Chariot Wheel Marks Overview
Located near the Jarasandha monuments, the Chariot Wheel Marks can be described as thirty feet long and deep marks on the rocks. As per the folklore, these Chariot Wheel Marks were made by the Chariot of Lord Krishna from the time when he came to Rajgir during the Mahabharata times. It is believed that the marks were made due to the power and high speed of the Chariot.

Here you can also see the engravings made around the Chariot Wheel Marks, also known as the Chariot Route Marks, making this unique spot one of the popular places to visit in Rajgir. The language of the engraved script is still unknown to historians and is estimated to belong to a time between the 1st century AD and the 5th century AD.

Location: National Highway 82, Rajgir, Bihar 803116, India
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