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About Rajgir
Lying in central Bihar, the quaint town of Rajgir is a small upland region, known popularly for its natural surroundings and spiritual significance in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Translated to the “abode of Gods'', the town of Rajgir dates back to around 3000 years. Rajgir is categorized into two segments - one is founded by the Magadha king Ajathashatru and the other one is completely fortified and encompassed by 7 majestic hills.

Having its name mentioned in Mahabharata and other Buddhist and Jain scriptures, the town has served as a major excavation site and contributed to the discovery of many relics related to these religions. Surrounded by lush green environs and rugged hills, Rajgir is famous for its virgin natural beauty. Picturesque springs, old mystic caves, and thick lush forests add to the unfathomable charm of this scenic town.

Location: The city of Rajgir lies at a distance of 105 KM from Patna.

Historical Facts:
This was the first capital kingdom of Magadha
The city of Rajgir was one of the prime locations for Buddha’s Preachings.
Rajgir was the place around which the Ancient Nalanda University was founded.
This was the place from where the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka passed through to finally reach Bodhgaya.

Places to Visit:
One of the top attractions of the serene town of Rajgir is its age-old spiritual sites, including the Japanese Stupa, Makhdum Kund, Maniar Math, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, and Stupa of Sariputra. 
Rajgir is also packed with a myriad of historical places, such as Bimbisara Jail, Veerayatan Museum, Cyclopean Walls, Saptaparni Caves, and Sonabhandar. 
Other primary attractions of Rajgir town include the hot springs, the ropeway, and the Vulture’s Peak.

Activities to Do:
On your tour to Rajgir, you can spend time taking heritage walks and learning about the historical and religious importance of this ancient town. 
You can also take a bath in the hot springs and enjoy the ropeway ride to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

Best Time to Visit:
Rajgir experiences the best weather between the winter months of October and March. During this time the temperature is mild and the weather is pleasant and comfortable. The famous Rajgir Mahotsav is also celebrated in the month of October.
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