Ladakh. An offbeat trip for many of the days.
A complete tour of Ladakh, the land with the utmost beauty was this one. Very clear surroundings, but with cracky roads and high top hills were amazing to see from the jeep. We took a stop at Khardung La Pass, which was stunning, enjoyed the view so much and then we continued. We have come across a lot of monasteries as well where we found Buddhist images and paintings. The whole trip was arranged so well so that we did not have to be worried about anything, be it the food, accommodation and transportation. The driver was excellent and it was obvious that he was doing this job for past some years, that well he knew the route. Excellent package and worth spending every single penny.
A decent tour to gain so much knowledge about the less-commercialised and urbanised place. The nature has blessed the whole location abundantly with different miraculous sights. But maintaining it intact would be a challenge.
31 August 2019
The most worry free, comfortable and simultaneously adventurous bike trip i had. ladakh was not a vacation it was an experience and it is best experienced with thrillophilia.
"Filled with exhilarating sights, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful treks. A very good experience from the trek expedition organizers."
"I was a bit nervous to do the bike trip because I have never done a ride on bullet through off roads or such a great height. But the guides and my fellow team members encouraged me and I started the ride. I remember, many times I was hesitating to continue the ride. But only because of the people around me I did not stop the journey in between. If I had stopped the trip in the middle, it would have been a great loss of my life I think. Such a beautiful place is Ladakh. It is surrounded by the tall peaks everywhere. Only a few people we saw on the journey may be the tribals. We tried the native food from one of the villages, I forgot the name of it. It was so different. The Chai they gave us was also different. But the people were so friendly and happy to see us. They were talking about their village and nowadays, a lot of people are coming to see the place and all. 11 days went like 11 hours I felt, may be because we were riding for long distance. It is a must visit place atleast once in your lifetime."
"Srinagar is beautiful more than what we heard. My family also wanted to join the trip but since it was bike trip I could not take them with me. But next season, I will take my whole family also. The entire region was so cold but the natural beauty was really a surprise and one of a kind experience also."
Bhaaswar Chaturvedi Srinagar- Leh Sightseeing Tour
This is the third time I went to Ladakh. Comparing to the last two trips, this was more organised, and this is the first time I was going with a group of total strangers. But due to the bad roads, climate, we were delayed in reaching many of the places. So that, they were not following the itinerary exactly. I felt it as a disadvantage. Sitting for long in the jeep made all of us exhausted and tired. At the end of the day we were out of energy. I got severe back pain also. But the passion for adventure is in me, so the next morning, I feel refreshed again. Truly, it is a typical adventurous trip. Only with guides, you will get the correct route and tension free tour.

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